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Well, I didn’t think I’d manage to do sky sketches for Vivien’s challenge this week, but – ta-daaa! 2009_0209sky0001 This, people, is why you should NOT waste money on cheapies. These water soluble pencils were $2 at the Dollar $aver $tore. You get what you pay for. 😦

2009_0209sky0002 Looking a bit washed-out here. Basically, just blue sky.


A very quick quickie – I was driving and had to stop for road works so did a fast pencil study and washed it later with a damp brush.Ed: oops! this is the water colour version. I scanned the pencil one, but it looked weird.

2009_0209sky0004This is the sort of sky that makes you glad you closed the screen door. Or wish you had!


And another while stopped in traffic. Sometimes, I see several vapour trails, criss-crossing. On clear days, they’ll streak the sky for several minutes. But when it’s windy they are frayed within seconds.Then gone.

And here endeth my sky contribution.


If you’ve been following or participating in the travelling sketchbooks, you’ll be aware of my warning not to include organic materials in books coming back to Australia. 

The other day, I caught up with some blogs I haven’t read for a while and this was reinforced when I read Jan’s story. Because the link is not coming up (why?) scroll back to May 8, 2009.

I can see the point and I’m all for keeping nasties out of the country, but I would like them to be more consistent with inspections. They never look at shoes and only random arrivals are asked to empty their pockets. I suppose that would cost more money! 

I am currently fiddling about with a book which, if I finish it, will have bits of leather, wood and grass in its construction. It will be staying here. And by “here” I suppose that will have to be “Queensland” as southern states usually have an embargo on inter-state organic material. Yes, really! That’s why we park  before crossing the border and scoff all the fruit we have 🙂


I had a lovely “arty day out” with a Alison the other day. We began our day with a 2kms swim. Very arty! Then drove south to look at the Sarina exhibition where we both have work on show. No gold medals for us, but it was great to see more prints in this year’s show and to see the high standard of some work in this genre.

We took the “scenic route” back to Town….2009_0207sarina0007


…and spent some time drooling over the current Artspace exhibition of northern artists’ work, mainly in prints.

Here’s a review from a gallery further north when the touring exhibition was there:

And here’s a link for Denis Nona, one of my favourites, who is featured.

And a link to our local gallery:

We came away fired with enthusiasm and ideas for our own work. And isn’t that what it’s really all about?


Who likes quinces? I do. But they are a tad pricey here. So I restrained myself and bought only one. I shall paint it, then stew it, then savour it. Likewise, the pomegranate. Might even blog it!

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

10 thoughts on “SAME SKY – DIFFERENT DAY

  1. Just read Jan’s post about the quarantine restrictions and left a comment. Now I’ve noticed you mentioned leather, which I use a lot. I also use handmade paper with plant inclusions so I’m grateful to be reminded and/or warned about possible problems. But as I said to Jan, Australia imports huge amounts of papers with petal inclusions, covers made from entire leaves, and books covered with leather. I wonder what precautions are taken (if any) when these items pour into Australia.


  2. carol…yes, it’s something of a double standard in some areas. Who does not use that lovely mulberry paper that we import by the container -load? Do they irradiate every pair of leather sandals coming from some pretty germy areas?


  3. I’ve added your links

    especially liked your last ones :>)


  4. vivien…thankyou! 30 minutes ago, driving home, we had a really vivid sky, but, being a Friday night, with groceries and 3 “starving” cats waiting…well, maybe tomorrow.


  5. Love your sky prints. Sounds like you had a great day with your friend.
    I had no idea that Australia was so strict about organic matter. I don’t think it is such a problem here in the States as long as it’s intercontenient. Interesting.


  6. kate…yes, they take a very dim, sometimes very expensive, view of food or soil or vegetation coming in. A lot of elderly Asians coming to visit family often try to bring food items, or what they call medicine.


  7. oooooH quince! Haven’t had any since we used to scrump them in the 60s from ‘the big house’ – How very Owl and Pussycat!


  8. ziggi…just had some with my breakfast cereal. No runciple spoon, though. 🙂

    (If “foreigners” don’t understand scrumping -check Wiki)


  9. I haven’t visited in awhile – I like the new look a lot!!

    Fun project too – traveling sketchbooks. I’m impressed that you are bringing pencils etc. along in the car.


  10. cynthia…good to see you again. A packet of Aquarelles and my beloved brush pen live in my handbag 🙂 I figure that if I use them often enough, I’ll improve!


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