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Today’s title has been around for years on tee shirts, postcards, homework assignments…

The current generation – well, everyone alive, I guess – has grown used to the  instant gratification of 7-11 stores, on-line banking, emails, txt msg [is that the crect abbrev?], even octogenarians love self-dial telephone calls.

The pros and cons have been debated, sometimes pretty fiercely, and I daresay this will continue.

Even I more often use email than the telephone or the pen and that’s because I know that the people I’m contacting are more likely to respond via the same medium! Damn’ shame we didn’t have email when I was struggling with maths  homework and needed to “call a friend!”

So, the quick fix is, for the most part, probably a good thing. But, as with any “good thing” we can sometimes have too much of it.

I was talking recently with some friends about the plethora of cra bad art which seems to be everywhere. Worse, some of this is being taught by people not qualified to teach. People like Ms. Bored Housewife, who, having had ten one-hour lessons on oil painting is offering oil painting courses.  A few years ago I worked with a woman who had a sideline in cake decoration. She had followed one recipe in a magazine and had a card pinned to the staff notice board. Not long after, I worked at a major hotel and saw, first-hand, what apprentice pastry chefs had to do. I thought about “Shirley’s Cakes – at fair prices.”

You can’t become an expert, or even “very good” at anything if you don’t practice. It’s the boring repetition that makes most kids chuck their music lessons.

I’ve seen some amazing stand-up comedians and admired them. That’s not for me! I need a script with a good, meaty character. And rehearsals.


I used to  work in a dental practice which did quite a lot of prosthetic work. Some was done in our workroom, but major prostheses were sent to a lab. in the city. I’ve seen some truly hideous dentures (vintage Vulcanite!) and some very good “hardware” as we called it.

But for sheer elegance, have a look at this. I’m not saying I’d like to be an amputee, but I wouldn’ arf like those boots!

I love her line about Pamela Anderson! If you’ve never come across this woman, you can find her on Wiki.

And, staying with the genius of engineers and sculptorsçois_Delarozière is just one of many creations. A friend of mine saw this in Liverpool and missed his train back to London because he couldn’t take his eyes off it!

I am so grateful for people like this in our often brutal world. Aren’t you?


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

16 thoughts on “YOU WANT THAT…WHEN?

  1. I emailed Aimee Mullins first talk on TED to half a dozen people when I first heard it, it was so inspiring. I hadn’t seen this one, thanks for posting it, so wonderful! And La Machine’s mechanical wonders are great.

    Nice post Dinah, I agree the modern age has opened up a virtual Pandora’s box of pseudo experts and mediocrity, but little gems that turn up in that slush pile are worth it.


    • ellen…you’re right about the gems in the slush pile, but I’ve become cautious about forking out $$ for some of the things on offer. And I think Aimee Mullins is brilliant! And de la Roziere. Oh, yes – I LOVE the new crow!


  2. Bugger – I usually see the best of the Tate Liverpool exhibitions but I missed that spider.
    It did say it moved around the city a bit.
    I read this article by someone who said a genius (even Mozart) is really only about a talented person who practises all the time.
    Can’t remember who it was but it was a persuasive argument.


    • kaz…yes, the spider looked fantastic.And the elephant is worth a look, too.(just google) Mozart did do rather a lot of practice, but I think he had more than that going for him. It’s now thought that a form of Tourettes Syndrome was likely. Me? Well, I don’t preacticse much, but I am inclined to swear now and then! 😉


  3. Aimee Mullins is truly amazing! Breathtaking in the truths she tells. And La Princesse – that’s one scary spider, and I LIKE spiders.


    • carol…yes, Aimee Mullins just keeps getting better. (see the difference in presentation between this and her first TED video). And I think ,if I’d seen that spider when I was a little kid…well, I’d have gone screaming-mad!


  4. That Aimee Mullins lights up a cold, winters afternoon. Great post, Di. Now will I go and look at the spider?


  5. Great talk by Aimee, thanks for posting. Spider looks fasciniating, will check out in full at first opporutnity. The distance between dalliance and expertise is ever so nicely illustrated at


    • denise…oh! thanks for the cakewrecks link.I wanted to mention them, but can’t find the URL in my files. (Never was good at filing stuff!)


  6. We missed seeing the spider in Liverpool and the elephant in London – must make an effort if another creature takes to the streets.


    BTW you were spot on – we went to Highgate West Cemetery.


    • celia…the “machines” are beautiful and, I’m told, have had spin-offs in the field of medicine and industry. I love Highgate! But I never had the tour.


  7. the pamela anderson line was very funny. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog 🙂

    I agree about the quality of workshop teachers (male and female) arg! Some of my friends couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t fork out 200 dollars for a workshop, “oh it will be fun” they said. But often after researching the teacher I found them to be just as you said, not qualified.

    Glad to see your in fine fettle


  8. robyn…you slipped in under the radar-sorry!
    Yes, do look at the spider.It’s enormous, but just focus on its hydraulics.


  9. KAZ’s comment reminds me of an article in New Scientist, about some research into “genius”

    (apparently it is mainly about practising!)

    that spider looks fascinating – I’m off to see if I can find a video of it on uTube

    ooh, look what I did – took advantage of modern “I want it now” technology. . .




  10. iltv…that’s what the technology is for, right?


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