update 0930 hours, Sunday. This is what Hamish looks like.



update 1400 hours Friday. Mackay officially on cyclone alert.

The weather gods are taking another turn of the screw …there is a severe cyclone  building up North. When I say “up North” I mean that it is far enough away not to be an immediate worry here, but it looks like coming South; even now coastal communities only a few hours away are on cyclone watch.


Hinchinbrook, Cardwell, about midway between Townsville and Cairns. To make the geography lesson simple: Townsville is about 4 hours drive north of us. 

And Ingham. Remember Ingham?

picture from

That’s the town that had record rainfall (multiple times!) a few weeks ago when most news media were focused on southern bushfires. Well, Ingham’s inundated again! Thank goodness the worst of the bushfires are under control. But it will be years before bush regenerates and homes are rebuilt. And for some, the heartache of loss will never go away…


My brother sent me an amusing Youtube film this morning. I am a complete cyber dunce when it comes to embedding and live captures and all that stuff. So you’ll have to copy and paste the link. Deal with it!

With all the horrors in this world of ours, it’s good to see something that raises a smile, yes?

Actually, I was reminded of Marilyn Monroe standing over the sidewalk vent, with her skirt billowing…ah, you’re probably all too young to remember! Here’s a clip from

Did any of you ever see that movie, “The Seven Year Itch“? A huge hit in 1955, it became a Wilder classic. And Monroe’s line, all breathless and eye-lashy: “when it’s hot like this, you know what I do?[eyelash flutter] I keep my undies in the icebox!” 

I hope it’s been re-mastered onto dvd at my local store ‘cos I think I’d like to see it again.


I cleaned my disgustingly dirty car the other day. Well, alright, this is maybe not blogworthy news, but it was a prettty big deal to me. I have to drive at least twice a day through road works and now that the asphalt’s being laid I’d got more than a few tarry splatters. And the interior was still wearing leaves and twigs from a tip trip. 

Anyway…that night, when The Man came home , he said: “Wow! The car looks fabulous! I can see my reflection in the paint!”

“Thank you, dear,” said I. 

“Oh, um, yes. I see you’ve cleaned the Toyota…”

He was, of course, referring to the Mustang. It may be coming home at the weekend so I’ll be doing a brag on the blog when it does!

Damn! I’ve just realised that the “extra” space I’d acquired in the carport is going to be reclaimed…

2009_0222mustang0001Various body parts at the paint shop…

Betcha can’t wait for more!  I’m off now to look for Geiger’s collar. 


  1. Like you need more ‘weatehr’ in Australia! Batten down the hatches, Di, and keep us posted! PS Does Geiger’s collar make a weird clickety buzzing noise?


  2. Oooo…Hope the cyclones miss you. Boy, if you’re not dealing with fires, you have water! So much extreme weather.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen The Seven Year Itch, but I remember when it was popular. I’m not much of a M. Monroe fan.
    I am excited to see the car, (Mustang), and I’ll bet yours looks great too. I love a clean car. And space in the garage.


  3. cyclones? yikes. let’s hope not.
    i cleaned my car today too. even took it to the car wash and then had the cracked windshield replaced because i may be trading it in tomorrow…doing my best to stimulate the flogging economy over here ; )


    • ynotoman…welcome! Yes, these storms can be pretty scary. I’ve just looked at your site.The weather map is ugly, but you have some other beautiful pictures.


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