Well, look at me! Posting again. So soon!

No, I’m not trying to set records. I’ve just been sent some beautiful owl pictures. Actually, I was a bit hesitant to open the file, given its title.In some quarters  the definition of hooters can get you into no end of trouble!

But it came from a friend who knows The Man and I have a fondness for these birds so I opened the file.

Beautiful shots! See if you agree…

That’s all for now…I have work to do. (I was going to say I’m a working girl, but, along with the hooters…all sorts of cyber creeps might turn up!)

Well,I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to fix this. 😦

It works for me, but that may simply be because it’s on my hard drive as a Google document.

But they really are beautiful owls.If anyone is desperately keen to see them, email me. diane dot patmore at gmail dot com

9 thoughts on “HOOTERS.

  1. When I click the link in the main post I get through to the PPS. Anyway, I’ve sent it direct to the reply column(above this ) and it works when I click it.

    So now you should all be able to see my Hooters. (And, no, that is not the prize!)


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