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And does it really matter…?

There, that’s a philosophical poser for you. Why? you ask. Well, I am (once again!) somewhat distracted by other things and when too many pots boil over at once blogging is the first thing to be bumped down the list.

No, that’s not really true, is it? I think the dust bunnies are first to be relegated…

Of course, if I sit here all day pontificating (does the Pope pontificate?) and arguing the merits, or otherwise, of daily blog posts the entire metaphoric pot collection will burn dry.

So, since you all said such encouraging things about my scribbles, here are a few more. That’ll teach you not to be so cheeky, Ziggi! 😉

Yesterday morning was…interesting. Not necessarily fruitful, in terms of artistic achievement, but I did learn something.

It was supposed to be an exercise in basic shapes, pushed and pulled out of the norm. Picasso and the Cubists were supposed to be riding on our shoulders. I think the beggars had swanned off and were sampling the local brew in some dim bodega!

teapot practice 1

We practised on some lovely work by a local artisan, Arthur Rosser.

Readers who wander through here regularly will, I’m sure, also wander through Andrea’s blog But if you’re new to “Idle Thoughts” do take a day or so to have a look at her work.

teapot practice 4

And then, tiring of my boring black-line teapots (I was getting a headache, folks!)…

teapot practice 3I threw some colour around. Probably still not recognisably Rosser, but it was fun. I think.

‘nother hat now…

I saw the buds the other day and said to myself: “Self, keep an eye on those.” Then forgot!

But this morning… the buds have opened and it was the perfume that made me look up.


Eucharis amazonica (syn. E. x grandiflora) Daffodil-ish in appearance,though with broad, hosta-like leaves, icy white with a green tinge in the centre and the scent of citrus-spice. Hey! I’m goood– I could write advertising fibs. Oh, wait – I did.

eucharis 3

Mine are in pots, but down near the beach a gardener has masses of them along the driveway, amongst ferns and orchids. Probably naturalised.

And what did I learn from yesterday’s exercise? That angularity is not me! I think I’m hard-wired to scribble and fling loose lines about.

Back soon. Maybe…


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. Only in the woods.
    I hope that this helps.


  2. Thankyou, Vicus.


  3. “Fling loose lines about”. I have to remember that.


  4. You fling loose lines about with great style! You also put on a fine kettle.

    Love those flowers.


  5. andrea…you cast some pretty good lines yourself!

    robyn…thankyou. The Eucharis is stunning.


  6. I do wonder about how people manage to post daily! I can barely manage it once a week. And not even then.

    I do love your sketchbooks and if you only knew how agonizing it is for me to even complete one sketch.


  7. zizzi…when I draw there is usually more agony than ecstasy, believe me! And I rather like Pearl’s sometimes terse entries; they often “say” more than many long-winded blogs. That is all.


  8. I’m always so inspired whenever I take a trip down to you

    my “I really out to keep a sketchbook” thought is a little like your initially noticing the buds. . . but just look what happens if you pay attention!




  9. ilty…exactly! And it’s nice to see you again -all refreshed and with lovely Cornish sand-between-the-toes?


  10. Andrea’s blog is wonderful – what a nice link. Certainly one to revisit. I like your teapots, sigh… wish I could draw and not stress about it so much. And those gorgeous Eucharis amazonicas, how beautiful, I want some so they’ll be joining the neverending I WANT list.


  11. carol…you can draw! I’ve seen the fish. Still, I know what you mean;it’s a struggle for me. And Eucharis should do well in your area.


  12. I totally hear you re: get busy-bloginess suffers (especially getting around to read others).

    I hear you about angularity – I try to avoid straight lines and hard angles wherever possible. Don’t like drawing them, don’t relate to them….

    Love your fragrant daffodil-like flowers. Oh, and your tree challenge was fun to see.

    Hugs your way.


  13. tara…thankyou. Many years ago I drew quite a bit of architectural stuff, but that was with a ruler so it was “different.” This just seems to be not my thing. Now go draw a winged horse! :-0


  14. D’OH!
    I knew that Vicus would beat me to the in the woods thingamabob about the Pope.

    I haven’t doodles in months but I think that I like big, fat, curvy lines for the outiline and inside I prefer hard angular thin lines for the cross hatching and details.

    Of course I’d have to actually pick up a instrument to be I feel “poorly” for not being more artistic. Damn this word processing instant gratification crap.

    The new Geographic has a fabulous article on Orchids..clever plants that trick animals into “falling in love” 🙂


  15. donn…yes, it’s a use it or lose it trap, isn’t it?Here’s a thought… it might be good therapy for both you and our friend if you put together some sort of cartoon/caricature record. And if Chris hates it he can blame me 🙂


  16. Scribbles and flinging those lines work for me! That goes for blogging too…don’t let stiffness and rigid disciplines tire us out!
    Great teapots…that last one appeals to me with it’s minimal, simple lines and faded colour.
    Exquisite lilies!


  17. ronell…thankyou. I always feel my face grow warmer when really talented people say nice things.
    And you are right in that rigid routines can spoil blogging.


  18. Gosh – I’ve only ever seen the Eucharis in my garden encyclopedia. They are stunning. How big is the bulb? Could you plant clumps?


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