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Well, when the cats asked if anyone thought weather was a boring topic, no one knew that within the space of a few days warnings would have been issued around the world for extreme bushfires, floods, blizzards, marine stingers and a  tsunami!

Within the space of a few days, people! Welcome to the real world!

Not quite two years on from the flood that disprupted this town, we’ve had several heavy downpours (can one have an up-pour?) and I know some people have been a tad nervous! I wish I could send some south! Rain, that is, not nervous people!

My “toy” has been out of commission again, this time due to a malingering modem. But the enforced absence from this keyboard has allowed a little more time on the other keyboard (god! I’m rusty!).

I also made some attempt to sort out some of the CDs and old audio tapes. Sadly, some of my old tapes have not stood up well to more than 40 years of hard work. And, given that many of them were crude mixes taped from old flat vinyls…well, I think I’d better start making a wish list. In the meantime, does anyone know Ricardo Baliardo?  How about by this name ?

Among tapes that I can no longer play are, sadly, a couple of Joyce Grenfell’s monologues.

I’d long admired her and when I found myself at the same table at some literary luncheon…what a wonderful person she was! Genuinely friendly. I wonder what Joyce would have thought the night I “did” one of her comic songs and the Siamese cat hid in a cupboard on that final high note?

This gem was in my reader this morning. I wondered if it was a leg-pull, a wind-up, but then I saw which State had arrested the kid. No surprises there, they lurve brassy publicity and headlines like these pretty much guarantee that!

My mind wandered off on one of its own tangents…if the gas released by a 12 year child could shut down computers, could this be a moyens de faire quelque chose undetected by airports’ metal scanners?

But the school ma’am in me re-read the Sheriff’s report, mentally adjusting the punctuation.

Oh well, back to the salt mines. Here’s the delightful Joyce, doing one of her nursery sketches.*

*Joyce was rather flattered when she heard that the Kindergarten Association was using her nursery sketches in its Training Programme. It was somewhat deflating to learn that the y were used as a “don’t do this” lesson!

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. You are often a source of delights that I’ve never discovered on my side of the Pacifc (or Atlantic, as the case may be). Joyce Grenfell is a delight — reminds me of the year I taught Grade One …. … badly (thought they did love me because I made them laugh). As for Ricardo Baliardo — “too many notes for the royal ear.”


    • Little Silver Hands too much for you? Wow! I’ve sat through several of his concerts. Come to think of it, it was around the same time as Jimi Hendrix was playing in Europe. Heard him once and that WAS ear-splitting! Joyce? Yes, a lovely woman.


  2. Well, now I have to google Joyce Grenfell.

    As for the weather, I know I know I know. We got more of the white stuff over night and it’s still falling.


  3. And I’m back. I just found her on so maybe you can download? I always like to be helpful.


  4. it’s years since I thought of her – thanks for the reminder. . .

    . . .and as for the link, did you see the next link at the bottom about the burglar who left his FaceBook account open at the crime scene? brilliant detective work by the police for spotting that one!


  5. Thank you. Most edifying.


  6. Joyce Grenfell = delightful!!! “We never bite our friends!”


  7. ‘A wind up’ haha.
    I wish I could have called in the police to some of my classes – release of gas was a minor offence.


  8. An absolute delight, Dinamow, the entire post. You should be required reading for everyone! Well, maybe not Everyone, but those with a sense of humour at least.


  9. They call him Manitas de Plomo over here but I did have a crush on him when I was a kid!


  10. rosie…welcome! Some ladies still go weak at the knees!;-)


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