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“THE VESTIVAL” (with an added picture.)


No, not dyslexia or even a common typo. A word coined to promote the current art on display at my friends’ cafe.

Initially, we’d thought to have a display of vests in the foyer of another gallery and would have billed it as “A Vestival in the Vestibule.” (Some of us are cerebrally challenged when required to come up with snappy titles!)

And here, for your delectation…

This photo was missed  in my original post. But one of the group emailed this shot. Isn’t technology bloody marvellous!




2008_1203vestival0012 2008_1203vestival0019 2008_1203vestival0016




2008_1203vestival00211 And, lest you think it was all hard work …….

some of the “workers”  enjoying light refreshments.

2008_1203vestival00091 2008_1203vestival0015

I see Ellen has thrown her hat in the ring (with enthusiasm, too!)  to write a post a day for the month of December. Since I had a post up yesterday and, now, this one, I suppose I could hop on that bandwagon.

But I’ll resist! Why? Well, I have quite a bit on the go right now (our sketchbook exchange is still “on the road”) I am already committed (and should be!) to drawing every day and I know that I could not write a good, readable post every day. Write something, yes, something bloggable? I doubt it!

And anyway, my biggest challenge , one which will probably have me gnashing my teeth for weeks, is to cut a lino block for a self portrait. Did I mention that it’s to be  an edition of 10? Holy bat guano, Batman! You realise I’ll have to spend HOURS looking at this face!

Then, there’s the not-so-small  matter of some editorial work I’ve agreed to. And some sewing. Oh yeah…swimming.

Speaking of which, I’m due to meet Ali at the pool in an hour. (And there are still dishes in the sink.Shhh!)


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

14 thoughts on ““THE VESTIVAL” (with an added picture.)

  1. Oh, I was hoping someone would take up the challenge. Then after reading your to do list, I realize I’m insane. Because my to do list is a bit similar to yours. And then there is this whole Christmas business to deal with. Hmm…my enthusiasm may be waning.

    You will post the lino print when done won’t you? Love to see it.


  2. Are these the garments of customers who have died at your friend’s establishment before they were able to leave?


  3. ellen…if I don’t make a complete dog’s breakfast of my portrait I may show you. (I think only Andrea knows what I look like so I’m probably safe!)


  4. vicus…that is cruel! But, no, they were not sloughed by incautious diners.


  5. I love vests!
    I always wore a groovy vest back in school during the was an easy way to add a little je ne sais quoi to a my T & Jeans ensemble.

    I hope they make a big comeback..and HAHAHA I’m still laughing at vicus..
    what a guy.


  6. they look like waistcoats to me!

    Waistcoating on the Wainscoting!

    (linda at larkhill dot wilts dot sch dot uk)


  7. ziggi…clever!
    (email on way)


  8. Dinah, my friend, it seems to me that if you’re drawing every day, then you have something you can post every day. You really don’t need to provide a lot of commentary. If I thought I had to do a raft of word mongering for these one-a-day posts, I’d just go whimper under the bed (or, more likely, click over to online solitaire or some such).

    PS I didn’t mean to be rude about deleting your post over at the croft. You were cryptic about my comment on Ellen’s blog, but not cryptic enough for scaredy-me. I find that I’m better at accomplishing things if I don’t make public commitments or declarations and just have at it.


  9. melanie…that’s OK. And I’ve just been to the croft and it seems Halloween has “helped you out!” Hope he likes tomato juice!


  10. I love your Vestival! So charming, they are. Looks like you had a great time.

    Aw, c’mon, you could post every day. SOMETHING happens every day, doesn’t it? But I know how life gets in the way, and so does housework and husbands.

    I posted Heather’s sketchbook and sent it on to Ellen yesterday.


  11. kate…whatever this gang does generates a lot of laughter. Even the “oops!” moments result in giggles.And, just as imporantt, the patrons look forward to the art displayed at the Cafe.

    As to my posting daily…well, maybe. But I have not registered.

    And I’ve sent the non-bloggers a link to your post.


  12. This looks like a wonderful exhibit and I am quite fond of the title. A lino self-portrait? How interesting. Can’t wait to see the results!


  13. oooooooh

    I like!

    so glad to see them all, having followed the story of yours!



  14. denise…welcome! And thankyou for visiting. The self-portrait? I’m getting cold feet, even at 32 deg.C! Stay tuned…

    ILTV…good to see you here again! Sorry I don’t have popcorn in the sidebar…join me in a Merlot?


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