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Which is all very well when the chap behind the wheel has both hands firmly on said wheel. Oh!And a tankful of overdrive juice.

I’m wearing my metaphorical mortar board again. Not full-time, but factoring school into the already-crowded schedule requires some juggling.

All the same, I managed to find time ( 2am is, too, “time”) to sit down with one of my favourite books. Being one of those big, fat, hold-open-a-barn-door books, I have to sit at the table to read it. (Of course, in this madhouse, that means first clearing some table space…)

But it’s always fun to open Nala Rehctelf at a random page. I just love the way he sees things! He’s not of the Sesumarongi people, but certainly aware of them and their slant on life. And I think Essitam must also have known something of their ways, despite pre-dating Semaj Rebruht , the man credited with the discovery of the Sesumarongi.

One wonders – well, I do! whether people like Egroeg Hsub and Nodrog Nworb and Nivek Ddur have any understanding, or even awareness of this tribe. Ylbaborp ton.

Pity, really, ‘cos we need lateral thinkers, unconfined by sexob.

Now, it wouldn’t do for me to pull a detention for being late!

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. Maybe Nodrog Nworb will find Tnemnethgilne when he holidays amongst the Sesumarongi of Suffolk this summer.

    🙂 Celia


  2. You really have to wonder about them and their understanding though for me Egroeg Hsub has to be the worst ever. I still have hope for Nivek Ddur (hope springs eternal of course) but there are days when he scares me a little.


  3. celia…I wasn’t aware the Bhodi tree grew there! (I think he’d find much more valuable knowledge at an Open Studio;) )

    carol…I know what you mean!


  4. oh my…
    Dinah, can you translate some of this for those of us challenged by living in the Bronx? I’m guessing that the context is anthropological, but perhaps not…?

    Tonight (Wednesday the 16th in this part of the world), I finished the stitching on my contribution to your book. I want to do a little beading and I expect to be able to post it to Kathy this weekend. Is there a protocol on blog-posting our various progresses?


  5. Woah! I am totally in the dark here..are these Klingon names or have they been scrambled by the CIA?
    I am obviously the ‘rong-gi’ to make an intelligent comment on this posting…
    not that I make intelligent comments ever..
    but it could happen!


  6. melanie…It’s not at all difficult, especially if you have a child’s mind! The Sesumarongi (ignoramuses, spelled backwards!) was a fictitious tribe dreamed up by the late, great American humorist, James Thurber. So…all those weird words will mean something if you reverse their spelling. Elpmis! 😉
    And, yes, please do post a photo of the book.Muggins here forgot to photograph hers before sending it. Du-oh! surprise me! I thought gibberish was right up your alley?


  7. Ah, I see. (And me, who would claim both fondness for and familiarity with Rebruht will now gnah my daeh in emahs).

    I think the pages will fit on my scanner — which will be ‘more better’ than relying on my photography skills. My digital camera is shockingly unlike my beloved 35 mm-SLR and it’s taking a very long time to get acquainted. Of course, I think I bought something fancier than I’ll ever need, seduced as I was by a Consumer Reports magazine endorsement.


  8. melanie…Isn’t Thurber taerg! And don’t worry if your photos don’t scan; mine never do! So I just upload the digitals.And while I dearly love my Fuji, there are times(like this morning) when it’s just too bulky.
    Back to school now for an “author talk for the grown-ups.”


  9. I am ashamed to say that I have no idea at all of that which you speak.

    I’ve tried holding it up to a mirror but it didn’t help.


  10. ziggi…or can I call you Iggiz? It’s not mirror-imaged, just words spelled backwards! The excitement of being able to ride the F horse soon has gone to your head!


  11. !dnekeew ruoy rof sguh


    iom zehc selbbin

    !yadirF yppah

    …kcab er’uoy rof dab eb dluow taht dna – roolf eht morf pu sgniht kcip ot gnidneb emit elohw eht dneps d’uoy esiwrehto fo pot no sgniht gnilip roferew selbat thguoht syawla I

    !!suoegrogwoh !?evil uoy erehw fo otohp a taht si


  12. isltv…a couple of sherberts and I think maybe I should revert to the “normal” way of writing!
    Thankyou for popping in. I know your schedule doesn’t always allow for blog-time. And the header is not local, but it looked so attractive I thought I’d use it! I can (and probably will) use my own pics. Once again, it comes down to time! See you later for nibbles!


  13. well, it’s a beautiful view

    and I ought to make more time for visiting down lovely rabbit holes – thanks you so much for your kind words



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