Hey! My blog – my rules!

Hilke (a fantastic bookbinder; click on her name [beuchertiger] in the comments to see some of the things she makes.) is a newcomer so that last question about popular posts is probably a little unfair.

So…I’ve decided that the winner of this fabulous giveaway will be drawn simply from comments. Forget the questions! Seriously, who would NOT have known the All Blacks?

And my completely trustworthy, utterly unbiased random selectors will make not one, but three-yes! THREE draws. (That’s one each.;-) )

And, no, I’m not saying what else is up for grabs. Oh, come on people! You’ve all been spoon-fed by governments for for too long! Where’s your sense of adventure?  It costs you nowt; don’t be such skinflints!

Leave a comment and on the anniversary day my assistants will draw 3 names.

Now…having been messed around all day (ALL BLOODY DAY!) by Google, I have some catching-up to do.

What was wrong? Well, I have never selected Deutsch as my preferred language, so when everything  suddenly showed up in German…well, I was a little annoyed. Mainly because my Deutsch is now limited to jokes with a Swiss friend and yelling for beer at Oktoberfest.

Ah, well…at least I am still able to laugh!

And, Kaz…when so many brothers show up it’s not funny!

9 thoughts on “MOVING THE GOAL POSTS

  1. kaz…well-edjucated, me.And, yes, it counts.

    ryan…thankyou and you’re still in the barrel.

    m…yes, you’re in, too

    celia…and you! Wet and drizzly? Just as well you had those glowing auntumn days last week!


  2. Oh, I don’t know what to say 🙂 Thanks for the link, changing the rules so that I am still in, and the nice comment (“fantastic bookbinder” you clearly won’t hear me deny it, but you also can’t see the combination of a wild grin with a blush).

    And of course: happy blogiversary!


  3. happy blogiversary! Kudos for staying in the game for this long. I must say I’m glad you changed the rules, completely stumped over the answers to your questions and I so like your prints! (saw the frog one at Andrea’s house, love it!)


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