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And if Christmas is not your tradition, enjoy the holiday however you choose.

I hope all my blogging friends (is there a generic term for such folk? If not, let’s invent one. Any bright ideas, Melanie?) have a safe and happy time  over the coming days.

I know some have had recent sadness, some have sad memories and some face daunting challenges in the coming weeks. But  I hope at least some spark from the festivities will put some sparkle where it’s needed.

In the spirit of giving…

A certain broomrider in Wet Wiltshire might like these

And I know someone in Putney who could always find a use for this…

Friends in the Pacific North West (aka the Wet Coast) are bracing for more of the stuff that will make these gifts timely

And at least two of you might be glad of ideas for “eggstra” pre-packed protein parcels.       

These cheery and warm socks are from Siesta Fair Trade; just the thing for any of you in frigid northern climes

But what about my Southern Hemisphere and Caribbean buddies?

Let’s see…how about this?

Or maybe……. one of these.

Of course, the way the weather’s behaving   a raincoat might be the thing.

Alternatively, we could all, separately or collectively, but certainly virtually enjoy some of this. Designed for vegetarians, but yummy, so be quick! 

And the carnivorous can have this

Mud cake….

…  or traditional pudding?

Couldn’t celebrate properly without some bubbles, could we?

In crystal flutes. Of course.

Because I’m a classy lady. Of course. These are from Artedona and they ship to just about everywhere.(I should ask commission!)

I’m sure I could fill everyone’s virtual stocking, but it’s mid 30s Celsius and if I don’t get some water to my herbs they’ll go the way of the tomatoes.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

And whatever you do, DON’T go googling for holly pictures if your strait-laced Aunty Ethel is around!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

13 thoughts on “HAPPY CHRISTMAS, ERINGLA!*see comments

  1. My pidgen project is coming along nicely. I may be able to make some sentences soon.

    How about “Eringla” for blogging buddies?
    It encompasses and expands on the word “ring” (as in web ring) and feels like a plural. I think this is one of those words where the singular and plural are the same.

    Also: “Calat” which, like the Hawaiian word ‘aloha’ and the Greek ‘parakalo,’ is expresses several ideas rooted in courtesy: “hello,” “goodbye,” and “thank you.” (pronounced as kuh-LOT).

    and “excal” which is to mean “best wishes,” “go well”

    Calat, eringla, excal.


  2. Calat, Melanie, my eringla.

    I think this is splendid! Has a cosmopolitan ring to it, easily transportable to any corner of the globe/web. Yes, I think we have a new entry for the lexicon. Much better than cul8tr .LOL.

    (Wonder how Estorbo will manage that in Spanish!)


  3. Thanks, can really use that rain coat, the weather outside is frightful… Please help yourself to a cookie when you drop by, and have a very happy holiday 🙂


  4. It would be out of keeping with the festive season and your nice little production were I not to pass on my best wishes and instead suggest that the collective term for my blog readers is “idiots”. That would be a very poor show indeed, so I won’t.
    Just about to grease myself with marzipan, put on the raincoat that you so kindly provided, and flash passing motorists.


  5. Lovely wellies thank you! I’ll also take the lifeguard the bubbly and I just love those flutes too.

    Haver a good one Dinah, love to you and yours!


  6. denise…I just did and very yummy it was, too!

    vicus…I knew you wouldn’t come over here, all gushing and phoney! Marzipan for flashers? Bit excessive. I’d say, but Happy Tradition to you anyway.

    ziggi…I was pretty sure you like purple! Hey! In today’s mail I got my car sticker! Must take a photo and blog it. Happy Christmas, Zig.


  7. Mmmm, turkey! And bubbly to wash it down? It MUST be a holiday! Happy Everything and Merry All The More, Dinah [and The Man, wherever he’s hiding!]


  8. If I could reach into my computer and grab those showshoes right now I would. The amount of snow here is MADNESS. I’ve never seen so much not on a ski hill!

    Have a happy holiday, my dear blogger buddy.


  9. rew…Thankyou and more of the same to you and K.

    andrea…When I told P. it was -11 he just shook his head. It must be good on Grouse, assuming you can get there!
    Love to you and all your loves.


  10. a very merry to you and yours!


  11. m.heart…thank you and likewise.


  12. thank you! just what I needed!!!



  13. iltv…I thought so! Have a hug.


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