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Being on this side of the IDL means I have to “post early for Christmas.”

Mind you, even that isn’t working out terribly well this year, is it? Our postal people have been on strike. Well, we were told they’d be on strike, but I have had things in my mail box every day this week. Some of them mail!

The 10 hour time difference also means I’ll be starting before you northerners. I’ll also be reaching for the aspirin first!

But, wherever you are and however you celebrate the occasion, I hope you and those you love are safe and happy.

Now, not everyone believes in Santa Claus, but someone has been here and has left a collection of packages! Too lazy to trek all around the world, he (she?) expects me to distribute them.

Guess what, Santa? I’m a tad busy m’self so how about  everyone  collecting their own gifts?  Nicely, now. We don’t want that unseemly January-Sales-type crush…

Chris has had a rough time of it this year, but this might help to get him back in the fast lane.

Of course, a race is only a race when there’s more than one horse. So I’ve got a chariot for his best buddy

The artists among you can trawl through some of the biggest stores on the web. It’s OK – they accept Monopoly money! –  ; )

While she recovers from the horrors of spending time with that “Dreadful Dave,” Ziggi could probably find something for these fellows to do.

Another blogger (who’s been a bit busy lately) might find a use for this

And I’m pretty  sure several of you could think of something to do with the keys.

This would be welcome in more than one place! (not hinting, of course. Of course.)

Perhaps, for those in the Frozen North…

Maybe a little (or a lot!!) of this…

Fancy a night out?

But my personal wishes are for and

and, please, fickle gods of the weather…

especially where things are desperate

Idle Thoughts will be idling over the break , but as time allows, I’ll scoot around and see what everyone’s up to.

Merry Christmas to all and to all – a goodnight!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. You are ENTIRELY too generous!
    A Merry, Merry Christmas to you!!!


  2. a very merry Christmas to you, dear Dinah


    from I, LTV, Mini-Teen, Teen Too,, The Teen and the ten remaining cats/kittens



  3. My own Chef, or even a gaggle of them – a dream come true Di, Thank You!

    (As we speak First and Last Born are in the supermarket buying Xmas dinner, I have had a phonecall every 10 minutes to tell me what they’ve run out of and to suggest alternatives – I’m turning off the phone now and looking forward to a nice (posh) cheese sandwiche for Xmas lunch!)


  4. And, as liver function test is now NORMAL, I shall raise a glass of something deliciously cold and fizzy to you Di wishing you and yours the happiest of Christmas wishes XX


  5. Have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  6. I found ALL my presents, thanks Di. I add my wishes for my homeland – rain where it’s needed, fires only in the BBQ, inspiration for politicians and a Very, Safe and Happy Christmas. Most of all I wish great happiness to you dear friend. xoxo


  7. Happy Christmas Dinah.
    I bet I can idle better than you.


  8. Merry Christmas Dinah!


  9. Your posts never fail to delight. This is a keeper. A Merry Christmas to you, too, Di, and I promise to raise a glass to you — early! 🙂



    iltv…and T,MT,TT and felines. OH, yes, E-elf,too! Have fun.

    ziggi…a clean liver must be the highlight of your Christmas! Now you get cirrhotic! So glad all’s well again. Have you told Freddie?

    scarlet…and the same to you, m’ddear.

    robyn…thankyou.I’m looking forward to some more art wonders next year 😉

    kaz…I’m not sure about that…look at the Dateline abbreviation! But we could have a contest if you like!

    m.hearrt…thankyou, and, for you, good ghosts of Christmasses Past. Peace.

    andrea…thankyou. About 4 hours from now I expect to begin my elbow bending, but I’ll show restraint so you can catch up! Have fun!


  11. Things got crazy, I’m late and now its all done and dusted down here, but I hope you enjoyed your christmas Dinah. I’ll wish you a lovely boxing day instead. I much prefer boxing day – so lovely and quiet after the bedlam of chirstmas.


  12. hope you are having/had a marvelous chrissy day… our was moist around the edges… but that rain you’ve wished for us in southern oz is remaining elusive… maybe for new year?

    have a nice (creative) break!


    • ronnie…thankyou. It was low-key and peaceful around here.An hour ago, we had perhaps 10 or 12 drops -back to searing sunshine now! But isn’t it wonderful to see inland areas being drenched! Maybe you and Eden will have a wet NY…


  13. I’m too late for Christmas wishes so will raise a glass to you on New Year’s Eve, with all the best for 2010! Have fun, Sara x ps. I hear more rain is on the way…


    • sara…thankyou.And the same to you and yours.It’ll probably take me til, oh, maybe Easter, to toast all my chums! And I was wondering if any of the deluge was likely to hit your hillside. So far, nothing here, but perhaps tomorrow… *(I should be doing many other things, but I’m doodling with Sthn Cross in mind!)*


  14. It’s Boxing Day wishes from me, and all good ones, especially for the coming year. We have had a lot of rain, though we were able to sit outside for Christmas lunch – all cold, very delish – and it’s still raining today. They say 3 days so I hope that’s right. The family’s gone visiting so I’m home alone and loving it.


    • carol…ooh! rain! How wonderful! Ours is said to be “on the way.” I’ve just watched the start of the Sydney-Hobart and the sea is “a bit lumpy” down there!


  15. Hope you had a happy holiday Dinahmow — been catching up a bit on your blog (loved the clip about the galaxies with Eric Idle’s tune!) and was delighted to see you’ve been reading my dear friend Melanie’s blog. She’s become quite the documentarian of our little neighborhood.
    Oh and I was also loving the info about your dear Granny and the “old days.” More more! Have a wonderful 2010, my dear!


    • victoria…hello! Yes, I did have a good holiday, though I suspect Weightwatchers may feature next week! 😉 Some of your Thompson Square characters remind me of my old London gang.Hope your new year kicks off in grand style for you.


  16. oops!Better fix the typo before the New Yorkers spot it. Tompkins Square, not Thompson. Blame the champagne! 😉


  17. It finally snowed here on Christmas Eve (perfect) but it’s unusually warm for this time of year.
    I was watching people diving with Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef on the telly and told my Good Lady Wife that we need to start planning our swap year and living in Australia.
    I hope that you’re having a nice festivus.
    I want to thank you for all of your encouragement last year..I’m still feeling the ripples…processing the fickleness of Life. Thank You.


    • donn…thankyou. We’ve dispensed with the aluminium pole – people kept wanting to pole dance all the time! 😉 But we’ve had a very relaxed time. Here’s to a happier year for all!


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