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Update from Geiger and Sporran.

Our Dad has been selected as a runner-up in a photo contest. Please go over and have a look. We’re very proud of him!(And after you’ve seen all the feline fighters you can read about boring humans!)

Hmmm…I wonder what kinky traffic will turn up after that headline! W ell, I doubt the Art Police from Down South read blogs and our (now slightly less?) esteemed leader is abroad so maybe I’ll have a clear round.

Readers in Australia will no doubt understand this, but it may be a tad obscure for “furriners.” Briefly, there has been a debate ill-informed outcry about a recent exhibition which featured a photograph of a naked girl. I think more people were enraged at the Police raid and seizure of artworks than were offended by their subject. Most of the “outrage” seems to have stemmed from people who read papers, heard it on the tv news or (the majority?) in gossip.

Several months ago, a small, friendly group of artists (that’s right, I’m talking about myself and other local printmakers ) decided on a theme of “Colourful Nudes” for their July show, to be hung in the cafe of friends. This “porn storm” broke as we were completing our pieces and we joked about there being no such thing as bad publicity. I even said we’d be fine as none of our subjects was under-age!

Well, we hung the show on Monday and so far we’ve not been inundated by brolly-brandishing grannies.

Three of the sixteen very colourful nudes. See anything jail-worthy here, folks? Nope? Didn’t think so.


And one block over, there is a display of decorated brassieres…

These, and others, will be auctioned at a fund-raising luncheon this weekend. Proceeds will go to a local group of women who have not only beaten breast cancer, but who get out on the water, calling themselves “Dragons Abreast,” in “dragon boats” and I hear they are pretty competetive. I was more than happy to tizzy-up a bra for the auction. All the same, I’m glad I don’t have to parade through town wearing it! Well, it’s winter, remember! But over in Bristol, UK, women are doing marathon walks wearing their fancy underwear. Go girls!


The update on Geiger’s eye…The vet. removed the stitches on Monday, pronouncing the eye “fine.” She’s one lucky little pusskin and, if she is half as smart as she is lucky, she will not pick a scrap with neighbourhood bullies!

Now, I have some work to do on the Travelling Sketchbook…


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. We had something similar to that here in Cincy a few years back. We just decided that there were still a few Puritans around, and so what are ya gonna do?

    I especially like the shell bra, but it wouldn’t cover much on my melons!


  2. Kate…I guess there will always be such people to liven the scene. Very negative!
    You should see some of the wacky bras. My very petite friend bought a HUGE DD cup bra to decorate and the salesgirl didn’t half give her a funny look!


  3. BRA-vo!

    (I *had* to!)


  4. rew…I figured at least one would! Thanks.


  5. Beautiful prints, Dinah – I searched for a signature, wanting to know which is yours.
    You probably realise I took the ridiculous behaviour on the part of our over-reactive PM as I sign to stay on in Tuscany a while.


  6. Hey! Where’s the sieve/chastity bra! I want to wear yours. What size is it? πŸ™‚


  7. Great show.The 3rd print is yours? I love it! A monoprint?

    From the article – “It is tragic,” he wrote on the news website Crikey, “that those who are responsible for sexualising children have robbed us of the ability to see Bill Henson’s photographs the way he intended.”

    Maybe we have gone too far in a paranoid culture. I wanted to post a great expressive picture of my daughter running on the beach in her 2 piece bathing suit and then thought better of it, because of my own conditioned paranoia of what creeps may do with that image. Children can’t be just children and bodies just bodies. It’s a shame.


  8. Robyn…yes, Kevin’s kudos dropped sharply. And the “Torso” is mine (also on the Flickr sidebar).

    andrea…I couldn’t post all the pics! My “Star Bra” is an enormous DD and you may take it from me that those stars tickle!

    ellen…thank you. I didn’t say, but “Torso” is a monotype, in that it’s a one-off and not even a ghost was possible from this.
    I understand your reluctance to put children’s photos on a blog/website. However, comparitively few people would have been to that exhibition. Now, it’s been flashed around the world for every kinky deviant to ogle. And I suppose my writing about it here further fuels it. Does this make me and my commenters, guilty by association? We walk a very fine line, don’t we?


  9. Phew, Dinah! First “jugs”, now “nudes”. You’re in for some interesting traffic on your blog πŸ˜‰
    (I know – I got some pretty scary search links after my discussion on Henson’s photos!)
    The prints are terrific! Hope the exhibition was a big success!


  10. limeleaves…thankyou. And yes, I remember the discussions when that Henson show was “busted.”
    On the nudes show…we’re hoping we’ll generate a lot of interest as we have a major exhibition in September.


  11. A very demure ‘Venus’ by Lucas Cranach the Elder was banned from the London Underground last February!!!! Hope your exhibition is a great success.

    OMG – Milo’s quite a bruiser isn’t he!

    Like the look of your new blog – especially the header photo. I want to go on holiday there, now! to get away from this p***ing rain!



  12. celia…thankyou.(Did you also see Maurice in the runners-up?)
    The people who know least about art are usually the ones who kick up the biggest fuss.My old maths teacher was fond of saying “empty vessels make the loudest noise.”
    I, too, like the header picture, but it’s not from this coastline!


  13. yeay for you!

    I once made trays and trays of cup-cakes iced with pink and pink sparkles (edible) for a whole bunch of girls doing a marathon and half marathon walk locally, after the main London MoonWalk (I’m no athlete, but the pink cakes raised some money)

    I love the female form naked (and the male one, but I do prefer the curves of a curvy woman) and can’t wait to get to an art class for some Life Drawing

    (dunno when that’ll be, but my stiches are coming out this weekend, so hopefully sometimes soon)

    glad your puskins is doing ok


    love and hugs from the other side of the world



  14. Glad to hear young Geiger is recovered. The great blog switch looks, well, great! Have been considering giving blogger the heave ho, if I just had the time….

    Love the torso print :).


  15. Pleased to find you on your beautiful new blog place. Congrats to Milo – what a bunch of tuffies! Hope your exhibition is going well, the prints look wonderful as do the bras. Gosh I wish our PM would stop making those snap judgements. I have so much faith pinned on him and I really don’t like having it undermined in tiny snippets. I guess he’s only human after all… Hey, isn’t it cold? I’m having to wear a coat, something I hardly ever do in winter in Sydney. Roll on springtime.


  16. denise… I’m happy with the move and it was not difficult. Must go now as we’re off to the travel agent. Stay tuned!

    carol…it’s miserable here, too. Yesterday, I turned on the car heater for the first time! And I wore a woolly hat!


  17. I’m amazed that such images might be getting people all worked up… have any of them looked at what’s available in newsagents???? (Well here anyway, I don’t know about elsewhere… )

    And I’ve always loved the fact that when drawing a nude I always see them in their beauty…

    Those bras are brill!


  18. ha found you!
    Love the nudes and the bras!
    Glad pushka’s eye is sorted – hope she’s learned a lesson!


  19. I love those decorated bras! πŸ™‚ I hope they raise lots & lots of awareness and money for Breast Cancer research! πŸ™‚


  20. caroline…yes, of coursee, but for some reason a well-hung show always seems to cause more braying than racks of dog-eared sleaze mags.. Thanks for the positive comment.

    ziggi…I knew you’d find me! And geiger seems 100% again.


  21. Oops…bit of a Freudian slip iin my response to Caroline!


  22. Freudian, eh? I was being iall mpressed by your double entendre. πŸ™‚ I like the look of your new blog. Hope is is more ‘friendly’ to you.


  23. tara…thanks.Both for being impressed and for the blog approval.At least this platform doesn’t eat things!


  24. olgaTTB…nice to see you here and thanks for your support.(At the auction, I heard more bra-related puns in one afternoon than in my entire life!)


  25. i really enjoy reading about you and i loved all the cats πŸ™‚


  26. val…thankyou.Some of those cats could probably go 15 rounds with Mike Tyson!


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