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There are sites all over the blogosphere “written by”animals and even cartoon characters. Some are very witty or funny. Some are not. Some are updated regularly and often. Some are not. Some are written with the sort of spelling I am trying to correct in students! And some are beautifully poetic.

I know anthropomorphism can be a deadly trap and, when I put on my  wildlife carer hat, I try to avoid it.

But the three rapscallions who share this house with us mere mortals are a part of the family and, anthropomorphism or not, they’d like their own blog, please!

And this is where you, dear readers, come in. Yes! You get to voice your opinions!

Should I set up a completely separate blog, a catablogue, if you like, or should I just give the little beggars say, one day a week, on this site?

Oh! It’s a luxury to have someone else make the decisions, isn’t it!

Look! Peach blossom. It MUST be Spring.

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. oh give them one day a week :>)

    and I agree – when they live with you they do get anthropomorphisised – eeek! what a word! and totally gramatically incorrect ;>)


  2. Eek. I don’t know. (I know — not helpful.) I don’t read blogs written by animals but I am totally addicted to lolcats (and dogs). Can your trio write like that I wonder?


  3. Why would you have to ask Di?
    After all, cats are people too!!

    Patches will second that! 8-))


  4. I say give ’em a day a week, too. I know when I’m trying to read all these blogs, if people have several blogs, I’m never sure which to read and I’m afraid I’ll miss something good if I read the “wrong one!!” What a stunning banner here, incidentally! Gorgeous!


  5. My vote is also to let them share a bit of yours. I have such a long blog list already that I’m starting to feel completely buried and will probably not add more to my reading list…. (but I would like to hear what they are up to..)


  6. and you know how cats are, if yours are like mine, they have difficulty keeping to a regular schedule, so once -a-week or so would be flexible enought to accommodate them. and they must — need i say it? — be accommodated.

    I need a chili chocolate recipe, please.


  7. vivien…thankyou;as a cat person I thought you’d understand.

    andrea…they probably could write like that, but 3 mornings a week of “creative” spelling is enough for me!

    frank…hey! nice to see you here. Although, I suspect it was Patches who nudged you into commenting!!

    suzanne and tara…you have both made the point that was uppermost with me! Thanks for this.


  8. melanie…oh, how true! Right now, one is asleep, one is stooging around the garden and the other is god-knows-where!

    About the chilli-chocolate…I don’t have a recipe for cake (but I’m sure Joanne Harris does!) I just like the chocolate block that is 70% cocoa, with chilli. Hey! If it was good enough for the Aztecs…


  9. ah — I see. I was imagining a frothy hot beverage not a block o’chocolate. Lively bunch, those Aztecs.

    Thanks for the alert about Estorbo — what a charming character. I stayed up way too late last night paging through the blog.


  10. melanie…Yes, Don Estorbo is a hoot.And we love hees accent.
    I just Googled for recipes (no shortage!) and this is top of a long list:


  11. Chilli-chocolate rocks on up here in the winter, spelling is inversely proportional to intelligence and I am lost without the “F7” key.

    Could someone tell me how to prevent anthropomorphism? We have 3 German Shepherd dogs who put the “fun” in dysfunctional. If we did not have our daughter, who now has her own blog at 5 years old, the dogs would have one. Besides, it is for you and your rapscallions, do what is fun for you!

    ps. thanks for stopping by!!!!


  12. ooh sounds delish. I’ll have to do a little translating before trying it (caster sugar?), but I do think I’ll try it. thanks so much for doing the footwork.


  13. Well — I write Pearl’s blog because whenever I tried to write anything from my point of view it was so boring — plus I’m a lousy photographer. Taking pictures of Pearl and writing in her voice gives me the place to have some fun without being too dull.

    You, on the other hand, are quite a good writer and photographer so I think you can just give your cats one day a week… like, “Wednesday Cat Blogging” or something like that. Unless you really want to do the cat blogging thing.

    Maybe one day I might try my own human blog again — when I get courageous.



  14. I vote one day a week (just so you don’t have to complicate your life with more blogs). If they want their own that badly, they can set it up themselves -oooo, maybe they already have and you just don’t know about it, cats are sneaky creatures.


  15. karen…hah! permission to use “the’ fun’ in dysfunctional” please! Oh! I love that water slide, too.

    melanie…I think you call it “superfine sugar” in your world. And if you can get raw superfine, that will be even yummier as raw sugar has that molasses taste!

    kim…I think there are probably a lot of bloggers who write as their pets for that reason. I also think Pearl paints a pretty good picture of you; not boring at all.

    ellen…oops! I didn’t think of that.Maybe I should Google them in case they do have their own sites. I bet Rusty’s would be one of those gun-totin’, redneck militia sites that have to keep moving ahead of The Authorities!


  16. One day a week cos just like so many others, I can’t cope with more blogs to read and I don’t want to have to choose between yours and theirs. Will they take turns, will there be straws drawn for order of appearance or do you think they might do a co-operative effort. Not sure that Rusty would be in that plan from what I’ve heard of him. Hmmm, some chilli chocolate would be nice right now considering that our beautiful spring has turned to winter again, and wet to boot.


  17. permission granted as long as you never point out any of my spelling errors!


  18. carol…have a look in the “junk food” aisles for Lindt chocolate blocks. There are several;I’m just a chilli fan!
    And thanks for your input.Is it cold and wet in the Mountains, too?Not that it will put you off!

    karen…thanks. And don’t worry about your spelling;I only do corrections when asked!


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