…and back again.

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that travelling has limited appeal for me these days.

Seeing old familiar places and people is lovely. Seeing new places and meeting new people is exciting. New tastes and trends, unfamiliar tongues, all wonderful.

It’s the travelling bit that I’m getting tired of. Being herded onto enormous aeroplanes with far too many seats and no elbow room has lost any romantic appeal it might have had. Perhaps I’m just getting old?

So, did I have fun in the Land of the Long White Cloud? Yes!

This was a family-oriented trip, but I did set aside one day for playtime. I’d heard about the art exhibitions held in a woolshed, but had never timed my holidays to coincide until now.

So…off we went, in bright sunshine, heading for the wildlife sanctuary at Tawharanui.

And this time, we went through the new Orewa Tunnel. (It was being built on the last visit.)

Yes, it does look a bit like something from Hobbiton! And I think the Hobbits might have managed things a little better. A lot better, probably!

We stopped at Warkworth (see my banner, above) for coffee and The Man picked up a brochure about the Woolshed show. A very helpful woman suggested he might also like to see another show, nearby, and gave him another brochure.

Coffee-fuelled, we set off for the first exhibition, by the Mahurangi Group.

wonderful weathered barn, housing some stunning art.

Regular readers will be familiar with Barnacle Goose in my comments. Over the past year or so, Carol and I have formed a wonderful cyber-friendship and we hoped to meet at Tawharanui.

Well, sometimes Fate has other plans…

Esther and I were looking at sculptures by another friend and I glanced up to see Carol! She and her friends were also “doing both shows.”

We’re standing in front of some woven iron strips by  popular artist, Jeff Thomson.

And guess who we bumped into, a couple of hours later at the Tawharanui show?

I do have a few more pictures, but have not sorted them all yet and there’s a bit of yard work to do ahead of the cyclone.

Yes, Ului is expected to cross the coast tonight or tomorrow morning. Although  some way north of us and downgraded to Category 2, it’s still going to be pretty breezy so we’re battening hatches and restraining loose objects.

There was some “panic-buying” at the supermarket yesterday. All I can say is if one family eats ALL the cans of beans they bought it will contribute greatly to methane emissions…

9 thoughts on “OVER THE SEA…

  1. So that’s what you’ve been up to! Of course! What a lovely piece of serendipity for you and I’m pretty sure it was all designed so that you could have that truly amazing photo of the two of you.


  2. that barn looks inviting (more so than the tunnel at any rate….. or the onset of ului!) I’ll keep an eye out for more pics (of your travels that is – not the tunnel or ului!) and maybe one day – who knows – maybe we might organise a serendipitous meeting of our own?(if your travel bug hasn’t completely bitten the dust that is)

    stay out of the wind!


    • ronnie…yes, do stay tuned. I saw a sculpture at Tawharanui that I’m sure you’ll like! Ului is still far enough north to not be a serious problem…at the moment! Another blog-meet? Great idea! Will discuss it with Sara when she’s here.


  3. Blog meets sound GREAT to me! I’m looking forward to seeing you in April and possibly Amanda Watson-Will at the same exhibition, and of course dear Duck will be there too so half of BookArtObject will get a blog meet soon. Fingers crossed about Ului, Sara x


  4. Yes – it’s the flying isn’t it.
    Having to get up before you go to bed and arriving at your destination wishing you hadn’t bothered.
    Hope you show Ului who is the boss.
    Take care.


  5. sara…well, we came through Ului pretty much unscathed, apart from a few shattered branches, but Mackay did not get a full-on strike. All the same, 50kms from the edge of the eye is quite close enough for this little bunny!
    Power still off at home so I’m running off some quickies from the library.

    kaz…yes, I think you’re right about the flying thing. It never used to bother me, but now it takes me days to recover from airline (and airport) junk food.


  6. ah, cyclones? where have I been? Glad it passed you by. Tawharanui sounds amazing, visiting places like that hold the most appeal for when I travel. Running into fellow blogger friends? What a lovely, small world.


  7. ellen…we were fortunate, damage-wise (see cat blog) and the worst of it was loss of power. for 4+ days. Have you any idea, my dear, of how absolutely ghastly it is not to be able to iron things? Sheer hell, dahling! 😉

    Yes, meeting Carol was fun;next time we must make time for a glass or three!

    And blogging beats facebook, hands-down!;-)


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