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We may decry modern inventions and innovations as taking us down the slippery slope to Hell. And, sure, there are many hi-tech things out there that I am not interested in. Can’t be bothered texting messages to find out if my boyfriend is cheating. Don’t want a pair of sneakers with flashing Zodiac signs. Sat-Nav would drive me bonkers.

But if we can load crocks into an automatic dishwasher

or programme the oven to cook that casserole
while we’re picking up the kids and taking the dog to the vet

and returning library books

and re-stocking la cave

… doesn’t that give us a slice more time for other things?

Take blogging. My posts are less frequent than I had hoped. It’s not that I’m losing interest and momentum so much as running out of that precious commodity TIME.

So I dips me lid to the geeky folk who gave us links.

Binary code handbagBinary code handbag: It comes with a message in Binary in the front. This is a sure success with the IT people, all you need to do is to gift it to someone whom you don’t like & do remember who has no idea what binary is.

Don’t you just love that “gift it to someone” line!

That’s on Crooked Brains’ site. Here’s another gem:

And here is a link to some of those weird plants I promised.…

Sadly, not mine as something “got to” mine. Some insect exacting a just revenge, probably!

But for more pictures and facts on these bizarre beauties, go to Google Images and enter “Saracenia.”

And, like me, be glad the geeks gave us links.

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Post script…I don’t have an automatic dishwasher.


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. funny you mention this…after this past deadline season at work i decided to eliminate all but 4 plates/bowls/salad plates in the kitchen figuring less clean plates = less dirty plates. so far it’s working!


  2. yes, simplify is always the answer under time constraints. And Geek-wear reminds me when my sister, while getting her Ph.D in linguistics bought me a t-shirt when I was a teenager that said, “uvular, ovular and utter trills” (vocal words and whatever linguistic terms they mean). Her and her academic friends thought that the t-shirt was hysterically funny. I thought “wow, I love her but this t-shirt tops the geek scale at about 11 out of 10”


  3. m…you’re so right! I have a cupboardful of dishes we never use.

    ellen…it was probably an “in” joke at the time.When I was 16 there was a ridiculous (we thought clever)joke around the word ectoplasm.


  4. I truly understand about the lack of time. I love blogging, but it’s difficult to keep the momentum going isn’t it?


  5. NEPENTHE!!!!! wonderful and evil!

    i am SO copying that code off that picture and i am SO going to use it someday, someplace…*goes off rubbing hands together in glee*


  6. I love that binary code bag and I’m not even an IT geek, and laughed out loud at Ellen’s linguistics T shirt comment. But automatic dishwashers: WAY more important than TVs and clothes dryers and lingui-togs.


  7. I enjoy all of those little inside all of those huge chinese character tatoos that people get across their backs thinking that it means chaos=opportunity,
    but actually reads
    ‘Eat At Woos’..HA!

    Now my binary is a little rusty, but I’m pretty sure that the handbag code means ‘Sh*t Happens’.


  8. I would hate to wash clothes by hand more than I hate washing pots.

    I will have that bag!


  9. Well i am so glad you found the time to post all this because it is amazing 🙂 I, like you, have somehow lost time too and find blogging time slipping away 😦 But I sure did love the link to the Falkirk Wheel and the plants are fab! I loved the way you put it all together too, just wonderful!


  10. kate…yes, but at least you were able to recharge the battery at that art fair!

    fn…I thought you’d say that!


  11. andrea…dishwasher ahead of dryer? That was not your mantra when you had a basement full of wet shirts!

    donn…years ago, a friend of my mother knitted a Fair Isle pattern across the front of a sweater.Turned out to be Cantonese for “ladies’ toilet.”

    ziggi…the handbag’s a pretty popular item.I might just have to dust of my printing screens.

    val…thankyou.I love the Falkirk wheel, too. Sure beats swinging on a windlass!


  12. I too was cutting back on my blogging in order to make more time for painting and then what do I come up with? A whole ‘nother blog! Go figure!


  13. jana…yes, but what a very funny blog it is.Hope you can keep up the momentum.


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