…in with some new.

I’d been cruising through the WordPress collection of styles for a while, looking for something more streamlined, easier to navigate and easier to use.

One of the features I wanted to retain is the ability to change the header.*.But I also needed an archives section, both for myself (memory not quite as sharp as of yore!) and for any reader who might wonder what other drivel scintillating lit-wit I might have penned.

And WordPress does have a packed catalogue on offer! But it was when I was helping the girls set-up their blog that I decided I’d switch to the same theme.

It’s been running for a few days now and no one seems to have noticed so it must have segued painlessly from your side, too!

I’d also had in mind to set aside certain days for posting on certain topics. But I don’t think I can manage that, given my haphazard approach to most things! I do want to post more drawings and photos so maybe I could have a Pictorial Day.  But old magazine experience tells me that some readers will only come by on the day I post their favourites!

One of my aims this year is to “sharpen my quill” and get back to writing. It’s been a long time…


When I stumbled into the kitchen on Sunday morning I thought I saw a faint purplish smudge in the area of the pergola. But it was still barely daylight and I’d not yet had my “heart starter.”

By the time I’d cut some mangoes, mopped up the juice and made the coffee it was light enough to see…

wisteria! Crazy thing is flowering and flinging new canes out with gay abandon. So much for all those earnest garden writers who warn of pruning at the wrong time and sacrificing the next season’s (that would be Spring, by the way) blooms. After suffering drought and searing heat for months the recent soaking rains have given it a boost.

With some more tender plants I might be concerned that it is approaching death and needs to set seed before it goes. But look at the damn’ thing! Does that look like something about to expire?

The French call it La Glycine. And I don’t care if it is out-of-season – I love it!

I may have mentioned, once or twice, that I am in awe of those paper engineers who construct their masterpieces from paper and card. Pop-up books have always fascinated me. I have even attempted a couple of modest hinged lifts myself. And when I was a little girl I had a Meccano set. So it’s easy to see why this caught my eye:


Oh! Just a note to the Dobson girls – don’t expect anything on this scale, okay?

I’ve had a noisy day and wanted some soothing sounds. So… not head-banging rock. And the way I play the piano meant that was out, too. But I do have some lovely CDs and this is such a delight I went Youtubing so that I could share it. I suggest you pour a glass of something smooth before hitting the play button. Enjoy!

*Currently, it’s a crop of my photo of Mahurangi River in Warkworth,NZ. See the Flickr list >>>

17 thoughts on “OUT WITH (SOME OF ) THE OLD…

  1. I haven’t got to Yo-Yo Ma yet but I’ve enjoyed everything else, incl the wisteria. And the pop-up book – my goodness! And we have a go at pop-ups and think we’re doing okay. I did see your new header, drawn to it by something the cats said I think. Lovely pic. Going to watch Lake Eyre now. Bye.


  2. I lie to change my template every week so WordPress is not a viable option.

    Believe it or not, I listen to Morricone’s music from films like Once Upon A Time In The West and the Spaghetti Westerns. Very Cool.


    • donn#2…I think there are quite a few bloggers who operate at different levels. As I’ve mentioned, this site is fairly “safe” but I’ve been a little more salty on others. No, I’m not posting a link!


    • kaz…it’s lack of snowy weather that makes Down Under Christmases so surreal. We all feel like figures from a Dali painting.Have another mulled wine and a mince pie – you’ll feel better!


  3. It continues to slightly wig me out to have such opposite seasons… Wisteria? I can hardly imagine…. Yours looks a bit different from what grows here – does it smell like floral-grapes? I adore the fragrance.

    And lovely, lovely Yo-Yo Ma… He is just the best.


    • tlc…hello again! The years I lived in Europe were the only times I “felt” Christmassy! As for the wisteria…it’s completely mad. Yes, the scent is (to me) glorious, although there is not enough at present to be noticeable.


  4. Lovely to see your Wsteria fron far away in the snowfields of Suffolk!

    I’m more than happy with haphazzard blog posts. My browser refuses to have anything to do with Youtube so I can only guess at the music – but I think I have the same CD – and I love it 🙂

    BTW our local Radio station is featuring Cavendish this afternoon if you fancy a trip down memory lane you can ‘listen agian’ on the web: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/radio/bbc_radio_suffolk/
    and find Lesley Dolphin’s Thursday 7 Jan show

    Best wishes


  5. The feature about Cavendish has been postponed – maybe on her Friday show? Who knows? The BBC can only talk about ‘The Big Freeze’.

    It’s service as normal at Purple Podded Peas 😉



  6. celia…thankyou.I’m glad others understand the “haphazard” approach. :=)

    And thanks for the Cavendish nod. I’ll give it a try though often those links don’t work in foreign parts. I can imagine how my holiday cottage must look in this snow!


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