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With my camera once again on speaking terms with my computer, I bring you…

“Armstrong’s Missing A”

The lovely snail mail packet and the photograph of the gastropod itself…

And, inside, the Missing A. I tried all sorts of “clever” angles to show the silvery moonlight on this.In the end, filtered sunlight on the outside table shows it best.I love the shadow from that tiny blue bead!

So, after a rather rude wait, thankyou very much, m.heart


Here’s a preview of my contribution  to the  Cafe  “Vestival.” Each month, artwork of some sort is featured on the walls. Looking for a slightly different angle, we came up with the idea of a display of vests. And it was only a short hop to the title! These will be up throughout December; I’m just being a bit cheeky and giving you an early glimpse.

The back of my re-vamped hippie denim vest…

And the front… 

Maybe I’ll have more vests to show you when the “vestival” opens.


I was thinking about copyright infringement yesterday. Yes, I’ve been a “victim” of plagiarism; it can be annoying when something you have made is purloined without acknowledgement, but when you lose income you’re faced with few choices. Legal redress is expensive and anyway, we all know there’s no such thing as bad publicity. So do you simply “suck it up” and try not to be taken for a ride again? Or do you exact some sort of voodoo revenge? Very tempting at times!

Copyright law is a minefield and I have no wish to delve any deeper on the blog. I’m sure most bloggers are courteous enough to credit their sources. No, what I was thinking of is the endless stream of irritating emails that fly around, purporting to be “true stories” as told to the Sunday School teacher, or the local radio station, or overheard in  cafe.

If we sent this stuff to almost any magazine or newspaper, responsible editors (yes,  there are still a few!) would reject them out of hand as they are so palpably repeated from elsewhere. But emails are still more or less private communications so no one bothers to credit the originator, if indeed he/she is known.

If some sharp shyster figured a way to sue maybe my inbox would not suffer its daily deluge of rubbish!


Geiger caught another snake yesterday. The Man gave her a quick squirt from the garden hose and she dropped it and it slithered off into the garden. No time for a sub-caudal scale count, The Man thinks it was possibly an adult whip snake. Or maybe a green tree snake. Big difference, my friend! I’d feel much happier of the cats left the slitherers well alone, but we can’t impose our will on Nature…

Still on things natural and otherwise…it seems to be the “done thing” around here for fishermen to hang the skins of fish from signposts. Whopping great big fish, like barramundi and grouper adorn speed signs, fence posts, gates. To me, it’s a bit on the gruesome side and no different from stringing up the dead bodies of, say, sheep or dogs. But for some reason, fish make it acceptable. Really?

A crocodile recently removed from where it may have been a threat to human life died the other day. Post mortem results show its gut was choked with plastic rubbish. Sad.

Ok, no more maudlin musings! I’m off to see if the chilli chocolate’s back in stock…The brand I buy is Lindt.

Looking for a picture, I found this. Think I might have to visit this blog!…


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

7 thoughts on “THE ERRANT ATC

  1. oh, you’re very welcome! i’m glad it’s in it’s new home.


  2. M’s card is so beautiful, as I knew it would be. I have one too and I just love it.

    The Vestival sounds absolutely fabulous! I loooovvvvveeee the one you did. You came up with a lot of vintage buttons. My hubby still has some originals. Please show more when you can. So fun!

    I never bothered with copyrights. Maybe I should have. I worry sometimes about the things I have listed in my Etsy shop. I have lots of lookers but no takers and I wonder if people are just trying to get a fix on what I do. Oh well. Can’t own everything.

    My cats never go outside, thank goodness. I don’t think I could take them dragging home snakes. Ugh!

    And as for fish on the signposts????? Are you in a part of the uncivilized world? How gross! I agree with you. Is this some sort of trophy? Doesn’t that smell eventually? Crazy!


  3. Alas, none of my Lindt sources carry a chili variety. Dagoba is the easiest to find here, although occasionally another foreign brand will show up.


  4. m…your ATC is very happy here.

    kate…sometimes, the veneer of civilisation is awfully thin!
    And I wish I’d had some of C’s original buttons. Unavailble now, I had to resort to my printer and fusible webbing!(By the way, that tag attached to the front is a Woodstock ticket!)

    tara…What! You can’t buy Lindt in Seattle? That is criminal! But a google search might yield a stockist.


  5. wonderful

    and very inspiring – I wish I got myself sorted and visited more often



  6. lltv…yes, do pop across when you can. Or else meet me in that Chiswick pub!!


  7. Hi,
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Correct link to the post is:

    Have a wonderful day, Margot


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