Or:  girlish fantasy (almost) fulfilled.

But we’ll get to that shortly.

I caved in today and bought one of those evil-looking strap contraptions for my throbbing thumb. C’mon, thumb! I have a LOT of work to do and I can’t be parking my pen every five minutes!

See full size image Thumb screws -apparently, very popular at The Tower!

But mine is  more up-market (I’ll say! At $40 it;s very UP market!) but hardly a fashion statement.

Let’s start with the colour…a delicate, woodland mushroom shade, with straps in a toning taupe. Bull’s wool! It’s a hideous post-war beige. And it’s going to show every coffee drip, every wine slop, every squished mosquito…

And if any of you have ever been squeezed into a corset, either for medical or couture reasons (all you kinky people can leave now, please!) you’ll know what I mean by boning strips.

Yes, it’s a tad bulky. Yes, it sticks out like a sore thumb. But I’m hoping it will do the trick.

Heard on the news that J.D. Salinger has made his final exit.

91 years. And so many of them shut away. Seems a sad waste to me.

Bet there’ll be a Hollywood scramble for movie rights (which he would never grant).

Hollywood. Tinsel Town. Dream Maker. Heart Breaker. Sink of iniquity. It’s been called all those and many names besides.

How many of my peers had posters on their bedroom walls? How many had secret dreams of becoming a film star? How many dreamed of meeting their idols?

Well, I’ll share a couple of stories with you, since the people involved are no longer with us. Myself excepted of course. What! you think this is spirit writing?

When I was quite young* I thought Gregory Peck was the dishiest. Loved every movie he made, devoured all the interviews I could find. Decided he had a brain as well as looks, not to mention bucketloads of charm. I thought I would love to meet him. What happened to the dream?

I grew up of course. Still admired the man, loved his films. But never entertained any ideas of running away to Hollywood.

Instead, I went to London. Had a brief affair with the theatre. Wrote some excruciatingly awful poems. Worked some pretty ordinary jobs.

And it was as I was going to one of my night jobs (I thought I told all you kinky people to leave!), in a snowstorm….I was shaking snow from my collar and stamping my boots when a tall, smiling gentleman held the door open for me. I thanked him and he made some pleasant remark about my being lucky to be going in, not out. Silly, doorway banter. Then he turned up his collar and left.

Liz, my friend on the night desk, said, jaw somewhere near the floor,”Do you know him?” I didn’t catch her drift. “That was Gregory Peck!”

Moving right along….

Before I went to London…I earned some extra pennies in a telephone exchange (all you kiddies who don’t know what I’m talking about can go away and ask yer Granny!)

One of the girls I worked with had a crush? fixation? on a chap called Rock Hudson…hang on while I find a picture


She had planned her trip to Europe, with a stop in Los Angeles. And she was determined to meet Rock Hudson. A pretty girl, with loads of personality and dance floor pizzazz, she figured she could get herself invited to a party. Or several.

Well, S. called us from LA, utterly crushed. ” Devastated, girls!”

Seems she had, indeed, wangled an invitation to a party, hoping to meet Rock. Yes, Rock was there. Sporting an ear ring. (“Jesus! He was wearing a bloody ear ring!” )

That was not the worst of it…before S. even managed to talk to her idol, a very effeminate young boy slinked in and made straight for Rock. Who welcomed him with the  sort of embrace that Doris Day is probably familiar with.

Poor S.

My thumb has had enough keyboard activity so I’m off to exercise my elbow…

* young , as in, too young for boyfriends.


  1. Well I enjoyed the star stories so much I forgot about the thumb.
    Sorry – it must be hell.
    Your friend must have known about Rock years before the rest of us.
    I was still smitten when they rolled him out in ‘McMillan & Wife’.


  2. kaz…that was mid-60s when S. went to Hollywood;in those days, closets were kept closed and publicity men “dealt with” matters.
    BTW, one 1953 fashion in GG’s video is Audrey Hepburn -Gregory Peck is out of shot, but the movie’s on our local channel today and I’ll be wallowing!:-)


  3. I think I rather fancied Gregory Peck too, though Rock didn’t have the same fascination for me. I like reading about your little Brushes with Fame. Keep them coming.
    About your thumb, I’m so sorry, that’s a real nuisance – but your modern thumb brace is an improvement on the first one pictured. Maybe you should colour it straight off so that it won’t show the dirt so much. Though probably only camouflage colours would work – and then you could say it happened in a bit of hand-to-hand combat.


  4. You poor thing! Good luck with the thumb corset (I have one of almost every kind since bits of my anatomy cease to function, one after the other) – looks slightly more comfortable than the screw, and less kinky. Probably a good thing… Sara


  5. PS. I didn’t meet any young, handsome men but I did meet an older gentleman in Chichester, UK, who complimented me on the bright red harem pants I was wearing (it was the 80’s and I had no taste, what can I say). Half way down the road I realised it was Omar Sharif who was starring in a play at Chichester Festival Theatre. I turned round with a generally gormless look on my face to find him standing looking back at me, laughing. He waved, I blushed and moved on.


  6. iltv…the thumb just “acts up” sometimes. I suspect arthritis. Meanwhile, if it’s not too sore, I just plough on 🙂
    Men in dreams? Yes, maybe more convenient, but not so much fun!


  7. Enjoyed your star-studded stories. Hope the thumb gets better soon.

    I can’t recall any Holywood crushes. But this person http://tinyurl.com/9uzhg has inspired me to be a bit more adventurous in my travels and a few weeks ago there he was in our local butchers – yes right next to me in the queue! Did I say anything? No, completely tongue tied. Oh well, our paths may cross again…



  8. Boned corsets were still going well on market stalls when I left France….though not in the same league as one item seen in the seventies in the window of a Norfolk shop which featured more bones and straps than even a Tory MP could desire and seemed to control the body from neck to knees. It bore the label ‘Unrepeatable Offer’. I just bet.
    You need to give that thumb strap to a dog for an hour or two to acquire the necessary patina of muck, grass and a bit of grease….

    I met Bill Wyman when young – well, I’d have to have been young for him to take any notice – but my attention was fixed on Geoffrey Boycott. What a charmer….but he preferred older women, much to my chagrin at the time.


  9. Your thumb brace is tres stylish, not. I keep looking at the knee brace in the chemist’s but haven’t yet succumbed. They look chunky and I imagine hot in summer. And the colour is awful. I have a couple of friends who love corsets, the very gorgeous ones that they wear as the major piece of apparel; certainly not as underwear…


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