Well, I’m certainly not silly enough to pontificate on this one! I’ll just show you some  pictures of some  art. You just fight  talk quietly among yourselves.

Driving to the Tawharanui exhibition. Several kilometres of the road is unsealed and quite winding. Far from “the world’s worst roads” but this does require a little less speed and a lot more consideration. And if I ever see that rude bit  woman in the BMW again…

Is this not a beautiful site for some stunning artwork?

“Wings” by James Wright

I though of Ronnie when I saw this!

It is, according to the catalogue, corten/rock. If I had the space I’d love to have this piece! You can’t see in this picture, but the base is a bird claw.

And I much taken by this, too…

It was much too tall to get in-frame (quite a few people in front of it) and is part of “Pacific Power Poles” by Tui Hobson, a set of three recycled telegraph poles. Again, if I had the space…

barnenome Todd Douglas.Raku,porcelain

Strange things and many times larger than real anenemones, these were placed at lagoon’s edge and attracted quite a crowd. I saw several people going back to “have another look.”  (My eye was drawn away by what I’m pretty sure was a gannet, diving into the lagoon.)

Phormium tenax –


...and bronze

Flax, one of the oldest plants in New Zealand. With more uses than I can rattle off. We used to tie bunches of plants from the market garden with strips of this. I expect  it’s still used. If you go to here you can read more about harakeke, the Maori name for this plant. For early sailors who’d lost sheets to the Roaring Forties, this stuff was a life saver.

This was, apparently, a replacement piece for a work that had been sold(!) and it’s not in the catalogue. But it is a huge representation of a grub-chewed leaf. It’s also steel and damn’ heavy, so I had to time my shot carefully or be clobbered!

Tired of looking at pictures of art that I like? OK, I’ll stop here. For now. Maybe Carol will have some different angles to post. When she gets back.

And the poor female can lay TWO of those things? Holy! !@!***!mackerel!

If you’re interested, the cats have some storm pictures.


    • Yay! Someone else singing from the same hymn sheet! Yes, you would have loved it. Next post will have a couple of smaller works, housed inside the woolshed.* (Shh! Don’t tell Ag and Fish I was in a woolshed.)*


  1. sara…yes, space and money!

    hilke… this was the first thing I saw as we parked the car. The grey sky? Rain clouds, but it held off fortunately.

    m…oh yes! I remember those!

    ziggi…I’ll have to save Roche Court for a good look later.Thankyou.
    (btw, are you near Winterslow?)


  2. great stuff di!

    thanks for sharing

    (although now that’s I’ve learned about kiwis I’m really hoping I don’t come back as a female bird in my next life! yowwwie!!!)


    • Oh! I’m a lifetime survivor…been through the rock era, the hippie era, the new age (that was tough!) era.Storms are a piece of cake – usually stale Eccles cske blown in from down t’road!

      Yes, there is some stunning scenery in my “auld sod.”


    • ziggi…just curious; many years ago, a friend of mine ran the “Pheasant Inn” there. In those days it had a very good reputation for country fare.And I think it may have been a free house, although I expect it’s now owned by the Big Breweries and probably has slot machines! If it’s only 25 miles, you could pedal over and find out. Good exercise!


  3. So happy to see your photos of that wonderful day. I met the sculptor James Wright (“Wings”) as I was photographing that huge leaf and found that it, and the owl, were two extras that he brought at the last minute, which is why they weren’t in the catalogue. I loved his work and if I’d had money (ha!) I’d have bought his wild pohutukawa sculpture.
    I think though that meeting you was the big treat of the trip – wasn’t it fun! I only got home last night so will blog and put up my photos as soon as I get organised. I took over 1000 pics so goodness knows how I’ll get that sorted.
    Oh, and I always order a vegetarian meal on the plane and so far have found them to be vastly superior to the ordinary fare. Still not brilliant but I can’t complain about asparagus, baked potato, mushrooms and grilled tomato for breakfast, especially after seeing the alternatives on either side of me.


    • carol…welcome back! Yes, it was great to meet you. And why, why! didn’t we stick around and meet James Wright! Interesting about the vege meals. I’ll be doing the same from now on.(years ago , I sat beside a vegetarian and her meal looked like painted cardboard cut-outs!)

      Will email soon…


  4. ellen…oops! you snuck under the radar!
    Kiwi…funny little beggars, with the most enormous feet. Those in the picture were sanctuary-bred and later released.


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