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And, by extension, that means I’m living in Hell. It certainly feels that way at times. Especially when I have to share the roads with the mums in 4×4 chariots. I believe these lethal brutes are known, in London, as “Chelsea Tractors.” Across the ditch, New Zealanders call them “Remuera Bitch Boxes.”

And there are certain times and days when, if you are smart (or have a choice) you stay OFF the roads. Unfortunately, on three mornings I do not have that choice.

Well, I suppose I could leave home super-early and then twiddle my thumbs til classes begin…


This is probably the closest I’ll get to apple blossom in this climate…

2008_1114ajdesk0004Cassia javanica

I have to make sure these are hooked up clear of the car before I reverse

2008_1114ajdesk0007Passion fruit; looks like a “bumper” crop this year.


And because I sometimes have dangerously silly moments ( Kite surfing may be one of them…)I’m inclined to agree to things that, perhaps, I shouldn’t.

I know some of you follow Andrea Joseph’s blog so if you do you’ll know that, starting November 3, she did a series of sketches of an old school desk.

And this is where the dangerously silly moment occurred. See, I thought to myself: “Gosh! Drawing a crappy old school desk can’t be beyond me.”

Now, I am more what you’d call a scribbler than an artist. That’s scribbler, as in child -with- crayon. Definitely NOT an artist. Not like Andrea Joseph. Oh, no! So what the bejeezlehoop made me do this? Worse – what made me tell Andrea Jospeh I intended to draw my desk! (And she, bless her little pencil shavings, has held me to it!)

So, taking a deep breath, here is an old school desk. From memory. Not all the marks on it were made be me but, 50 years on, I’m probably safe from detention if I admit to  one or two.

Actually, our desks were remarkably free of  graffiti; we wrote and drew all over our exercise books, but most of us were too timid to carve love hearts on desks. And, anyway, the relationships that, on Friday were “for life” were often forgotten by Monday!


Next time I’m tempted to emulate  someone I hope one of you will smack me, upside the head!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

15 thoughts on “THE DEVIL DRIVES PRADO

  1. lol for “remuera bitch boxes” i think i’ll drop the remuera part and start using that term here in the states. there’s a melvins/jello biafra song that refers to them as “yuppy cadillacs.”


  2. I am terrified of driving anywhere near the remuera bitch boxes..especially now that we are driving on sheer ice!

    These overcaffeinated, harried, helicopter-Moms are multitasking (pfft) and appear to be completely unaware that there are so-called other vehicles on the road unless they are eyeball to eyeball with another 6 Ft, high/ 6 Ton / 6 MPG monster…
    hey that is 666 innit?

    I for one, am glad that this recession will finally kill off these dinosaurs…atleast for a few years.


  3. m…I’ll happily trade Remuera BB for a yuppy cadillac!

    donn… yes, they seem to feel some immunity from rules. (Your 666 segues nicely with my title!)


  4. I did see Andrea Joseph’s desk picture a little while ago, I have no idea how she does all that with pen. I think you did a fine job and that is some cultured graffiti on that desk.
    My neighbour drives a Lincoln Escalade and they got a little electric mini one for their 2 yr old daughter! sheesh!


  5. ellen…thanks. I admit to Ziggy (of course!) and the mangled Shakespeare and the “pas ce soir” but the rest is stuff that was already on the desk when I sat there. It was ages before I realised that what I thought was a feather was an eyebrow!
    And the “Lenny” who was there twice was a vain lad – he had a mirror on the underside of his desk lid!
    Help! I’m having flashbacks!

    As for toddlers having mini versions of Escalades…I was about to make coffee;maybe I need a brandy!


  6. Ha, you did it! Thanks for your kind words, too. I love it. It’s so cute. It’s really interesting to see what somebody else would doodle about too. Plus, I love the little hinges. I’d never have thought of that. But, I will pinch it in the future, if you don’t mind! Great stuff, this has really made me smile. Cheers.

    (I can’t stand looking at mine any longer, I’m going to save them all as drafts so that I don’t have to look at them for a while. I’ll put them back on there when I some time has passed.)


  7. andrea…snap! this will be shoved away in a dim corner.I may practise on another, but it will remain private til I improve! But I’m chuffed that you recognised the hinges and, sure, use ’em!
    (for the record, this was all ballpoint with colour pencil “varnish.”)


  8. Over here we just call them “Soccer Moms”, much too polite a term, if you ask me. I like yours and New Zealand’s much better. What I hate is how they all queue up at the intersections where the school bus is going to stop. As if no one else needs to use the road or anything.

    Your apple blossoms are lovely. I can smell them all the way over here.

    And as for the desk, well I surely can’t remember what was on any of mine, so kudos to you for remembering. It does take me back a ways, though. I want to go peek at Andrea’s sketch now.


  9. Wow, Andrea is really GOOD! I’m going to bookmark her, and I like how she did her step-by-step thingy. Good practice for me.


  10. it says Ziggy on that desk! YAY!

    I long to have a 4 x 4 – if I get stuck in the mud again and have to be removed by a halitosis/BO/Lech of a farmer one more time I will emigrate!


  11. kate…the funny thing is that even the drivers of other 4×4 monsters exhibit a truly ferocious rage against them when they roar, in convoy, up to the school(s) gates.
    And, yes, Andrea J. is fantastic.

    ziggi…yeah, I thought you’d notice my Ziggy. I was told to “remove it” once, but it was too late! Maybe I should make him my avatar?
    As for helpful-chaps-who-pong…just remember that even big brutes can get stuck.Especially in places like Wiltshire!


  12. There are times of day that I really really try to avoid being on the roads here as well. Just too many people and vehicles! (makes me crazy-grumpy).

    I am being terribly jealous of your passion fruit. I *love* them….well, with a passion! 😛 They are only available here for a short time and cost a small fortune.


  13. tara…I will probably be hawking them around the street, like a gypsy.Last year, I had only a half a dozen.


  14. I can’t stand people who drive 4x4s in town to do their grocery shopping and the school run. . .

    it just seems greedy and unwarranted

    (but b*tch isn’t a nice word!)(I’m such a wuss)


  15. iltv…as a term of anger, it’s probably unfair to female canines, but it’s not the only one that is bandied about!
    And the models that are the worst offenders incur scathing remarks from real off-roaders! (I believe some of these wagons are referred to as “pretend” off-roaders, as their owners never actually drive in rallies and some are not intended for that!)
    (You are not a wuss!)


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