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Asking a working writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamp post how it feels about dogs.

  – Christopher Hampton

Seemed like an appropriate way to begin today…Certainly, more droll than the Reuters’ report of Cameroonian thugs smashing street stalls so that the place will ” look tidy for the papal visit…” I think I’ll check my Kiva account to see if I can do something useful there. The Vatican certainly isn’t helping.


I wonder how many readers noticed that the cyclone map I posted last week was “live” and updated every few hours? I thought that was pretty cool, especially as I only put it up by the “posting for dummies” method of  copy and paste.! 🙂 I see it’s half-off the screen today as Wee Hamish heads out to sea.

No major damage here and, thankfully, not as much as there could have been along the coast to the south. Tremendous seas and some flooding  of flat spots, but, given that Hamish had a top rating, not bad at all.


For years I have encouraged and supported organic growing, especially in school systems. Sometimes, the best teachers take up the challenge and, believe me, it IS a challenge! Sometimes, it all seems too hard and the enthusiasm wanes. But pop across to m.heart’s blog and see what can be done.  Warms the cockles, this does.


I spent some time yesterday messing about with shellac and turps and other smelly chemicals. The weather was right out of a tourist brochure – blue skies, sunshine, light breeze. Perfect for drying stuff out of doors. I almost forgot to bring in the last of my “art” at dusk. Almost.  If  I’d left things out…Man! Just after midnight, I was woken by the sound of palms lashing the house and rain drumming on the roof. Think: Trinidad steel band and you’ll have an idea.

I raced around, tilting windows and shutters, flung down a few towels where rain had already puddled and went back to bed just as the violence eased. The weather map sure as shootin’ didn’t tell me that one was coming!

This is some of what I was doing. Collograph plates which (when I’m satisfied they are worth printing!) will be inked and printed onto paper.







I still have some work to do on them…

A change of pace now…


This is what I call shiny!



The chaps putting their backs into it. 

The Mustang is back in our carport, awaiting the next procedure. And what is that? I hear you ask.  “That” is a piece of bureaucratic nonsense in my book.

In order to register this car, which is being restored to its original state, we must comply with current regulations. These regulations state that ALL vehicles must be fitted with child restraints in the rear compartment. Yes, even if it’s a sports car and even if we don’t have children and certainly no intention of  allowing miniature trolls in the car. 

I don’t see why we cannot run with the “original” non-belted rear compartment and leave the child restraints to the next owner. But , no. Somewhere, some pen-pusher has a job to do. So…we are having special plates welded-and-bolted to the rear panels. Funny, my definition of “original” must be from a different dictionary.

I’m off to have a haircut.  Oh! Can life get any  more exciting…


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

17 thoughts on “THIS AND THAT

  1. Oh, that is just desecration to that car! I’m so sorry you have to do that. The asinine silliness people come up with…
    I’m glad you got your collograph plates inside in time. They are truly wonderful. I like them just as they are, but I know you have future plans for them.
    So good to know that the storm (Hamish) missed you, and you only got a little beating last night!


  2. katiejane…yes,asinine is one of the words I was flinging about! Ah well, the bolted bits will be hidden behind the upholstery so if it eventually becomes a kiddy-kar it’ll pass muster.
    I rather like the plates as-is, too!


  3. a kiddie seat in the mustang…ugh! though honestly i’m surprised massachusetts hasn’t come up with a stupid law like that.

    that black shiny paint job looks incredible. what a project. my brother had a convertible mustang when he was in highschool – it ended up being a very rare one but of course he didn’t know that at the time and got rid of it. you know what they say about hindsight…

    this morning i bought my new car (also black and shiny)! and a half hour later the stock market began to rise…coincidence? or have i stimulated the economy?! i’m picking it up tomorrow. very exciting! and i didn’t have to take any multiple-choice quizes to prove my identity to the dealership, as i was standing right there 😉


  4. You see, it’s so shiny it’s picking up reflections – actually, the paint job is white! (Had we not had a stormy sky, the car would have looked sky-blue! 😉

    No multiple-choice teasers -ha,ha!


  5. oh, how cool is that?!


  6. I love your quote. 🙂

    And the plates look wonderful! Great color and textural combinations.

    Thanks for the blog link for the mossy-hat. Wow! What great stuff she does!

    Good luck with all your ‘weather’! Seems to be a lot of it of late.


  7. tara…I love it, too. So true!

    Yes, I thought Andrea’s biro drawings would appeal. She has near-goddess status here!

    And I’m wondering …maybe I’ll just keep the plates as they are. I’ll probably ruin them with ink!


  8. ‘kay. . . so now I have to investigate collograph printing – looks interesting!



  9. (oh – and I hope you’re happy with your hair cut!)


  10. Glad to hear that the cyclone didn’t do any damage. And I can’t wait to see what prints those collograph plates make. I really love printmaking. My favorite thing to do is make prints, chop them up and then work them into a collage.



  11. Oh — and I’m adding that, I see my name is coming up under my secret blog at wordpress but this is Kim from Pearl the cats blog.


  12. iltv…yes, go ahead and make some collographs! (And the hair cut is really just a tidy-up trim.I don’t strive for glamour these days!)

    kim…I was a bit confused for a moment, as I know a ziggi! Then I realised you are the only Kim I know on the blog. Imagine how it would be if the CIA, MI6 and KGB were all keeping track of us! 🙂


  13. err, has it been that long since I was here or NOT here, because your site looks very different, and oh dear I do remember Formby, I have a cd, eek showing me age lOL!


  14. jafabrit…nice to see you again! Yes, I moved from Blogger. Not much else has changed though!
    I remember a bloke in a pub(London) who said his ukelele once belonged to George F. 😉


  15. Those plates look really interesting and I’d love to see what you ‘make’ with them. I kind of like their artistic selfs right now!
    Dinah, on my blog you alluded to a thought that my drawing might be a bit too ambitious for as a silk screen. Can you email me to explain why? You can assess my email link in my blogs profile. Being a novice I’d love a bit of input.


  16. denise…welcome! I have emailed my two cents worth.


  17. I’m very slow to discover this post, I’m sorry because I’m very interested in your collographs, Dinah. The plates themselves are looking rather good. I love it when you post your art – even though I am greatly entertained by the car grooming. Consider yourself lucky you don’t need cat restraints in the back seat. With two dogs in the car in Italy we are supposed to have mesh or netting between the back and front seat. We don’t, so Snowy hides on my lap because Dermott is too stupid to keep his head down.


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