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This is a devastating time for many Australians. And the end is not yet in sight.

The worst of the horrors to have emerged is the belief, almost a certainty, that an arsonist is responsible for much of the terror in Victoria. One hour ago, a radio news bulletin put the death toll at 173.

Switchboards and websites of charity organisations are being jammed as ordinary , decent people donate whatever they can.

Flooding in the North has eased a little, but damage is estimated in the millions and the full extent will not be known for some time.

Ingham floodsState of emergency … SES volunteers wade through the floodwaters in Ingham.


Pictures from ABC News

Perhaps I should leave you with a happier picture…


I told you they’d be back. With their friends. It was raining, but that didn’t deter the rainbow lorikeets. No siree! And this is what they come for. Brassaia flowers, which appear to be berries.2009_0209lorikeets0011

I’m off to mop up some more puddles…


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. rew..indeed.


  2. It is. So incredibly awful that someone deliberately caused any of this. The PM’s succinct summation hit the mark.


  3. Yes, I’ve been thinking of you, both the fires and the flooding. How awful. The size of the fires is astonishing and so very tragic.

    The birds are beautiful, in your yard??


  4. denise…politicians have(mostly) stopped their bickering and are devoting Parliamentary Question Time to condolences. Arsonists, plural, apparently.

    ellen…thankyou. The worst of the flooding is receding and local puddles were nothing like last year’s.
    Yes, the birds are in our yard. That tree is right above the back stairs and I stood on a deck chair to take that photo. In the rain. The shrieking and sqwawking is somewhere in the deafening range! Common as dirt around here; tourists go nuts when they see them all over the place!


  5. I was just listening to another newscast and the descriptions of what’s happening are terrifying. We should all say a personal thank you tonight for being safe and … I was going to say warm but how about either cool or dry?


  6. andrea…thankyou, I think cool and dry would suit us all.


  7. Kate has had trouble leaving her comment. So, apparently, have other people at other sites. In some cases, the problem seems to be Internet Explorer. It is known to carry more infections than healthy sites like :(, so if you use IE, I suggest you switch to Firefox or Google Chrome.
    Here’s what Kate wanted to say:

    Diane, I have tried twice to post a comment on your blog, but the d–n machine keeps telling me that my email address is wrong and deletes what I wrote! So, I will comment here. So sorry for your losses. I cannot comprehend how something so terrible and tragic could be the result of arson! We had a similar situation last summer in California, on our west coast. Fires raged out of control all summer and so many people lost so much. I don’t think our death toll was as high as yours, but still, it is just so awful. I think about all the destruction of wildlife and nature and I just shake my head. My heart is with you and your country as you try to recover from this tragedy.



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