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Like some food, some days are best taken slowly. Of course, in my case, “slow” is often interspersed with bursts of  “frantic.” But, for the majority of my summer, days are generally much slower. Who wants to dash about in relentless heat? (All you cricket nutters are excused from answering that question!)

UPDATE: It was, indeed, a slow day at the coalface…The Man came home tonight with this:

Dakar Rally

The Dutchman duffed his DAF and the Mitsi’s in the ditch,

The Hummer’s just a bummer – some days life can be a bitch!

The Beamer’s having trouble ‘cos his gearbox just wont shift

And the Dakar’s come to Chile – now that’s Continental Drift!

While sat.nav. and computers and the back-up crews prevail

Hope becomes a vital strategy whenall else seems to fail.

Some lap the nectar of success; others choke on tears of pain

Each stage presents its challenge

And they do it all again.

Some suffer compound fractures and dislocated knees

From bashing prehistoric rocks and slamming into trees.

While glory comes with victory, dpression with defeat

To hell with all that sissy stuff – they’ve come here to compete.


Slow time has allowed me to get around the blogosphere at a healthier pace, too. And I see that almost all of you are either very brave or a tad silly.Why? Well, you’re listing resolutions! Now that, my friends, could very well  come back to bite you later. When you’ve let your “good intentions” slip a little. Not for this chicken, the Nemesis of New Year beating me about the head, months from now, when I’ve forgotten the promises I made. Oh, no!

I have (more than a few!) unfinished symphonies which I intend to work on. And I’ll probably start more new ones, too. But I’m not daft enough to swear to complete them all by December 31!


One of the bloggers I caught up with is Denise and I found that she had awarded me this Kreativ Blogger badge.

It’s the usual drill:  I’m to pass it on to five other bloggers I deem worthy.

And, as usual, I find that less than easy, since most blogs I read are written by people with more than average creative ability.

So, cowardly, I’m opting for the self-serve method. If you’d like to have this icon to display on your blog(s), please feel free to copy-and-paste. And also tell your readers how you came by it and link to “Idle Thoughts” so that readers (if they want to) can trace it back to its origins. Blimey! It’s like anthropology, isn’t it! Or that biblical begetting.


I see the drought has broken up  North. I also see that firefighters are on high alert down South. Must be January in Australia!

Locally, we’ve had some heavy rain and a few branches tossed from on high, but no cyclonic disturbances. Yet.


I finally got around to sorting through some of the old photos that have been mouldering in a cupboard since cameras were invented. There are places and people I can barely remember! I suppose I kept these crumbling pieces of card for a reason…

And some, of course, bring that firey rush of passion, as strong and urgent as the day the shutter was clicked. And a huge neon sign in the brain says: DETOUR and you’re off, down that old trail.

92-hall-street1I used to live in the big house, hidden behind trees. The modern bungalow on the right is built on what was once the front garden!

martha-gold-mine1995The pump house at the Martha Gold Mine, Waihi, New Zealand. Some of the old mines were re-opened about 30 years ago, when gold prices were astronomical and new techniques and equipment made mining viable.

stratford-69And because there is a great tradition in the circus and  the theatre to “leave ’em, laughing” you can have a chuckle at this. No prizes for guessing who and where.


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

6 thoughts on “SLOW DAYS

  1. Brown hair?! (But hot gams!) Do I cut to the chase or wot? 🙂


  2. andrea…Thankee, ma’am. And, yes, you do!


  3. The great poem seems to fit well for Waltzing Maltilda (Tom Waite’s version) quite nicely. New Year’s Rezzi’s? pfffft, as if, me neither.

    I immediately thought the same thing as Andrea, nice gams Jackie O and matching purse, shoes and dress? You have style.


  4. ellen (moxie)…that was a woollen coat and the season was summer, in England. (That would make it a Wednesday, unless that was the year we brought it forward to Tuesday!) Style? Oh yeah, baby, believe it!


  5. Happy New Year to you too, Dinah and I agree that NY resolutions are just an embarrassment waiting to happen.

    Loved the poem Miss the heat. Think you looked very stylish and am now waiting for a demonstration of intaglio linoprinting. Please.


  6. Robyn…thankyou. Today, the heat is a little steamy with showers off and on. So far, the cyclone remains in the Gulf.
    And my stylishness? Sadly, when no longer a wage slave, style takes a bit of a slide.
    I hope to pull a print tomorrow which, when dry, I can scan.


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