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No, I shant use that tedious, overworked four-lettered “b” word. You all know what I mean.

Actually, I had a some help this morning – having allowed the dishes to pile up (rinsed and very neatly stacked!), I poured another cup of coffee an opened yesterday’s paper…when The Man said: “I’ll do the dishes.”

AND HE DID. ALL OF THEM! Anyone care to throw me some money for further research into telepathy…?

But please don’t think I sat on my tuffet with a newspaper all morning. Oh, no! I’ve pruned more branches from the footpath, hauled same to the tip, mowed the street strip, searched unsuccessfully for my Robert Frost (I’ll have to Google the bit I need) and given some thought to dinner.

Ylang-ylang Canangra odorata above the front steps

Cananga odorata

And while I was waiting for something else to load, I whizzed over to Wiki to see what it had to say about the Ylang-ylang seeds. What it has to say is that just about all the frugivorous pigeons eat these seeds:

Its fruit are an important food item for birds, such as the Collared Imperial-pigeon,Purple-tailed Imperial-pigeon, Zoe’s Imperial-pigeon, Superb Fruit-dove, Pink-spotted Fruit-dove, Coroneted Fruit-dove, Orange-bellied Fruit-dove, andWompoo Fruit-dove (Frith et al.1976).

And what I have to say is that so does everything else that can reach them! I’ve seen a medley of fig birds, and various honey eaters up there during the day and at night I hear bats and possums swishing and stomping and rattling seeds and twigs. It’s like having Xavier Cugat on the roof!

I suppose I should organise some lunch before I pick up my lino blades…I’ve fished out an old sketch of Jamaican Jimmy and , if I do him justice, I’ll post the result.

Hmm… a couple of cats seem to think it’s lunchtime, too!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. what beautiful sounding birds



  2. Your comment about telepathy made me smile. I’ve learnt that if you actually ask or even hint this can be misconstrued by one’s significant male as ‘nagging’.

    BUT if you just think about said task/project very very hard, the thought pops into their mind and it’s their own very good idea!

    If you get that grant, I’ll happily volunteer for a case study 😉



  3. Is lunch over? bugger!
    I have pigeons but no Ylang-Ylang, they don’t seem to mind they’re currently gorging themselves on my cherries!

    I also have 4 eggs per day! Yay!


  4. iltv…yes, they do sound rather grand.

    celia…I think wives everywhere know this! And I’ll let you know if funding comes through!;-)

    ziggi…if you’re still on NHS leave you could come for lunch. Bring some eggs and I’ll make a quiche!


  5. Will you be cross pollenating the ylang ylang with some yling yling?

    My poor trees are being denuded by hordes of cankerworms..which are so gross that even the birds won’t eat them. My giant Elms have to grow two sets of leaves every Spring..what a system?

    btw Thanks for all the support it has really helped…this real LIFE stuff is very disconcerting.


  6. I’ve done it, I’ve blogged!


  7. donn..ah! but could I guarantee the right balance of yling ylang?
    (And thanks to you, too.I’ll be first after Chris to give you a bear hug!)

    carol…yay! The Goose is back! And moved up the bookmarks list!


  8. Yes please, I’d love to see some lino work! 🙂


  9. robyn…so would other people – like exhibition co-ordinators!


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