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I does a lart o’ la’eral thinkin’…tha’s to say I thinks lyin’ down.

lateral thinking

And one of the lightweight little thoughts that fluttered by was: is erratic, occasional posting like the half glass? Is it worth imbibing or simply a waste of our time since we don’t experience the full, rounded flavour and all the subtle nuances of the beverage?

And it was not a giant leap from this thought to parody (hey! in my thinking position, nothing’s a giant leap!)

And I wondered if…

…   Now that I’m busy, struggling to post

Maybe once a week

Will you still be coming here, looking for laffs?

(Maybe you’re just coming here, looking for gaffs!)

If I gave up and deleted the blog

Would you howl for more?

Will you still need me…

Will you still read me…

When I’m sixty four?

And if I offered a “little something” as a thankyou, would anyone be interested?  Depends what’s on offer, I hear you all chorus! Depends what we have to do for it, I hear others mutter.

Okay, here is what I’m offering…old magic lino

It’s a lino print and, being too big for my scanner I’ve had to crop a rather mediocre photo. It measures 47x19cm or 18 1/2 x 7and a half inches.*

And all you have to do is answer some simple questions. Then leave your answers in the comments section of this blog post. On the blog’s third anniversary I’ll count up all the correct answers and one of my able assistants will draw a winner from a hat. Or perhaps I’ll get all technical and use one of those random generator wotsits. Like ERNIE. (Is ERNIE still going? The bugger has never picked me so I don’t think he’s very efficient!)

Question #1. How did I introduce myself when I started blogging?

This page will self-destruct in -oh! no , that was “Mission Impossible.” This is much easier.

Question #2 will be in tomorrow’s post.

Not part of the game, but here’s a question:

*Why did Mr. Gates and his little elves not put simple fractions on the keyboard? Who can be bothered scrabbling around in the symbols chart for 1/2 expressed as 1 above, as opposed to beside, 2?


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

10 thoughts on “HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL?

  1. when people ask if my glass is half empty or half full, I think to myself: “I have a glass?!?!?”


    I can’t join in, as I’ll be on The Trip. . .

    . . .but I hope everyone has Fun Fun Fun



  2. And I’m sure we will til “Daddy takes the T-bird away!”


  3. But I’ve only just found you.
    Sixty four is an excellent age – I’ll say no more and think ont’ questions.


  4. Laffs or gaffs — I’ll keep visiting until you’re 94!


  5. What a generous give-away. I am still looking for something to fill the walls in my new studio, so I really hope I’ll win 🙂

    So, if I am not mistaken the answers are
    #1: of somewhat Pygmy stature
    #1: All Blacks

    Oh, and please don’t delete your blog!


  6. I don’t know the answer to the introduction question (as your cat?) but I’ll bite on today’s because I know this one — the All Blacks!


  7. kaz…yes, isn’t it?

    andrea… thanks, but can I handle the pressure?

    hilke…welcome! I can’t believe you’re in need of artwork – what about some of your work? 😉

    andrea 2…I’d have been upset if you got that one wrong!


  8. Of course I am in need of artwork. Surrounding oneself with own art is like living in a room with only mirrors at the walls – how comfortable is that!? 😉

    Unfortunately I have not the slightest idea which of your posts may be the most popular.


  9. hilke…yes, you do have a point there! (I have found that the best way to deal with advancing age is to avoid mirrors!;-)
    And, as a relative newcomer, you probably are disadvantaged as to to that last question. Hmm…I may have to move the goal posts!


  10. As I see it, half full and half empty have relative meanings. Like half full is appreciation and half empty is dis-appreciate.


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