More travelling sketchbook pictures, that is. Form an orderly queue, please…gold coin donations in the jar; all proceeds to a worthy cause*.

Here is Alison’s opening page. Don’t you just love the way the script defines the leaves?

And the page Heather has added; again, with a personal note.

Frankie has “spiced up” her friendship theme in this one!

And now for Heather’s book… this is the front cover.

And the opening spread….

…which, you can see, continues Heather’s thematic workof Aboriginal art.

Leaves, this time, from Frankie…

And now it’s my turn to add to these lovely creations. Ideas bubble up in my head and are pushed aside by other ideas, like the ripples on a pond.

But before I can tackle these books, I have artwork to finish for the exhibition and statements to write. I’m sure there’s something else…oh, yeah! I need to find/create something to wear to opening night. If this cold snap continues the ‘something’ might just be Long Johns and a balaclava. (That’s probably more information than you wanted, right?)

A slightly gruesome footnote: I heard on radio news the other day that someone (a hapless tourist!) had found “human remains” in the local Botanic Garden. Haven’t heard any further details, but I guess I wont go scrambling around there with the Fujica for a while! I wonder what the odds would be on one of those Canadian feet drifting across the Pacific?

I think I need coffee. Or chilli-chocolate. Both? ๐Ÿ™‚

But before I head for the percolator let me show you what else arrived in my mail box the other day. All the way from Biarritz, whereย  my delightful blog friend is holidaying.

Picasso is a favourite of mine! Thankyou so much, J.

*As we’ve been models of exemplary behaviour and have managed NOT to walk through wet ink or shred good paper, we deem the Cats’ Fish ‘n’ Bones Fund a worthy cause.

R, G & S

18 thoughts on “YOU WANT MORE? I HAVE MORE.

  1. Oh! These pages are wonderful! How fun, and such talented artists. I feel really intimidated now.

    And how gruesom about the remains in the garden. Wonder how that happened? Back in the spring a teenage boy was reported missing and a couple of weeks later his remains were found in a large wooded metro park. Seems he had comitted suicide. How terrible.

    Sorry your weather is so cold. Here, let me send you some HEAT.


  2. This makes me wish I’d participated! Love Frankie’s leaves. Won’t stay long as I’ve sworn off blogs until I settle back in, but couldn’t resist just taking a peek!


  3. caroline…thanks for stopping by. Yes, I am indeed inspired.

    kate…it may a while before you have to work on these, but having seen your contributions to date I’d say you have no need to worry!

    andrea…good to see you survived the road trip (see email) and yes, Frankie’s leaves are almost a signature.


  4. I’m excited I’ll be able to see these in person. Glad you’re babies have kept their paws inkless. About this time last year I was getting ready for a show and my dog threw up on one of my paintings. I refused to read any symbolism into that, as tempting as it may have been. (oh…and please take your time with the books, as I…ahem…am still working on yours, bad me)


  5. ellen…as the shampoo ad says:”It wont happen overnight!”
    I’m still fannying about with my exhibition work.
    As to the dog ‘s little accident – I’m sure it would have had some portent, like carefully arranged goat entrails and virgins and ravens stealing stars. Ooh! I think I see a surrealist masterpiece here!


  6. The pages are just lovely, you must be really feeling inspired by all this. Keep showing us please. It’s still to cold, isn’t it? So much for sunny Australia. Well, it’s sunny enough, just really cold. My blog is at a standstill cos I’m unable to put my mind to anything except selling, moving, buying a farm, starting a new life. Is that enough of an excuse?


  7. hi Dinah,

    I’m back after having a virus infect my computer and necessitate EIGHT DAYS at the computer hospital.

    I am greatly looking forward to getting these. They’re so dynamic — a good challenge.


  8. These are just great! I love art journals and have even tried to keep one myself. (I’m not a very talented artist). At the moment I’m trying to finish an altered book.

    Thanks for stopping by because I had forgotten to bookmark your new address previously so I’m glad to have it now.


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