Or a raspberry for Blogger?

First up, I know Blogger is the most widely-used platform. I used to use Blogger. And you all know why I went to WordPress!

Since Saturday (this is now Monday down here), I’ve had trouble commenting on Blogger sites. Those with comment moderation and those not allowing anonymous comments seem to be OK.

What I’d like you lovely people to tell me is: have any of you had similar problems?

Kaz, for instance had about 40 comments by the time her blog came up in my reader so, clearly, people are not having any bother over there, but she might be wondering why I haven’t weighed-in with some pithy remark about giant fruit or helmet hair.

And this is what I got over at Β http://chiaroscurochiaroscuro.blogspot.com/

The webpage at https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=23123441341079609&postID=5510601300010868367&isPopup=truemight be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Well, maybe someone else will report problems…


Meanwhile…last week (after carefully avoiding all reviews!) I went to see “Invictus.”

Loved it! Well, I may have a slight bias, having grown up with the code πŸ˜‰

But the game aside, I wanted to see how Clint Eastwood handled the political and emotional angle.

Apart from the fact that the encouraging writing Mandela gave to Pienaar was not Henley’s poem of the title (it was from a Roosevelt speech), the film held my interest right through.

Even knowing the outcome didn’t detract from my enjoyment. Sure, Morgan Freeman looks and sounds pretty much like Morgan Freeman, but can anyone come close to Mandela?

I’ve heard some South Africans complain that Matt Damon “couldn’t do the accent, man!” His first few lines were, perhaps, somewhere between Capetown and Perth, but with so many South Africans in this film either Mr. Damon picked it up or I no longer noticed.

And the on-field details? Lots of close-up scrum shots, good behind the posts clips and enough open running to be convincing. Β And I daresay having Chester Williams as a coach/advisor helped!

I watched the game on television and am not ashamed to say I was cheering the ‘Boks. After so long in that hateful racist wilderness, I, along with Nelson Mandela, saw the World Cup victory as a chance to unify the country.

And now South Africa will host the World Cup in that other code.

I still hope kicking a silly leather ball can provide some national glue!

17 thoughts on “A PLEA FOR HELP…

  1. Yes, I’m often given a message that I can’t post a comment and I just hit the post comment button until it goes away. Sometimes it takes a couple of times. This has been going on for a while with certain blogs, and I think they are all on blogger actually…


    • Thankyou, Melanie! Your latest post has just come in so I’ll try for a comment. But if you don’t get it you’ll at least know that I’m interested to see what you do with your lino blades!


  2. Oh dear, I’m still having problems too… but in fact you’ve given me hope because it may not be me and my crappy setup – it could be someone else’s fault! In the meantime, now that the truth is out on your blog I’m sure your blog friends will understand why they haven’t heard from you recently. Sara x ps. wasn’t thinking about going to see Invictus, although I too grew up with the code, but you’ve made it sound so interesting I’d like to see it. Thanks!


    • Sara, this comment came in as I was making another futile attempt to compliment you on your maggot bravery. And the jam. Yes, perhaps others will apply some leverage to Blogger!


  3. Sorry about your problems Dinah. I missed you – and I still don’t Know whether you like custard.
    Steven Pienaar is a very talented Everton player who hails from South Africa. We will probably cheer him on in the world cup.


    • Kaz…yes, I thought you’d be wondering why I hadn’t been rude about “packet” food! So, for the record, my comfort food used to be bangers n mash, but bangers here have such a high level of preservative it’s a bit like licking a crucible from the lab! And I’m a (mainly)vegetable person now, anyway. Steven Pienaar playing for Everton in the Cup????Has Everton made the cut? I’ve lost track of who’s who.In fact, I haven’t really followed it seriously since the days when I said Martin Chivers should be in the squad.(That dates me!)


  4. I frequently encounter problems with commenting on blogger. Often I do not even get an error message, my comment simply disappears. – I am really, really annoyed by this.

    The most frustrating thing is, when there seems to be no other way to contact the author to tell her/him about the problems.

    I still have a blogger account, and in these cases use that one to comment. But I would much prefer to use a link to my real blog.


    • Hilke…some bloggers are friends so I emailed them, but the others… Blogs which have a “double post” security, with word verification, take a bit longer but it does seems to work.


  5. I’m afraid I’ll jinx my good luck (as that’s obviously what it must be given all the bad luck stories here) I’ve rarely encountered any dramas……

    here’s a thought hands up who uses a Mac? or PC? or what browser are you all using?

    me wonders if they’ve got something to do with it…..

    (and as for ‘the code’ – I’m trying to purge my teenage memories….which is proving difficult as I shacked up with one of our district’s footy legends……. note to self – AVOID THE POINTY BALL PEOPLE)


    • My (wild) guess is that it has to do with where the server stands (not all blogger and blogspot accounts cause problems) and where we are. I seem to encounter problems only with US-accounts – though not with all of them. Maybe US servers often consider non-blogger-users from outside the US as spammers and therefore filter us out?


      • hilke…yes, I had the same uncharitable thought myself! But Melanie is in USA and sometimes has problems.Ronnie is in Australia and has (so far!) not had trouble. The really irritating thing is that Blogger Help is simply a forum of other blog users and they sometimes offer some weird suggestions! I’m running anti-bot programmes, but they would not pick up a block by the server.I guess I’m stuck until I can either figure it out myself (HAH!) or contact Google’s own boffins.

        Meanwhile, readers, I’ll accept and answer suggestions on here.


  6. ronnie…it’s a bit of a puzzle. I’m on a reasonably up-to-date PC and I’m using Google Chrome (never go anywhere near Int.Exp!) I hope it’s not an introduced bug !

    Football can be a demonising thing, can’t it? Growing up in All Black territory, I was getting a bit sick of it by my teen years. And making up numbers on my cousin’s soccer team turned me in that direction. I can follow Rugby League, but cannot fathom Aussie Rules or American Gridiron.


  7. kaz…oh yes, of course! It will be a national side in the Cup. Go ahead and thumb your Toffee noses at ’em and cheer for Pienaar!

    (It’s an Everton in-joke, you non-soccer folk)


  8. Sorry to hear about your Blogger comment issues; can’t say I’ve had any, but then again, these problems always seem to be quite random… Hate to say the obvious thing but did you try clearing your cache? πŸ˜‰

    Encouraged by your review, I will watch Invictus as soon as practical with Marie as my private critic/specialist and report…


    • Vince…yes, cache-clearing was tried early. After 6 days, it seems to be OK now and I had an email from another friend who’d been having similar troubles for several days. All a bit of a mystery! Yes, “Invictus” is worth the time. And bon voyage for the Lesotho run!


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