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Not a sad mood, just thinking of times and people gone by…

Possibly kicked off by meeting old friends  the other day at HAMILTON ISLAND. (And you thought I was not going to tell you where I’d been?)

I saw something this morning that made me giggle.It doesn’t take much!

I stopped to mail a letter and parked beside one of those behemoth Armagard trucks. Nothing odd there…but the driver, shirt rain-soaked, was waiting in a queue to use an ATM!


From my 2007 sketchbook


The Big King…last of the Three Kings* volcanic cones in Auckland. It’s a lot steeper than my piffling sketch suggests! But not as steep as some of the other volcanoes  around the city. Yes, I’ve climbed most of them; an easy enough stretch of the legs, but best not attempted after a big meal or an afternoon at the pub!


One of the girls at the market in Vanuatu.


a page of Dinah Doodles. Clicking may enlarge it, but will not make the writing any easier to read!


Do you doodle? By that, I mean allow your hand to wander , willy-nilly, with no plan of what you draw? Sometimes, my doodles are a warm-up exercise, but some (and this is one) are nudged into being by less abstract prompts. I was on one of those seemingly endless phone-prompts and began drawing an old bottle. It’s so wonky you’re forgiven for thinking I’d just emptied it!


We had a brief-but-heavy shower this morning and I thought I would, at last, re-pot some plants. Silly me! The rain’s gone, the wind’s picked up and the mercury is threatening to burst its tube. Maybe a late storm…?


I haven’t mentioned “chooks” for a while, have I? That’s because we have still not found the time to construct a chookenarium. ( There’s a clapped-out car that’s at the head of the things-to-do list!)  But I’m  running   two compost bins and could use a little help here!


Looking for confirmation of something the other day, I thought, not for the first time, that Roget, of thesaurus fame, is someone I’d like to have known. Of course, if I spent time chatting with all the fascinating people who amuse, entertain, inspire me, none of my work would be done!

* Wikipedia’s link is not showing up (don’t ask me-I’m not a tech boffin!), but if you are curious just Google Three Kings, Auckland.


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

6 thoughts on “IN REFLECTIVE MOOD

  1. chookenarium!

    my boy just lets his run all crazy in the yard. of course then the dogs got them and now theres only one left, and it hardly rates its own private arium so it just sleeps in the tool shed on top of the lawn mower.

    you’re able to be a lot freer than I am when it comes to drawing and doodling. mine always devolve into specifics and then i get disgusted with them. bah!


  2. I’ve never been a doodler — I think it’s the idea of lines. I prefer chunks of color, hence my joy at the tissue paper collage idea that I stumbled into.

    Thanks for stopping by the croft so diligently during this one-a-day extravaganza.

    I hope your Milo reappaears. So worrisome.


  3. I’ve discovered I can only doodle on scraps of paper, every time I try doodling in a proper book, I become completely repressed and I so long for a moleskin sketchbook. What fun sketches you’ve done.


  4. FN…they do find weird resting spots – an aunt had one which ALWAYS laid eggs in a box of steel staples! As for doodling…I think I do too much of that and far too little “proper” drawing!

    melanie…I’d like to know more about your tissue collage, please. (See? there’s another daily post, right there!)
    Still no sign of Milo, but he’s always been a wanderer. I think I just care more than his people (he lives, when not wandering, next door.)

    ellen…oh! I doodle on scraps, too. In fact, I have a great wad of doodles on dockets; not so many in proper books. Time to get the glue pot out?


  5. Vanuatu is the coolest name for a country in the universe! What a shame that the Ocean will reclaim it…

    I doodle and doddle..always have always will.
    Doodling is the best therapy available but doddling is an acquired taste.

    Chooks eh? Look at those reptilian eyes and legs..creepy..did you know that the tall foreheads in the world of Science are now adding feathers to young & adolescent T Rex. Now imagine giant flesh eating chooks running about eating all of the helpless crepuscular mammals. It’s only a matter of time before the DNA is switched back on and chooks start growing teeth again..they still have it you know? doo-doo-doo-doo

    I’ll bet that you’d only need one T Rex egg to make an omelette.


  6. Some people are already doing nasty things to chickens intended for human consumption. That’s why I wont eat that stuff!

    Perhaps the island name could be commemorated in Vanuatoba?


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