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Or not. And it must be said that I am not, on the whole, a neat person. Not obsessively neat.

I do like some order to things, especially when space is limited. But I am, by nature, an eclectic soul. See what I just did? I took a cue from those waffling interior design writers and said “eclectic.” God! I love that word!

But I am still trying to find things that were re-housed when we did the Big New Desk Clean-Up.

Here’s some of what I found:

a very dusty rental bus

I remember it was very, very hot. I walked across the street to by some cold water. The shop had none!

chubby child on a bike had a propellor on her hat

I drew boring car bits for a while, then listened to a radio interview with some legal eagle who is, apparently, an expert on computer hacking. That side-lined the drawing for an hour!

And then I resorted to memory…

my garden in Italy

Today was the first rain-free day since late last year. Even the dogs were silenced when people fired-up their 4 strokes! Yes, I mowed my meagre grass strip.

The cats had asked for a more purr-sonal banner for their blog. I told them it might take a while. They were not amused. But today …

Pop across and see what you think. And if you think it looks a bit wonky, please remember that I do this stuff free-hand and I do NOT have photo shop for fine-tuning. Anyway, it’s not my blog. Complain to the moggies!

Now…I believe The Man has a wonderfully frosted glass of bubbles for me. Bubbles! Oh, sod the blog!


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!

15 thoughts on “ON BEING NEAT

  1. Cheers! Sod the blog indeed… hope you (and I) get a few more rain-free days ‘cos it doesn’t help moving house or my temper… looking forward to some champers once I’ve handed back the keys to this place! Sara x


  2. you had a garden in Italy. . .





  3. Blog looks fine. But really: blog v. bubbles? Bubbles win every time 🙂


  4. Eclectic – oh yea I’ll have a bit of that.
    I love the cats’ banner – nice shadows too.


  5. Happy New Year (a bit belated – couldn’t get the internet to work at the hotel)! This is the time of year I’m trapped in the house and trying to organize into some semblance of neatness too. Funny what one finds beneath the layers…


  6. sara…I’ve been thinking of you in the mud.Good luck!

    iltv…yes.I mentioned it here

    ryan…thank you. And you are right, of course 😉

    kaz…jolly useful word,eclectic. I’m pleased you like the shadows cos I couldn’t eliminate them!

    m…funny? sometimes, and sometimes downright spooky!


  7. Oh the rain! The chooks are sulking, I think maybe I am too. I keep thinking of Ronnie, with no rain, and then I look at the TV with all that flooding – and get upset when I see the livestock stranded. We’re not flooded, my garden is thriving, our animals are safe, so what do I have to be sulky about?


  8. Eclectic works for me. Bubbles too! Happy new year Dinah. Hope it brings more sunshine your way.


  9. carol…the BoM boffins say showers returning tomorrow. Showers I can handle!

    denise…thankyou. Perhaps I could bottle some sunshine to bring with me when I come over to NZ! (I’ll email you when I know dates.)


  10. Neat can be dangerous. My computer is running about as fast as I do these days, so I’ve been trying to neaten it up a bit, deleting languages I don’t speak – yes, I was tempted to dump the Italian – anyway I read somewhere it is a good idea to dump all one’s Firefox history. Dangerous! I now have to fill out a form at every blog I visit. And the computer is still running slower than I am.

    Happy New Year dear friend.


    • robin…Argh! What a tedious pain.I did wonder why you, “known party”, had landed in my moderation box. But you are once again recognised. I wish you happiness and health in this new year.


  11. Great sketches– how fun to find a missing journal. My friend Barbara has been searching everywhere for a painting missing since her move several years ago. I’m pretty organized but that causes problems too because I put things away in clever well-organized places and then don’t remember where I put them (or that I even had them in the first place sometimes).


  12. Jana, if I could always remember the “safe” places I would not have a problem!


  13. Hahaha…chubby, bicycle and propeller hat. I wish I’d seen this.


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