It’s arrived! Despite my fingers being stiff and cold this morning, I was able to open the package from Frankie. And it is so much better to see the real thing as photos just don’t do it justice! (But here’s a photo, anyway!)

MUGS, the opening page…

The opposite spread in Frankie\'s pages.

And JUGS, the opposite spread.

Glowing water colours! How shall I follow this? Hmmm… perhaps I’ll just spend the weekend drinking it in. Now…which mug shall I drink from…


Over at Little Cat Diaries, Tom has been running a competition to find the meanest-lookin’ moggie. Just for a laugh, I sent a picture of Milo (neighbours’ cat who is the sire of Geiger and Sporran) and guess what? Milo has made the short list! He’s #6.

I’d like to give him the news, but he seems to have wandered off again; probably wearing his “battle ” face!

Still on cats…here’s the latest on Geiger. The eye is still stitched, but she does have some vision. I continue to put gooey ointment in twice a day. And she was on antibiotics, too, but after 4 days of that, her poor little tum couldn’t hack it . Never mind the unpleasant details, let’s just say that she had another trip to the vet. yesterday. I’m giving her Mylanta, a proprietary brand of antacid gloop made for humans. And it’s worked a treat! She’s eating again. Of course, she thinks she has to scoff extra portions to make up for the lost days! And, naturally, Rusty and Sporran are backing her to the hilt!

That being the case, I’d better take my basket to the purveyor of pussy fare. A busy weekend ahead and the hanging of our cafe exhibition on Monday so I may be gone for a few days.

Here’s a little something for my friends across the water.


  1. Yay! Welcome to WordPress! I’m sure you’ll find it a very hospitable environment. I hope you’ll sign in with your wordpress url next time you leave a comment on my blog (thanks for all those by the way! I really appreciate your thoughtful comments). It will be easier to click back over to your blog that way. P.S. I’m glad your kitty is ok. It sounds like he gave you quite a scare.


  2. jana…thankyou and, yes, once I get more used to things here it will be great.And I’ll nip over to your place right now, just to get my stamp on the page, as it were.

    andrea…wowza says it. Sorry, but Frankie doesn’t have a blog. That’s why I’ll be posting the book pics here.


  3. Frankie mightn’t have a blog but she paints delightful watercolours.

    Congratulations, Dinah, I’m guessing you did you start this sketchbook exchange. New blog looks great too. I’ve bookmarked it for future delights.


  4. Robyn…yes, I started this exchange. Actually, it follows the FPP quite closely, except that we are not doing the half-page bit. And already, some of us are thinking ahead to “the next one.”


  5. Dinah hi, came over to see your new blog. Very nice love the colors. Did you do the painting of the jugs, they are just wonderful, I love them!!
    I’ve a cat too, but he’s restricted to the house. Too much traffic etc. Hope yours is on the mend. They become such friends don’t they. I lost my little cockatiel Kiwi, and went looking at the SPCA for another, and came home with a year and half old kitten, called him Keeta. He wasn’t the prettiest, but every time I walked by his cage, he stuck his paw out to stop me. That did it for me. Funny thing is, turns out, he’s not a cat that likes to be held, just tolerates it for a short time, but he sure liked me holding him that day I got him!!! LOL.


  6. shez…thank you, but I did not paint those mugs n jugs.
    This is part of a travelling sketchbook and this artist is a friend in NSW.
    Sorry about Kiwi, but Keeta will help to fill the gap.


  7. Frankie has left this comment;I’ve just moved it to this post -Dinah

    I think your blog is just great – easy to read & follow. Well set out.
    I am in the process of setting up a website & thought it would be so easy but some parts are proving tricky. Now I wonder if maybe a blog like this would be better.
    Was it hard to do?
    You are a clever lady!


  8. I’ve been sitting at WordPress forever with not a single post. But I’ll be switching over soon too. The new blog looks great! As does Frankie’s art. (I’ll be posting my contribution tomorrow). Glad to hear Geiger’s healing.


  9. Dinah, I love your new site. I did get your messages regarding this. I love Frankie’s art. I’m having some ideas of what I might do for future books coming my way. Keep busy, and thanks for the July 4th sign!


  10. ellen…Thank you! And yes, make the move!

    kate & val…thankyou. I’m still finding my way, but very pleased thus far. That said, I’d better get the next post out!


  11. Lovely skeychbook, and teh amazing photo on the banner for your blog looks so much like where we live. I used to keep a sketchbook a long time ago, but now it is just full of roughs for work I am doing. Non of the spontaneous joy of just drawing for the sake of it. Maybe I should start drawing Rosie.


  12. ginger cats…welcome! Thanks for stopping at this blog. We (the cats and I!) read you regularly and yes, this blog banner always reminds me of Wales. Sketches of Rosie would be lovely. (You might have to include Kiffer!)


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