Some things take a little time…some things seem to take forever!

I’ve been off-line due to a landline fault. Apparently. All seems well again, but, of course, there is a backlog of stuff. Not to mention 143 items in the reader!

But…drum roll…I have three names from my comments . Just drawn at random- no dumb questions. Naturally, the draw was conducted under scrup scroupu very ethical conditions.

Rusty and Sporran making the first draw.

Rusty & Sporran make the first draw

Of course, they insisted that being roused from a nap to hook bits of paper from a hat would cost a “little something.” However, bribed with a few crunchies, they drew:

First…Pearl, from Feline Fine.

old magic lino

(Although I suspect Pearl’s person will claim the print!)

Rusty drew Hilke.

IMG_0002I hope this suits your new studio wall, Hilke!

Geiger had disappeared so Sporran scrabbled in the hat, found one more crunchie and drew…Ziggi!

nelsonPerhaps not as exciting as a brisk canter on the  Fredster, but I hope you like it, Zig.

So, ladies, if you’d email me     diane.patmore@gmail.com     and let me know your postal addresses, I’ll lasso a snail and send the prints on their way.

And thankyou, all of you, for sticking with me, even when I don’t have much to say.

I suppose I should go through that reader list…one hundred and HOW MANY!

Back again soon…

19 thoughts on “WE HAVE A WINNER!

  1. andrea…well I’ve always been fond of your fishbones. Loved the old avatar!

    ziggi…are you home yet? Let me know your address and I’ll give the owl the coordinates!


  2. Well, I missed the entire 3 questions thanks to my faulty wireless router taking me off line for over a week. So pleased to see Hilke won your lovely print – you’re right, her books are wonderful and she’s also very generous in her sharing of knowledge.


  3. carol…I scrapped the questions when I realised not all readers would have seen my original bio at blogger.
    Routers and landlines have conspired to keep us both out of the loop, but here’s hoping!


    • estorbo…thankyou for asking. No, not really sick;just old and very tired.I couldn’t even tempt him with crunchies (aka pelleds) this morning. He’s sleeping on the big bed and I haven’t the heart to change the linen!


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