more art from across the ditch…

Can’t find it in the catalogue. (Maybe Carol will know!)

And here’s another James Wright…

This one is “Rogue Red.” And I love it! At $3,500 it’s a tad too much for my budget. Sorry, James!

“Compass.” John Edgar, basalt

I called it (somewhat flippantly!) “Boxer Rebellion.”

In reality, it is a bronze by Charlotte Fisher, titled “Trunk” and if you have $12,500 it could be yours.

“My Creature” by Bronwynne Cornish (a friend of a friend). $2,200

Flanked by a couple of old girls who are weathering the storms of many summers quite well, I think! Thanks to Carol for clicking the shutter.

I’ve said how much I loved some of the sculpture. And there were some paintings I’d enjoy seeing on my wall, too.

Barry Lett’s “Trees” on plywood. $2,200. Not easy to see the grainy texture, but try clicking it. I loved it!

The Man liked some of th e work, but could not understand the intent (or the price!) of others. But, entering into the spirit of things, he created his own installation and called it “Adjustable.” (The driftwood can be turned to present a different figure at varying angles.Very clever.)

But, it must be said, I didn’t like everything. I could not see the point to some of it. Astroturf??? Really?

But it takes all sorts, doesn’t it? Andy Warhol managed to make some money from a soup can. And when the gallery at home bought a Hepworth bronze someone likened it to “a cat’s backside!”

So I’ll leave you with this and let you make up your own minds. The artist is Florian Primbs. Price? Close to $1,000 dollars for some of the work, $1,890 for one “weaving.”

I’ll be interested to see if any comments here echoed some that I heard over there…

13 thoughts on “IS ART A LOAD OF (expensive) RUBBISH?

  1. ‘art or rubbish’?

    oh geeez girl you are opening a can of worms on a nice easter saturday morning….

    given that I’m inclined to pile up books and call it art (or set fire to them and THEN call it art) I really am not one to ask whether or not cow dung squares make the (expensive) art grade!

    (ps I like piece by ‘the man’….. hope you both have a good easter)


  2. wow…. Just wondered to see your work…..
    very rich and qualityful…..

    visit mine and plz plz plz post your comments….

    Thank you…

    I’ll be in touch with yours…..


  3. ronnie…ha ha!Touche! Sometimes, seeing some “art” makes me feel more comfortable with my own work.
    I don’t know whether Carol (a vegetarian) took pictures of the plastic/wire/paper sheep on the killing chain, but I found it a bit too graphic!
    The Man says he’d be happy to negotiate a price!;-)


  4. sami…welcome and thankyou. I’ll pop across soon to see your site.

    iltv…Ooh! Another possible sale! I’d better get him to put away the angle grinder and get creative with old branches.!
    Yes, it’s a beautiful (and quite safe) beach.


  5. I liked some 🙂
    I thought the wall at the end looked useful, I could do with something like that to keep the stream from flooding.

    Have a good Easter Di and Man


  6. ziggi…that’s woven cow dung – it would probably become slop in the stream! 😉
    And anyway, it’s not wide enough.
    You have a happy weekend, too. Hug your bunny!


  7. Hi Dinahmow,
    Great to see your pics of these sculptures from across the sea. My favourite is the the plywood one too – although I think the Man shows potential – a sense of humour in art is too rare and never goes astray.

    Unfortunately I can’t make it to Mackay. I was intending to go, but I just haven’t been well enough for it to be a wise idea. I’ve had (at least) weekly migraines this past few months, and I think the journey + excitement = dead-certainty migraine. Unless, of course, the gallery ring me in the days before and ask whether I’ll be attending ( a tip-off that you’re going to WIN) …then I’ll quickly buy a ticket and head up, but I can’t say I am expecting that to happen.
    Hmm, seems a great shame seeing 3 of you will be there…


    • amanda…oh! what a shame you can’t make it (unless you get the call!) We’ll tell you all about it, don’t worry! But I’m thinking…a trip to the south coast would not be a really stupid idea…some day!

      I *told *him he should have brought his “installation” home! It was a lovely day and when Carol squeezes some time she’ll blog it, too.


  8. I scanned the pictures first, then read through. I liked your Man’s handiwork the best too! Though the James Wright is a close second. Get the Man to create a sculpture park in your garden. I’ve always wanted something like that in my yard, the most artistic thing in our yard is a child painted headstone for a hamster.


  9. ellen…we don’t have room in this tiny garden. But we had some “interesting” old tree stumps and “junk” at the other place.


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