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It’s not as though I have nothing else to do…

Apart from the muddy footprints leading from the front door, into the kitchen, around to the laundry then halfway up the passage…just how deep was that puddle, Geiger?

Apart from the sketchbook I should be getting ready for this...

Apart from the banking awaiting my attention…

I thought I’d play along with the meme that m.heart had on her blog the other day.

By taking 3 random entries from other places on the web I have  this:

An untitled photograph (with lovely bokeh!) posted by Tracye on Flickr.

A Wiki random entry led me to Louis B.Allyn, a chemistry professor who was working with a pure foods group in Westfield, MA when he was shot in 1940. Apparently, his murder remained unsolved.

Another random Wiki “lucky dip” yielded a quote from Soren Kierkegaard: “Most men seek happiness with such breathless haste they hurry past it.”

Now, I did have 3 cracks at getting a different quote, but it seems I’m stuck with Kierkegaard. So I did a little judicious editing and voila!


This is Louis B. Allyn’s new album cover, featuring our #1 single, set to go platinum . Buy it now! There will be no new pressings once the 5,000,000 copies have sold. Hury!Hurry!Hurry!

Actually, if I was running photoshop (or similar) it would look much more professional, but, as I think I mentioned, I do have a few other things to do…


Looking somewhat prettier, don’t you think…

2009_0222mustang0002Not sure when it comes home, but it will be soon…


Well…places to go, people to see…


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

6 thoughts on “MONDAY FUN DAY

  1. Behind in my blog reading, so I didn’t know you already did the album cover meme and I tagged you today in that nasty timewaster (facebook).
    Can’t wait to see the great unveiling of the car.
    As for the ‘old’ sketchbooks, I’m still awaiting 2, wonder where they are, any ideas?


  2. ellen…actually, I wasn’t so much tagged as intrigued enough to just do it! And the sketchbooks should be with you pretty soon, I think. I know mine’s in town, but Alison, bless her sneaky little heart, isn’t showing me!
    And tagging me on Facebook would never work as I never look at my page! Although, that said, maybe I should …
    ILTV has the same deal on her blog.That’s the thing with these memes -they spread like bloody measles!
    I’ll go look at the Effbook…


  3. Hello!!

    I love the idea of the sketchbook exchange. I can’t draw!!! It’s a great sorrow of mine. I draw in secret but I wouldn’t allow anyone to see it.



  4. you know, my husband could have painted that car for you. thats what he does. im surprised you didn’t say something. he’d have given you a deal. the fact that we live somewhat distant aside, i mean. come on.


  5. fn…NOW you tell me! Anyway, I thought he worked in a smelter?
    Oh well, next time he feels compelled to buy a clunker I’ll send him over…


  6. I really liked this meme (did it a couple of days ago on facebook) – but it was fun enough, it’s maybe worth blogging. 🙂


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