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Last Friday, just after breakfast, as we were getting ready to leave … a howling cat-sound that would make a terrific sound effects track for horror movies had us running for the door.

I was first down the stairs (some feat, given that my knee takes a while to “warm-up” on chilly mornings!) to find Geiger, fur a-frizz, shaking her head and wimpering. I could see blood on her nose so picked her up and carried her indoors to check the damage. A tissue blotted the blood from the nose and she wanted to clean it herself.

So…off we went, leaving all cats inside. I came straight home after dropping The Man at work . Jolly good thing I did because Geiger’s left eye was full of blood!

I don’t “do” rude words on the blog so I wont quote the vet! But I left the miserable moggie with him and we brought her home that evening.

Somewhat woozy and wearing not quite a pirate-style eyepatch, but with her eye stitched shut.

Of course, she was fine by Saturday, although she tended to walk in circles for a while!

After lunch today, I realised I hadn’t seen her since mid-morning.Hmm…I damn’ near whistled myself hoarse and at 4pm thought I’d drive around the block. Opened the car door and who greeted me with a huge yawn?

The little ratbag had been having a snooze!


Because I am still busy ( I know how this chap must have felt!) I’ll leave you with something I promised a few weeks ago…

The “Blue Butterfly ” Clerodendrum ugandense, making a fibber of me for saying it’s too cold to expect flowers! And you should see the show in the Botanic Garden!

Well, I delivered 3 prints for the Cafe show (we hang next Monday) so now I can be a Demon Duster and clean up the house (sort-of!) before I start on the next round. Eee! It’s all go, int’it?

Just to let you know…I will be moving to a new site,
very soon. For now, this will still be open.

And the latest on Geiger is that she’s had an adverse reaction to the treatment! So now she’s having Mylanta 3 times a day to fix her irritated tummy.Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

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Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. It certainly “all go” here too! Hope all goes well with your prints. And a virtual stroke for Geiger – how traumatic! I’m sure you’re providing lots of tlc.



  2. poor Geiger! I wonder what happened, any ideas?
    Big hugs from me and mine xxx


  3. celia and ziggi…thankyou;I’ll give her a hug once I catch up with her! Yes, we do know what happened: Geiger got into a bit of a tangle with Kirra, the cat from 2 doors up. The salt in the wound is that it happened in our garden!


  4. Poor lil’ puss, but it sounds like she has plenty of spirit to deal with mere inconveniences! And that flower — what a show off!


  5. andrea…you mean the butterfly’s a show-off? Or me, for posting it?


  6. So sorry about your cat, and I’m really glad you found her later. They give us a scare now and then, don’t they? Mine are house cats, but the male got out one day in April and was gone for almost 24 hours. I was frantic. Then he came back unscathed.


  7. Poor kitty-baby. She’s to be alright? I hate it when cats fight.

    I love the flower too.


  8. kate and tara…yes, I think she’ll live to fight another day.


  9. Back from NZ where the holiday was wonderful but some of the weather was horrendous. Managed a bit of book binding and saw lots of friends so I was happy. Poor Geiger, hope she’s okay now. Love your photos of the Gardens – I have a Gloriosa that I try to encourage but I see you have it down as a weed!


  10. How’s Geiger? Hope she’s well on the way to recovery.


  11. hope the cat is getting better!

    beautiful flowers. . .

    good wishes for your prints and the show

    with much love from the other side of the world, XXX


  12. carol…welcome back! I hope there’ll be some spring sunshine when we go to NZ!(I’m emailing you)

    ziggi and isltv…there’s the latest on Geiger at the new blog (there’s a link at the bottom of this post.I’m moving to wordpress.)

    Thanks for the show wishes. It will be interesting, given the kerfuffle down south over soomeone else’s nude show!


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