So far, I haven’t seen fridges floating down the road, but the cane field not far from my house resembles a rice paddy!And the pretty little stream that flooded dozens of homes two years ago was almost at their boundary fences this morning. Too bad I can’t send the wet stuff to friends in southern NSW!


Does anyone recall the Naica crystal discovery? Several years ago, silver miners in Mexico accidentally broke through into a cave in Naica, discovering some amazing gypsum crystals.I was poking about on the Web looking for something else and found this. A difficult and dangerous place to film, the BBC nevertheless managed this spectacular footage. National Geographic has more pictures here.

I was reminded of my mother’s “coal flowers” although her kitchen chemistry was not quite on the same scale. 🙂 Coal flowers? you ask. Why, yes. Google can find you several instruction sheets if you’d like to “grow” some for yourself. It’s a simple process, seeding a lump of coal with some salts.

from one of the instructional web sites

Mother also brewed beer, both ginger and alcoholic varieties. In pre-fridge days, an exceptionally hot summer put an end to the beer. Man! That stuff went everywhere!I used to make ginger beer, too. Commercial ginger beer’s alcohol content is strictly governed. I think mine might have exceeded that. I don’t make it these days, preferring either water or wine, but Jamie Oliver has a “quickie” version on his site


I was back in the studio this morning, re-printing as some of last week’s prints were not “good enough.” Hopefully, this run will look OK when dry. They’d better – delivery date is next week!


The Man and his friend spent the weekend tinkering with the Mustang’s carburettor. And other technical stuff. It was noisy and smelly. And the resident possum was NOT impressed.

On Sunday afternoon, he’d had enough and who could blame the poor critter, with that thundering 289 engine reverberating around his little iron cubby hole!

He headed out, along the beam to await the night in comparative peace on the far side of the house.

So… the “master mechanics” were engrossed in choke levers and and general gizmometry when The Man said:”Hold it! We’ve got  a fuel leak somewhere!”

Um…no, actually. What they had was a possum leak!

Ah! Revenge is sweet!


  1. Pretty funny about the possum tho no doubt the Man & his Friend weren’t impressed. My Dad used to make ginger beer and I think the time it all went off like a bomb under the house was the last time. He then turned to wine making. We also made coal flowers,which I haven’t thought of in a long time. Must get the recipe and have a go. The BOOK is going badly…


  2. carol…Mother’s home brew blew its top one night in spectacular fashion- it broke the latch on the storage cupboard and sent the cat screaming up the curtains.

    kaz../90,000 litres? Bloody hell! I’m surprised he was allowed to do it.


    • ronnie…I wish! It’s beginning to drain away now and another cyclone is on a watch/alert. But drought is so much worse, isn’t it? I hope you get rain (proper rain – not the tourist trickle!) soon.


  3. suzanne…well, they do have rather sharp bits, but they are cuter than a barrel of monkeys and can become quite friendly.(We had two hand-reared guys when we lived in the bush.)


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