ANOTHER LIST! (And an update on the previous post!)

For this one, I blam thank ILTV The deal is: I have been assigned a letter from our (ie, English) alphabet and must list 10 things I love which begin with this letter. And, should anyone else have a day to play around in cyberspace, leave a comment and I’ll give you a letter. Or just pick your own letter.

My letter is L.

lilac from mooseyscountrygarden web photo

Not a hope of a snowball in hell in growing  it here! But I can grow Lagerstroemia, which looks like it.

lupins from annestore web photo

Another non-tropical love I lust after.

lavender from freephoto It’s possible here, but best in a pot!

llamas what’s not to like! I wanted to be a llama farmer. Ended up with Angora goats. Almost as cute.

loons Yes, of course this is a web picture; there are no loons here! has a lovely slideshow

lager, especially on a hot day!   My English blood does not not run to English ale!                                                   


this is from Wiki. I’m somewhat surprised that Hollywood hasn’t re-vamped the old “Song Without End” cos there is a truckload of box office moolah in Liszt’s life!

lace lingerie;  again from Wiki because some of the images that turned up in my search more properly belong in P for Porn!

Liguria OK, the village is Tellaro-with-a-T, but it’s in Liguria! And a part of my soul is there, too. 2005_0712arthome0010

Yes, tis moi, in Liguria days.

“Liff “ words.   And at least one of you out there will not be muttering “Dalderby.”

Well, that was light-hearted. A bit of a laugh?                 Ludicrous?


I found the magnets!

I’m off to wander on           Google Earth

5 thoughts on “ANOTHER LIST! (And an update on the previous post!)

  1. liguria? *SWOON* ALWAYS wanted to go to italy.

    what a beauty, in those pictures!

    isn’t it always the way, though….thats why i love looking at the picture ofyour garden that you sent me. i wish i could grow those beautiful things here….


  2. fn…yep! It’s mankind’s perverse nature to covet his neighbour’s ass, in a manner of speaking. And to which “beauty” do you refer? The village or the lovely lady in the village? No, don’t answer that.Allow me my vanity!


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