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On my side of the Dateline, things are warming up to the winding down of another  year. Good for some, less so for others.
My wish for all of my eringla is happiness, love and laughter and success in whatever you do.daintree-dec-1987

And now, there is a cold beer in the shade of a palm tree and I do believe it has my name on it.

Happy New Year to you all!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

17 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE !

  1. Happy of happiest New Years D!
    You have made the last year so interesting and such fun. I love reading, not only reading but seeing your life and news – can’t beat a good nosey-parker type witch!
    Much love


  2. happy new year! there will be wind chills of 20 below here tonight…brrrrrr!


  3. DateLine? thought you were talking about my online quest for company!!

    actually, this medium is the best one

    have a wonderful new year – I’ll be marking the days off as the weeks progress on a rather wonderful calendar! THANK YOU!!!

    xx Jacqueline


  4. (three oh four – that’s the time here?!?!?!)


  5. As usual I’m late to the party! Not too late to wish you a wonderful 2009 though.


  6. ziggi…there’s nosey and then there’s interested. And life would not hold quite so many smiles if not for Witching From Wiltshire. Cheers!

    rew…thankyou, and the same to you and K.(Expecting great things from the Nikon!)

    m. heart…ouch! I grumbled about the stifling heat yesterday, but think I’d prefer something “in-between.” Perhaps a little mulled wine…


  7. iltv…3 cheers for the postie in getting it there in time! I hope all the marked-off days will be ‘gooder than good.’

    robyn…never too late! I enjoy “Have Dogs…” at every reading and re-reading. Please keep it up. Good wishes to you and your family.


  8. Waaaaah……I want a cold beer in the shade of a palm tree for New Year’s!!!!!!
    I asked Santa, but I must not have been good enough this year. Maybe next. Instead, I’ll just have a quiet dinner in a nice restaurant, then come home and watch the year change on TV.
    Have one for me, and Happy New Year to you!


  9. I imagine I’ll be the very last to the party if I can keep myself awake that long. Cheers to you Dinah, wishing every bit of everything wonderful for you in the coming year, enjoy the beer, the palm tree! (I built a snow fort today…)


  10. kate…that was yesterday – today, I’ve just had a nother beer! (I only drink beer when the weather is on the extreme side of hot)
    Hope your low-key start to this year was good.

    ellen…thank you and, yes, I did enjoy my beer. Snow fort, eh? I’ve never had enough snow for one, but,then, BC rarely has enough snow for one! Enjoy!


  11. Happy New Year! You’ve no idea how envious I am of that beer and palm tree right now! Oh well, just have to make do with a steaming mug of tea and a brief sit down in my office before someone finds me!

    Best wishes


  12. I’ll take a hot Irish Coffee in the middle of a 4-ft snowdrift, which is what we have…

    happy new years, late. what IS the future like??



  13. …your possums are CUTER than our possums!
    NO FAIR!!


  14. celia…I believe tea has more anti-oxidants than beer, so cheer up! And Happy New Year to you Four Cs.

    fn…I guess when the snow’s that thick it’s easy to justify a generous slosh in the coffee. Just think of it as a blanket for the garden!

    and, yes, our possums are cuter. And it IS fair.You guys have cougars, big horn sheep and buffalo.


  15. How funny to think of New Year being in the summer. Thanks Dianne for stopping by my “place” and leaving such nice comments all year long. I hope your 2009 is a great one. I loved the pics of those possums. They look a lot cuter than the ones we get around here.


  16. Jana…thankyou to you, too. I don’t know if I ever told you that yours was one of my early blog-reads, before I started my own and I’ll keep visiting for as long as you are there! Here’s to another year of triumphs and laughter.


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