…is often a matter of old dogs being unable to (easily) learn new tricks. And I am a classic example of this.

Now, there are some things I will never have time enough to learn, like the fixing of computers when they tie their silly little chips in knots and refuse to function. It’s infuriating and frustrating, but when the Toy dies I simply pull its plugs and haul it back to the repair shop. And wait. This time, we’ve had a new motherf motherboard. Oh, yeah…a new CPU, too.

So things should be sweet, yes? Hmm…

Ages ago, I took part in an ATC swap with a blogger in Massachusetts after she offered a cute little card that struck a chord with me. See, superannuated hippie that I am, I remember the first Moon Landing and Neil Armstrong’s famous words. At the time, his ommission of that “a” annoyed me a little. But I loved the idea that, back then, we still had hope that the world was emerging from cold war darkness into a positive time, with so much good to flow from space exploration.  Maybe not.

So…M’s lovely card arrived in a charming  “snail mail” packet and I have still not blogged about it! I’ve had some difficulties with my camera cable so I tried scanning. Blah! Picture too fuzzy and too big for WordPress so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a little longer while this is sorted. But trust me, it’s a lovely card.


In the meantime…who’s feeling peckish? This is a great weekend lunch dish. Couldn’t be simpler! I line a baking tray with foil, roll out some puff pastry and top it with courgettes, aubergines, whole garlic (currently small Mexican bulbs are the best), some roasted capsicums, tomatoes, pumpkin, baby squash, maybe a few mushrooms if I have not scoffed them all, olives, some cubed feta, a generous slosh of olive oil and some fresh herbs and a little sea salt. Whack it into a hot oven til the cheese and the pastry is looking golden. Scatter fresh basil and eat. Perfect on the shady deck with a glass of something cold.


Sporran continues to improve. Sometimes, she limps a little, but she’s been climbing the fence and was up a tree the other day so I guess she knows her limits! The sunbirds are nesting again behind the front stairs and three cats are most interested in proceedings!


For several years now I’ve subscribed to Robert Genn’s newsletters. While not every issue is “me” I often find myself following a side trail and today , more than ever.

If you read this blog regularly or know me personally, you’ll know I am passionate about reading. And that I try to share this passion with school children. Not always successfully!

So I thought I’d give you a link to Bob genn’s current newsletter

(  as I found his quote from Updike struck a very loud chord. Certainly, from my standpoint, the message is more easily conveyed when I deviate  slightly from the page. If I can engage the kids in  a little fun, perhaps by using rhyme, “funny voices” or some other approach, they will be more likely to want to continue. What is happening in this instance is that they are no longer sitting passively, listening to me drone on. They are teaching themselves!

Read Updike and I think you’ll understand why I still do this on a voluntary basis.


Now, having lost my internet connection for a few hours and still unable to figure out the camera cable I’m off to do some essential shopping. What is essential? You have to ask? Oh, please! La Cave needs restocking, the chilli chocolate has run out, I have a huge craving for some blue vein Brie…

Back when revived! And just for fun and to keep you on your toes, try this test, which I nicked, shamelessly, from Ryan

No, I have not got my results yet. Lost the connection, remember. But I think I’m heavily weighted in favour of Picasso, ancient icons and Oriental.

UPDATE  results just in

Compared to other takers

  • 40/100 You scored -1 on Impressionist, higher than 40% of your peers.
  • 80/100 You scored 13 on Islamic, higher than 80% of your peers.
  • 72/100 You scored 11 on Ukiyo-e, higher than 72% of your peers.
  • 68/100 You scored -4 on Cubist, higher than 68% of your peers.
  • 35/100 You scored -18 on Abstract, higher than 35% of your peers.
  • 56/100 You scored 2 on Renaissance, higher than 56% of your peers.

Your result for What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test

Traditional, Vibrant, and Tasteful

13 Islamic, -1 Impressionist, 11 Ukiyo-e, -4 Cubist, -18 Abstract and 2 Renaissance!

So there!


  1. Thanks for clearing up my confusion and for visiting my blog. I have added you to my blogger check list because you post about things I’m interested in — especially cats and art. I try to post twice a week except when the brain blocks up. I love Estorbo she has such a great sense of humor — even though I am a stuffy pastor’s wife and have to cover my ears, (or eyes), for a few words.

    We visited Australia and New Zealand a couple of years ago and loved it. Have a couple of very good friends who are school teachers there, also — and I think, some distant relatives somewhere in that great continent.


  2. I have Robert Genn’s newsletter sitting in my inbox, unread, thanks for reminding me about it.
    I agree! reading to children is such a joy. I’m disappointed my 9 yr old no longer wants me to, but delighted she is a prolific reader. All my reading attention is diverted to my 6 yr old. She took out a picture book recently from the library and on every page a different dog breed says something. “Make up a different voice for each kind mom!” she said. I deserved an Oscar for that one.


  3. chris…thanks for stopping by.

    ryan…vibrant? Aw, shucks! 🙂

    ellen…yes, once a child will read for pleasure success is guaranteed. But teaching can be a super-burn-out profession. I certainly couldn’t (nor would I want to) do it full-time.

    andrea… Islamic art and you…not such a surprise, really, when you consider the early Persian work and, now, the strict motifs only where direct images of deities are verboten.
    And, yes, do make that vegetable tart wotsit. Right after you scan that Hundertwasser (hinting shamelessly)


  4. I scored highest for Ukiyo-e – which I thought was a bit misleading since they had so much of it represented next to really poor choices of other genres of art (I must admit that the Ukiyo-e samples they had were beautiful).

    Running out of chili-chocolate is a sad, sad thing. I hope you have remedied that situation.


  5. tara…yes, I thought it was tricky being limited to only 3 per set, but I thought my ukiyo-3 would be sky-high as I have several Japanese prints. And no, I have not replenished the chilli chocolate. 😦 Monday! But I did get wine!


  6. I’ve recently developed a passion for chili chocolate too. Wasn’t surprised to score highest on Ukiyo-e but enjoyed the test. Lunch looks yummy too! Now where are the images from your sketchbook exchange?


  7. robyn…isn’t that chocolate divine! And lunch was yummy. When I sent the latest round of books my head was “elsewhere” and I forgot to take pictures! But we will catch up along the way.As not all of us blog I hope to have a final round-up when we’re finished.


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