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Blogger is playing silly bloggers again. The date is, on my side of the IDL, Tuesday, June 24. not June 12! And I’ve had to pull the previous post in order to get this one here. I’ll try to sort it out later. Right now, I’m busy. And thirsty! Dinah.

Sometimes, what makes one person laugh, may leave the next wondering what’s so funny. As kids, we used to collapse in giggles at a sign above a country store: “Proprietor: R. Sole.”

And what about those little mini-dictionaries of “useful phrases for foreigners.” You know, the ones that tell you how to inform someone that your aunt’s pen is on your uncle’s desk.

Years ago, when I first rented a villa in Italy I spoke only very limited (and not terribly polite, since I’d learned it from sailors!) Italian. So I thought a phrase book might be a good idea. Of course, a lot of the phrases were not going to be of much use to me.
Things like ” scusi, dove la stazione* in a village with no rail connection probably wasn’t going to be used often. Mind you, I was dead chuffed that I was able to tell the housekeeper that “la galigiante e non funzione”* After a while, I picked up several useful things; one even took me out to dinner a few times!

All the same, I do find myself wondering why, in the name of Odin, you would need this.

Mit luftpudefartøj er fyldt med ål

* Even in Denmark!


Another small serving of Botanic Garden pictures…

A Rainbow Lorikeet, swaying in the stiff Sou’easterly.

And just as the wind eased, another bird called…and he was off!

This little chap got points for tenacity. And so did I, persevering in that wind!

That’s one of the joys of digital cameras – you can set ‘continuous’ and if all you get is a blur at least you haven’t wasted an entire roll of film. Nor do you have to wait 10 days for the results! Mind you, I do sometimes wish I still had the old Kodak Brownie with 126 roll film. Man! I got some great shots with that. Double exposures, too. And when I had access to a darkroom I could process films in an evening. But that’s just a wistful reminiscence; it doesn’t mean the Fuji’s up for grabs!

Three cats are threatening to eat me if they don’t get their “kai”*and I need to do some more work on a picture so it can dry overnight.

A bientot!

* excuse me, where is the station?
* my ball-cock is not working.
* my hovercraft is full of eels.
* food

dinahmow's photos

More of dinahmow’s photos


A sun conure parrot. These fellows come from Mexico, Caribbean and the northern area of South America. Real clowns; noisy as 4 year old kids at a party.And such fabulous colours!

Eclectus parrot. Under serious threat in the wild not so long agao, they are managing to claw their way back. The green one is Mr. Parrot and Mrs. Parrot has the spiffy red-and-blue ensemble. Good talkers,too.

Major Mitcell cockatoo. Another native under threat, they can only be kept under licence and no more than one pair at a time. My friend sells all of his pair’s hatchlings pre-hatch and has a waiting list.

He also has some of these, in creamy-yellow as well as the blue. (They are from India.)

A final note: It is illegal to take any native wildlife from the wild. Pet shops are (supposed to be!) strictly regulated. Personally, I don’t like caged animals, but sometimes, it’s the only way for us to see some species and the only chance some have to breed and be released through a controlled programme.


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. Mit luftpudefartøj er fyldt med ål – now THAT is something I can use!


  2. Tsk! Mit luftpudefartøj er fyldt med ål – that would have been so useful in Aafhus last week!

    It was probably being delivered to the Raadhus Kanteen!

    Celia 🙂


  3. Galigiante! I have a hard enough time accessing the word in English let alone Italian! Great shot of the dragonfly.


  4. You learned all your Italian from sailors?…huh…Dinah, you little tart.


  5. ryan…I didn’t even know you had a hovercraft!

    celia…indeed.(I bet Canberra and Westminster don’t have alesuppe on their menus!)

    andrea…thanks;I think it’s worth the aching knee and stiff shoulder.

    ellen…well, the sailor husband of a friend.And some of his friends. And an artist in Naples.


  6. Speaking of silly things making you laugh… Aidan and I saw a shop in Dublin called the “Decent Cigar Emporium”. It was two years ago, and we still laugh when we think of it! Not great cigars, just decent! 🙂 The other one in Dublin was “Save 000’s”! obviously meant to be save thousands, but really just save zero’s!


  7. but what if your hovercraft WERE full of eels? boy, then you’d be sorry. you’d just have to point and hop. everyone would think you had a rash.

    *insanely jealous of rainbow lorikeet*


  8. stace…sure, an’ you have to love the Oirish.

    fn…well, it set my zany brain rcing.
    And about the time you were posting this comment I was over at the repair man’s place looking at his collection of eclectus, sun conure, Major Mitchell and other parrots.Google images for sun conures and you’ll be doing cartwheels!


  9. but how would the eels get into the hoovercraft in the first place eh?


  10. those darn ball-cocks! thanks for giving me a laugh with this post.
    the parrots are amazing – are they yours?


  11. ziggi…some wicked witch probably cast an ael hex.

    m…no,not my birds. The chap who repaired our fridge has those(and more) in his suburban back yard!


  12. Another of my favorite Pythonesque translations was…
    “Drop your trousers Sir William I cannot wait ’til lunch”
    although I never did get to use it much when I was abroad.
    How do you say that in Danish?

    Love the beautiful plumage..
    in Brooklynese I think they’d say.
    “Dem boids is beeyewteefall!”

    didja know that I was a big Flight Of The Conchords fan?


  13. donn…I have no idea, but “Lad mig vaere i fred!” might be used. Or “Ring efter politiet!” (“leave me alone!” and “call the police!”)

    I think the Conchords are fiction, unlike Split Enz and Misex. But it’s ‘way out of my limited zone!


  14. 🙂


  15. I failed to get a different job this week – I was told I was too irreverent!
    I can’t believe it! I think it was because one of the very serious chaps on the panel asked me what a budget was (but pronounced (mispronounced?) it budgie) so I said it was a small colourful bird of the parakeet family commonly blue.
    He didn’t laugh and I didn’t get the job.

    ho hum


  16. La galigiante had me going there for a while, Dinah, since it’s not in any of my dictionaries.

    Now I know it’s a ball-cock I can tell you Anche la mia galigiante non funziona and I have to give it a whack every now and then to bring it into line.

    I guess you probably had to do that with the one that took you out to dinner after a couple of times. 😉


  17. robyn…i *knew* I’d got the gender muddled! As for my other useful thing…no, never had to resort to whacking!


  18. Such exotic-ness from the flora to the fauna. Very fun to see.

    I’m staying out of the translation thing…


  19. (I also meant this comment for the following post of the gardens – I just kept scrolling down and ran them all together. 🙂


  20. tara…after your hectic week I’m somewhat surprised to see you “doing the rounds” so soon!


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