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Let me state, right now, that this will be a short n quick post. Why? Well, apart from having a few other things to do, I find typing a little messy when I’m slathered in lotion.

“What lotion?”   “Why?” I hear you asking.

Here’s a clue:


tourists splashing in a pool beacause the tide was low and the beach was “mucky.”

Maybe you need another hint…?


One of the cruise liners that regularly ply the Barrier Reef route. Also, one of the parasailing options for day-trippers.

Any guesses so far?

Well, we drove for 2 hours to catch a ferry to our day’s destination… (Do I hear pages of atlases being flipped? Bet some smarty pants has hopped on to Google-earth!


we saw several of these chaps, snoozing in the heat of the day.

(And there’s another [ four-lettered ]clue.)

2008_1207hamiltonisland0009No, it is not called “Monty!” The desk attendant had taken “Camilla ” out of the viewing tank because a workman had to adjust a hinge and refused to do so with “that bloody thing inside!”

2008_1207hamiltonisland0033The reason for the outing…friends from the 1940s who had a day ashore from their cruise ship.

And, from this, you can probably see why the lotion is a necessity!

Still not sure where I’ve been? Not gonna tell ya, so there!(But I know at least one of my loyal followers knows how to find out!)


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. i wouldn’t be fixing anything with that snake around either! wherever this is, it looks a lot warmer and more welcoming than here right now. and that koala bear…sigh…are koala’s shy by nature or friendly?


  2. Again I live vicariously through you…palm trees, koalas. Yet another day of bone chilling rain in Vancouver. Thanks for these images and of those flowers below. Make sure to reapply that lotion before swimming.


  3. m.heart… pythons are not venomous and this one couldn’t strangle you.A small cat or puppy? Probably!
    Koalas are rather dozy.Well, they’re nocturnal and their diet of eucalypt means they don’t get enough protein to rush about. Mind you, I’ve seen big males get into top gear in breeding season!

    vicus…no. It would take me nearly 12 hours to drive to Rochedale (we spell ours with an extra “e”)

    ellen…could I trade this for some vicarious rain, please? 5am Sunday and it’s looking good for kite surfers!


  4. Oh, I’m so jealous! I posted our first snow on my blog today. I do so love cruises and we haven’t been on one since 2003. I would really like to see your country some day. Maybe…..


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