Yesterday, I jumped to the top of a closet, chased the dust bunnies that live up there, then leapt down and scampered away.The bipeds were impressed that I didn’t limp. (Bipeds are easily amused and impressed.)

2008_1124sporran0002Here, I demonstrate my flexibility, using the broken leg to scratch. See that mop? Well, it annoyed me, so I attacked it. I won!

It can get pretty noisy around here, what with those stupid dogs next door and children yelling. But the other night, we heard a different noise. Lots of popping and loud bangs.Man! Our ears were twitchin’ fierce. Dinah grabbed her camera and ran outside.


For this???

Apparently, it’s called fireworks and there was rather a lot of it, down at the beach. We thought it was hardly worth the bother!

Dinah says I can finish this later;she wants to go somewhere to look at paintings…


Well, Sporran has wandered off so I might as well add my bit.

Spent an enjoyable day yesterday, cruising around in my air-conditioned car with a friend and taking in some near-local art shows.

One was a little less “local” than intended – we took a wrong turn and had to drive a fair distance up the steep range before I found somewhere to turn ’round. Oh well…it was an interesting “extra!”

OK…all you folks in the Arctic zone might want to skip this…

You’ll notice I highlighted  the bit about my air-conditioned car? Well, believe me, if I did not have that facility I would not have ventured out yesterday. The official reading was 31 deg Celsius, but inland (where we were) it must have been several degrees higher. And with a seering northerly. Have I mentioned that I do not like high temperatures?


This tangle of vines on a palm in front of the living room obscures my view of…


…this. Cassia fistula

2008_1118pbankxmas0024Ahh! But when all those buds open … The poor tree is somewhat misshapen as the huge Royal Palm fronds  “lean” on its branches when they drop. And at around 15 to 20 feet from the ground and weighing a lot more than moi…moi is not inclined to scramble up a wobbly ladder to remove them.

This Adenium obesum rewarded me with flowers this year, after sulking last year when something with BIG CLUMSY FEET flattened it.


Locals call it “Desert Rose.” Another case of confusing common nomenclature as I know Desert Roses as that crystal structure you find in…well, in deserts.

This is a web picture of a Saharan “desert rose.”

Actually, that’s gypsum and if my shaky third form chemistry holds up, I think it’s something like this: Ca SO4 2H2O. But wiki might be more accurate!

My white one has sisters in red and pink.

UPDATE 24 hours later… the flowers were stripped by the hot, fierce wind that has not abated for 3 days… don’t even ask what this did to the lettuces!

I still have those dust bunnies to deal with

12 thoughts on “ON THE ROAD TO RECOVERY…by Sporran

  1. We had our first frost last night. 🙂 (and getting colder by the day).

    I have some Desert Rose gypsum from the dust bowl of Oklahoma – looks ‘clunkier’ than your example here, but remarkably like rusty red rosettes…


  2. It snowed here yesterday! Not Christmas Card snow, just wet cold turn to slush sleety stuff. All gone now.

    Love those gorgeous flowers!


    Hi Sporran – that mop looks dodgy! I’d kick it again next time you see it. And as for ‘fireworks’ – they get so excited about stupid stuff, don’t they!

    Tabby Studio Assistant xx
    PS: my brother hasn’t come home from his dawn prowl yet, and I’ve eaten all his brekky 🙂


  3. tara…well, I could live with the occasional frost, but I’d need to unearth my knitting needles!

    celia…I only “summered” in Suffolk, but I’ve been in Norfolk in snow.I remember that wind coming straight off the North Sea, driving snow and rain horizontal! I’ll stick with the Christmas Card Variety!

    Chloe: you’re right about bipeds’ excitement.Dumb! What’s Chester going to eat when he comes in??


  4. Tell Sporran “Hi”. Looks like she’s getting on just fine.

    I like looking at your summer pictures and thinking about you sweating in your heat. I’m so glad to be rid of it. It rained all day today and was somewhat chilly, but I don’t mind. Supposed to get a dusting of snow tonite, and that I do mind.

    I think we have that same tree/shrub and we call it Rose of Sharon. It grows pink and white, if it is the same tree. Looks like it.


  5. Well done Sporran!

    I was whimpering with envy of your heat, Dinah until I got to the hot wind stripping the flowers and then remembered how it can be like that in God’s Zone.


  6. kate…yes, I suppose snow is a bit of a worry if you have to drive for a living! Actually, I’ve never driven in snow;not sure I could handle that!
    (And I think your Rose of Sharon is a different plant! I have the one I think you mean.But my mother had a “Rose of Sharon” that was yet another! )


  7. robyn…we do “forget” some things and “remember” others, don’t we! I remember Tuscan summers, even though I know the snow can be thick on the hills. Currently, we are having hot, dry, searing winds – not the norm for coastal tropics. And Brisbane has had two severe floods in one week!


  8. m.heart…Sporran says thankyou.
    Deserts are fascinating places, especially after rains, but I’m too much a forest person to want to spend much time there! Great light for photography though!


  9. marie…Adeniums must be gorgeous in Cape Town.I hope the flowers hold!

    And Sporran loves keeses and snuggles!

    sherrie…welcome! Thankyou for visiting. And congrats on that finished lino. (I have yet to begin my self portrait;it’s giving me a headache!)


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