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When m.heart of secret notebooks said that, given that her wintry weather showed little sign of ever becoming summery, she would extend her “winter blues” photos I thought I’d declare an early winter, down here in the Western Pacific tropics.


Blue tiles
in the shower recess. 

Blue towel

2009_0320winterblue0001mopping up  storm water in the laundry because “someone” had gone out and left the door open. 

There were also puddles beneath the windows in the living room and one bedroom, where a ferocious wind had flung dripping-wet palms against the windows. And there was a distinct blue tinge to the air…

That was yesterday. Today is a “pussycat.” Rain, yes, but not the torrents of yesterday, nor the fierce wind. What our grannies called equinoxial gales.

And one more blue

2005_0604mutabilis0005A happier one…one of my beloved salvias, rescued from a blanket of mud

Now…the sun is shining so maybe I’ll get  yesterday’s floor mops dry 😉

And then I can concentrate on printing plates. Those of you curious to see what I printed on Sunday must wait a little longer. But I will say that my plate looked much “prettier” unprinted!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

6 thoughts on “WINTER BLUES

  1. It’s enough to make anyone blue! But I’m relieved that you are on the up and up again now. And yes, I am looking forward to seeing your prints. And yes, sometimes the plate does look better than the print. Printmaking is a bit like golf, isn’t it, you just need one half decent print and you’re back at the press again knowing that this is going to be the day. 😉


  2. Stay indoors! I am. It’s raining here, too, but only 6 degrees. 😦 Love the blue tile. How do you keep it mold free though?


  3. robyn…I think I’ve completely wrecked one of the plates! But it was all experimental and not “precious.”
    And I think my printmaking is far ahead of my golf!!

    andrea…6 degrees is indecent! Or do you mean the 6 degrees of separation, as in Lonely Planet!
    Seriously, you guys must be longing for warmer days. Maybe even spending a day at English Bay?


  4. andrea…you asked about fungal growth on tiles. Hah! It’s a daily battle. The blue ones are not so bad, but that freize is not flat and it’s hell! I should buy shares in chlorine!


  5. Love your blues. Hope you are not too saturated and can still find time to spend at the beach. It won’t take much time to mop up water.


  6. It’s obvious Andrea and I live in the same area as my first thought were – at least your rain is warm and how do you keep your tile grout so clean? Ugh, now I’ve been just reminded of what I have to do today, time for rubber gloves.


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