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The lights near the centre of the platform were glaringly bright. Too bright.

But towards the end there was enough “lovers shadow.”

“I wish you didn’t have to leave.”

“I know. I hate being apart, too. But I must go!”

(train whistle; choo-choo sound; steam from engine…)

“Goodbye, darling!” (passionate embrace.)

Director: Stop! Your hats are falling off. It spoils the kiss! Once more, from “Goodbye, darling!”

…how many times did we do this? Just as well the leading man and I were good friends!(No, it was not Humphrey Bogart!)

I was reminded of this just the other day, when I watched a couple of teenage kids, both wearing those ski-hat things. A quick snog and he jumped on the bus and she walked along the street. They didn’t have the problem of brim bumps!

A hat pin solved my problem, but  lover boy’s hat kept slipping. Someone suggested a skull cap under the hat, which we could pin  the hat to. But then it was a rigmarole to remove  the skull cap for when he had to doff his hat.

I think, in the end, we just let his hat fall and hoped the audience didn’t think it mattered!

Tell you what…the back-stage chaps were kept busy with the steam machine!

Perhaps this is why (most) men don’t wear hats today? And perhaps the wearing of hats curbed our manners?

Do you wear hats? I seldom do. Here I am, living in the tropics and I rarely don a titfer. Stupid, really. Especially as I was once a very hatty person. Oh, lord, yes! I remember making a frothy concoction of tulle (red, for goodness sake!) and proudly wearing it to Town one day.

“Town” was a 3 hour bus ride away, so the hat sat on my knee all the way. And about 10 minutes after I’d arrived in Town the sky opened.

When I lived in London I always wore warm, woollen hats in winter and quite often straw hats in summer. The “Sloane Rangers” were always decked out in Hermes scarves, tied-under-the-chin (emulating the Queen!), but that made me look like Laundry Lil.  If I wore a scarf it was a very big one, folded to a triangle  and tied around my head, gypsy-fashion. A bit like this See full size image Or sometimes one of those hippy-fashion  Indian silk numbers, about 2 metres long, which could be wound into a turban.

Hats weren’t the only fashion item…in the “old days” there were gloves, too. When I was a littlie, my mother always wore gloves for a trip to Town. And stockings, well, it went without saying!

Do I miss the old ways?  In this climate ? Not much! I have closet full of sarongs!

But I think what I really need is a closet full of sou’westers and macs. Ziggi…any spares, pet?

24 thoughts on “PASSION KILLERS

    • andrea…aghh! the ghastly hat hair! It was OK before bouffant hair-do’s came in. I remember a girl at High School who teased her hair into a great tower and wore her school beret perched on top!


  1. Funnily enough I have been wearing my Barmah Australian hat all morning due to the precipatation p*ssing down as per! It’s an excellent hat for keeping the rain off but I imagine it was made to keep the sun off, no? It’s not for passion though as the rim gives a nasty smack across any nose homing in for a kiss. I must remember this when looking for husband no. 3.


  2. Ah – hats
    I have a collection.
    I spend hours in front of the mirror choosing the right hat at a flattering angle.
    It’s always removed within 5 minutes of leaving the house.


  3. ziggi… just like The Man From Snowy River! The leather ones are too heavy for me.
    And what’s this Husband #3 talk? Just cos he wouldn’t take you on his trip?


  4. As a teenager in the 80’s I raided my 70 year old father’s closet for his old 1940’s fedoras and ties but then I killed the look by adding neon pink leg warmers. But I still have a fondness for those Bogie hats.

    You acted? All your many past lives keep slipping in here, I love it.


  5. I’ve taken to wearing flat caps this winter. When I take photos the camera pushes the peak and the cap ends up on the back of my head.

    I imagine kissing would have the same effect. If only anyone wanted to kiss a man in a flat cap.

    ps Commenting here does not necessarily mean that you are now famous (see Kaz’s blog). Popularity can go up as well as down. Terms and conditions apply.


  6. dave…welcome aboard;I think we have enough life jackets!
    On the cap front: perhaps a backwards baseball cap would solve the problem?

    And I shall take care not to allow any fame to trip me up.


  7. I wear hats in the winter! and the spring and autumn, but not the summer (unless I’m lounging)

    I think Dave ought to try beanies and Vicus might just sit down and enjoy a nice cup of tea, a biscuit and a chat


  8. I think Vicus is waiting for Dave’s talk on the many uses of courgettes in a glut year, complete with slides and demonstrations.


    • Dave…I’m sure you could! But, despite V’s observation, this is NOT a WI meeting. (By the way, I hope you’ve limed your soil before planting onions?)

      See? Not WI – gardening.;-)


  9. ILTV and Ziggi…oops! I missed you.
    When I read Dave’s courgette proposal I thought the spammers had skipped the spam box!


  10. I guess the adage that it never rains, but it pours is applying there. At the moment, I’m not very fond of hats. The winter has been a colder one than usual and I think I’ve worn a toque almost every day. I used to have a lovely felt hat collection, but eventually gave them away when I moved. I loved the idea of having them, but discovered I didn’t have many places to wear them.


  11. kate…hello! Oh! I know what you mean about the idea of hats, rather than the wearing of them. Audrey Hepburn looked stunning in those hats she wore in the 60s. Me? I look like a lampshade!
    Maybe some of us should stick to smelling flowers?
    (I’m going to take a (probably ridiculous!) punt on sweet peas!


  12. Are you home yet? I’ve lost track of time. 3 days in Northland, as drought stricken as Marlborough! Wonderful weather for tourism but not so good if you live here. I’m dreaming up a blog post in which you will feature…


    • melanie…oh yes! so draining.Maybe I need to spend more pennies and fly up front? I’ll be over to look for photographic signs of Spring …


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