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For someone who did not sign up to write a post every day, I seem to doing rather well!

I should, of course, be doing all sorts of other things…

Those of you in the New England corner of USA know about the recent ice storms that hit Western Massachusetts. There have been pictures in newspapers and on tv (where tv stations still had lines!), but if you want to see what things REALLY were like, go here.

I’m almost ashamed to post my piffling little not-quite-hail storm from last week! But I will show a couple of “lucky” pictures.


without using the flash


still without using the flash

Why lucky? Well, two reasons:  in the top one I just closed the shutter. Then I held my finger on the shutter and counted the seconds between lightning and thunder. The bottom picture is the lucky result. Not at all hi-tech!

But given that the storm was racing in pretty fast, you could say that I was lucky not to be zapped! That was at around 4.30pm. By a little after 5pm it was all over.

Last week I noticed the seeds on the fishtail palm for the first time. (Yeah, I sometimes walk about with my eyes closed!) They looked to me like green dreadlocks. When I mentioned this to The Man he quipped:  “Well, t’be sure, dy’re gettin’ ready for Sint Patrick’s Day, so dey are!”  The jokes went downhill fast after that…

2008_1215fishtailandothers0003Well, was I close?

And I spotted something else that pleases me! About 5 years ago, on a beach walk after a storm, we found some biggish branches of Schefflera (or Brassaia) actinophylla on the ground. So we dragged a couple of them home! And I spent the next few years threatening to chop them out because they were  “too damn’ slow to do anything!”

2008_1215fishtailandothers0007But in the past 2 or 3 weeks this one has “gone troppo” in a big way! When these bright crimson flowers are open there will be dozens of lorikeets squabbling and squawking here. Should I now be concerned that it overhangs the back stairs? Hmmm…might have to wear a hat…

And we have a boarder! Sorry, no photos. Yet! But if this chap (yes, he is male; The Man got a positive gender ID) is anything like the others in our lives he’ll eventually be amenable to posing. For the moment, he lives in the basement, behind a plywood panel.

Considered a pest, a pain in the fundament and a downright thieving nuisance by many, he’s welcome to share with us.Besides, he’s a native and, technically at least, protected.

Figured out yet what I’m talking about? No? Oh well, I guess I have the makings of tomorrow’s post…


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. hola, sounds like there’s a Down Under bandito in the house….!!!!

    Alert the pussacats.


  2. that fishtail palm looks like a giant mop!

    the electricity went out yet again tonight for a little while. luckily dinner was already made and just needed to be warmed up on top of the wood stove. i guess i shouldn’t put the candles and jugs of water away just yet…

    thanks for linking to me! it’s a shame i have to go to work tomorrow, as i’d rather be here taking more photos of the ice. it’s supposed to be in the 50’s tomorrow, so it won’t be around for much longer.


  3. melanie…Good guess! Though not a racoon, of course. But not as ugly as your guys!

    m…Giant mop! You’re right, it does! And I think you’re wise to keep the candles handy.


  4. A possum? I’ll have to try to look tomorrow to find out. I’m frantically packing and my computer will be going soon. Hope I can live without it. I’ve blogged!!! Flash in the pan though, my next will be end of January.


  5. carol…as an Aussie, you have the inside track. Oh, God! I know how you must feel! A truckload of luck to you. But I am so pleased that it’s all coming together! I’ll write to the Dooken Hut. Best of!


  6. Nice job on those hail photos!!


  7. ahhh a possum, really?


  8. rew…thankyou. To be honest, they were just very big rain drops, really, but still hurt my sunburn!

    ziggi…I thought you’d disappeared! And yes, a possum. But this one does not require feeding from an eye dropper!


  9. I tried that same photographic technique on a monarch (butterfly) in the garden and had nowhere near the luck you did. Very dramatic and spectacular. Glad you stayed grounded. Hope the felines and mr possum are on good terms :).


  10. You are posting faster than I can belatedly keep up with – with my deadline induced blog-reading fasts!

    Hail storms are always dramatically fun to watch (not so fun to be out in). I remember Eastern ice storms well, from my youth. Gorgeous, and sometimes deadly.


  11. denise…it was sheer chance that I clicked as the lightning flashed. Bet I could repeat it! (But at least digital doesn’t waste miles of film, which I used to do in the old days. 😉

    tara…I haven’t been to your blog as I thought you were working! Must zip over and catch up…


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