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Eighteen months ago it  looked like this:

Mustang April 25 08

A lot of hard work later…

onto driveway

…and we were insured to drive from home to the testing station.


One or two “minor points” to be addressed, a couple of ‘phone calls, an overnight delivery of an essential item, another one-day insurance cover note and bingo! We had the pretty (actually, a turdy brown!) little sticker.

And yesterday, after a carburettor rebuild, we went for a drive.


Not far. Just two -beaches -around- the -corner. To visit the man who brought the “relic” in from USA.

So, now that it’s registered, The Man can work on the little “cosmetic” things. But already, he’s thinking of doing another one. ARGGHH!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

12 thoughts on “STREET LEGAL!

  1. fantastic! It looks brilliant. – men need a hobby to keep them out of the way – let him have another one 🙂 How about an nice old E type? mmmmmm that’d be gorgeous.


  2. Nice! I agree with zIggI, men need a hobby, preferably one that takes place in the garage or yard, lol.


  3. Bravo! She looks beautiful! Kindly give The Man my heartfelt thumbs-up on having done such a nice job…

    with your help…

    of course! 😉


  4. Well, the 18-month wait and updates have been well worth it. What about the chrome around the headlights? Still to come? (Nitpicker, aren’t I?) And was there any special reason why Peter chose white? I wish Greg had such a practical hobby! 🙂


  5. My first car was a 64 1/2 Mustang – so this brings back some memories. They are such beautiful cars! It’s wonderful to see this one so lovingly cared for.


  6. ziggi…I get a Morgan first!. (Actually, I hate E types – too unmanageable and uncomfortable!)

    m…yes, I totally agree. If only we HAD a shed and a yard…

    ryan…we both thank you.

    andrea…so you enlarged the jpg and noticed the headlights? Reason: the trim was left off so that the beam could be adjusted(we drive on the left), but the inspector didn’t bother! And white is a sensible colour in this climate.(It’s also easier to see in dull weather 😉 )

    angela…welcome. Yes, the oldies “scrub up” well and are certainly worth the effort.


  7. iltv…isn’t it?


  8. I was watching The One Show last night and it featured an American import; unfortunately the car wasn’t the only thing that was imported… it came over with a very mean looking Black Widow spider nesting in the engine.


  9. scarlet…welcome! So, don’t you chaps fumigate imports? Blimey! Down here, they either fumigate or destroy anything that even looks like being a bio-hazard. (Except politicians and backpackers.)


  10. I love you dinahmow.

    that’s all, long overdue, just want you to know.

    I feel like I have a wonderfully kind sister who offers me unconditional love on a regular basis and it warms my heart from half a world away. And I don’t acknowledge you enough.

    Sorry for being so cheesy and sentimental. Sometimes life just sucks and women like you can lift my spirits with just a flick of the keyboard.

    alright, that’s all, dammit, back to work!


  11. victoria…aw shucks! You make me blush!
    But thankyou. I know you are one of the busiest women out there and I never expect an exchange in the comments box.
    And it’s mutual.


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