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Lest any kind folk think I have no vices ( or less kind folk think I’m lacking in virtues πŸ˜‰ ), let me state that I, being a Libran,* have one of each.

And in combination these make me an incredibly frustrating person to work with at times!

So what are these traits that I can discard any and all other characteristics so nonchalantly?

Procrastination and impatience. Yes, together.

Take this blog, for example…I felt I should write something fresh, but I can’t really sit at the keyboard for long so I kept telling myself “later” and “tomorrow” and “perhaps after dinner” and on and on.Putting off the moment, see.

But the hasty side of me wanted it done and dusted (did I just say the D word!) and so, here I am, at the keyboard. But not writing a pithy or witty post. Just grabbing a couple of photos, which are probably the blogging equivalent of a sop, a dummie for a crotchety baby. Too bad! It’s what you’re getting today, because I’m impatient to get to the pool!

2009_0122gardenhome0004Rainbow lorikeet feeding on Brassaia actinophylla. So far, no more than 2 birds, but when word gets out there will be dozens of them.

ylangylang-in-rainCananga odorata (ylang ylang) in rain. I know I say harsh things about the appearance of this tree and, certainly, I’d never again plant one above a stairway, but now that it’s finally flowering so well…even the dried-up fallen petals are fragrant. Maybe I should add some to the pot-pourri? Oh, wait! I’m a procrastinator!

2005_1001brasnudes0009It’s been sitting in the carport in this crippled state for so long…

steady-as-she-goesWe were all impatient to get the wheels on and roll it out onto the driveway.Geiger had the con. “Left hand down a bit!”

2005_0220mustang0003Eventually, all these shiny new parts will be in their allotted places…

And so, while The Man continues with his project, I return to my self portrait challenge.Β  Can’t procrastinate any longer! But I still want to swim first! Just a quick few laps.

* When it suits me, I can be a well-balanced Libran. I’m on the cusp, y’see. But I can also (mostly!) be a feisty Scorpio.


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

19 thoughts on “VIRTUES AND VICES

  1. Rainbow lorikeets are so beautiful!


  2. Ha! Thanks for the idea! Now I’m going to have to put up “the blogging equivalent of a sop, a dummie for a crotchety baby” ASAP. I even have an idea!

    We love the minutiae of your life, Di, so keep it coming!


  3. rew…yes, they certainly are eye-catching and can become quite tame in gardens.

    andrea…you’re welcome. But before you get too absorbed…I need to “talk” to you.


  4. i don’t know…a photo of rainbow lorikeets in the wild will elevate any blog post far above “sop” level in my book!


  5. I thought that the photo of the car was some wonderful new piece of art for a moment!

    what a beautiful bird, and such a sumptuous tree

    thanks for taking the time out before your dip in the pool (it’s grey and miserable and rainy here. . .)



  6. You know, it’s so cold and miserable over here in England right now that I just love looking at your photos and — ah — that dip in the pool. Sounds wonderful.

    What’s the self portrait project?


  7. m…thankyou. I am enjoying your photos of unfamiliar(to me) birds.

    iltv….car art! I know someone who does fantastic stuff with rusty car parts.If she’s willing maybe I can post a photo…

    pearl & kim…as I write, it’s raining hard and a little cooler. The self portrait? Once we’ve finished I’ll post something.Til then, it will have to remain in-house.


  8. Can’t blame you for wanting to jump in the pool, but thank you so much for the photo of that lovely bird. I can’t believe you get to see these creatures flying wild. – And wild is how the should be, not wasting away in some cage somewhere.

    I, too, am a Libran, so I can kindly relate there. I’m a “hurry up and get it done so I can wase time” sort.

    I marvel at any man who can make sense of all those car parts!

    Now, go swim!


  9. katiejane…you’d probably love to see whole flocks of them. And I agree, cages are hateful. Even when I was doing rehab. I hated bars.


  10. Hmm well, as a feisty Scorpian with a Libran rising I can say that I laughed loudly at your two vices because they are probably my worst two!


  11. jacqui… Welcome!I didn’t recognise the name, but now I know who you are! I see you ‘at purple pods’ don’t I?
    And yes, in combination, these are worrying traits!
    (I hope the bush fire threat has lessened?)


  12. Anyone other than you reading this will find this comment quite random!
    The Hare’s Corner website has a drop down menu in the top left hand corner, Gaelic and English. Worth clicking through to the English version as it is a good read. Lovely music.
    Can I have a photo of your boat in the mangroves to put on paperboat adventures?


  13. jackie and the gingers…thankyou for popping in when you are (ought to be!) so busy. And yes, I’ll go to the “Corner” again. I didn’t launch my boat this morning as we had an almighty downpour, but there are probably enough puddles down at the mangroves…if not, I’ll find another spot. So…photos coming.(I’m also sending boats to Scotland -when I’ve made them;) )


  14. Dinah! How have I strayed from your blog and all your pithy and/or random posts for so long???!! (so sorry for my bloggy remiss-ness). This entry cracked me up. I know exactly of what you speak of. πŸ™‚

    The Hare’s Corner website was wonderful. Wish they had some samples of their music to listen to. Thank you for the heads up.

    (and I’m wishing I had some dried ylang-ylang from your tree to smell…)


  15. tlc…thought you’d like that. And ylangylang could probably be arranged-once the rain stops! πŸ˜‰
    email me with address.


  16. lady, I’ll take it! a ylang ylang tree! *gnawing own flesh in jealousy as usual when presented with dinahpix* AND RAINBOW LORIKEETS!!!


  17. fn…well, I can’t send you a lorikeet, but maybe I can do something about the flowers.


  18. How appropriate to be posting this comment on your posting of 25th January – Rabbie Burn’s birthday!

    You have been awarded my “Blog Scot Award” for services to the Scottish vernacular tongue (in cheek!). See here:


  19. A title! And a bonny one, at that! Thankyou very much, David.
    I suppose I should also send a thankit tae ma father’s shade, from whom I picked up my strange accents.


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