…for what some of you might regard as an aural assault.

I don’t watch much television. I might, if there were more of what I deem watchable  programmes. But most of the stuff foisted on viewers here is just a load of cra – recycled rubbish. Taking the re-use ethic a little too far, I’d say!

And the commercial channels run more advertisements than  films! But, mostly, I watch “Aunty”  ( the Australian Broadcasting Corporation). They don’t run ads. Oh no? Oh, yes! True, these ads are station promos, but, c’mon, Aunty! Just because we do not have to pay licence fees does not mean you can run your promos for minutes at a stretch.

Where was I…? Oh, yes…needing to know some local news I switched on a local channel and counted 3 (that’s THREE) advertisements in a 20 minutes segment for some fab. ab. trainer. Apparently, according to the lithe, body-oiled, collagened woman presenting it, this piece of equipment will (not “can” but “will”) address all those core muscles that the various sit-up and cycling and rowing machines do not. And if  viewers doubt this promise they can order the instrument of torture  said machine immediately at a discount. That’s how confident its makers are! Or some such twaddle.

Personally, I think you’d be better off and certainly no poorer if you simply rummaged around in the attic for your old hula hoops…

I think most of the readers here know that I show exemplary taste in art. None of your ripped-out-of-the- Sunday-supplement-and -blu-tacked-to-the-fridge pictures. And,no, I don’t mean my own feeble scratchings.

My very talented friend, Andrea, recently had a clear-out of her cyber-garage. By a stroke of good luck I was on-line when her post went up (out?) and I bought two of her drawings from the “Celtic Calendar” series. Yesterday, I had them double- matted and they sit against the wall, just waiting for The Man to help me hang them.

Spring, from the Celtic  Tree Calendar

Autumn, from the Celtic Tree Calendar

I have also (finally!) framed a print I bought from another blogger whose iconic New York water towers just cried out to hang on my wall.

N.Y. water tower

And Amanda, one of the swap group drew my name from her cyber-hat in a give away. This lovely print (sorry, but you have to see the real thing to appreciate its delicacy) will be going into this frame, but I need to get a new mat cut for it.

And, while we’re hanging new pictures I think we’ll move some around. Do you know, I still have some prints packed away in a box? No, of course you don’t know! But it’s high time  they came out for an airing. Just as well we have a 3 day weekend coming up!

All this picture-shifting has come about as a result of our hanging new curtain poles. The original tracks were rusty, dusty and ‘way beyond their life span. As were the curtains. Now, for myself, I’d not bother with curtains. Damn’ dust collectors, if you ask me! But not worth an argument. So, while the old screw holes were being patched-and-painted, we fixed a couple of other marks. Ooh! Don’t you just love blank wall space? Well, maybe not so much if your mate is an Uncle Podger


  1. I have the calendar! Wish I’d known she was selling the artwork! So lovely.

    Mind you I have an owl on my wall, bet you can’t beat that 😉



  2. I despise tv and am always beyond shocked when I do see it, especially the insipid commercials. Watching them makes me feel like I live on another planet entirely. And that’s fine.

    Love that water tower painting, heading over there right now to take a look!


  3. Oo — I sense a slippery slope! Hanging curtain poles leads to framing art leads to… Before you know if you’ll be putting in a spa and adding another level to your house! The drawings do look pretty great in those frames. That makes me happy! Not so happy? That stupoid hula hoop song now stuck in my head. It’s replaced the one that’s been tormenting me for the past 18 hours.


  4. m…well, your particular “planet” would do me!
    Yes, do have a look at Victoria’s lovely work – read back a couple of posts to her gorgeous apartment.


  5. Andrea…I already said “sorry” in the title! She was (maybe still is?) dreadful. And so popular 50 odd years ago-you couldn’t walk down the street without a radio blaring her squeaky high notes.


  6. I will get my exercise running from that song. AHHHH. All lovely pictures. I have Andrea’s calender hanging on my wall too. You’re lucky Ms. Dinah, I saw them for sale, but decided to think it over. Good for you, Andrea and my wallet I was too slow:)


  7. Ellen…well, sometimes I(and my wallet) are too slow. But they are now up on the wall and i’ll see them every time I sit at the table. And Victoria’s print is above the desk so Is ee that every day, too.:-)


  8. dinahmow — thanks so much for the word and the pic of my towers in a lovely frame!! A great treat!
    And thanks for all of your sweet comments on my blog — i know some days it’s not worth the bother but I’m trying to keep it totally RIVETING – Hah!


  9. Hi Dinahmow,
    Just back from hols last night and how lovely to see your pic of my print framed. Looks like you made a good choice.
    Seems like you are getting quite a nice collection together, which is just as well – you can spend your time meditating on your artworks, instead of in front of the dreaded box.


  10. Amanda…hmmm…I have another deadline looming so there will be little time for contemplation or meditation! But, yes, I do like to look at the pictures whenever I pass.


  11. Hi Dina
    don’t get over to your blog enough but when I do it is always wonderful. those artworks are beautiful. reminds me i need to hang a few i have bought recently. best wishes ida


  12. can’t imagine how I missed this – am going to be singing that dammned tune all day long now

    lovely lovely art!!!!! I’ve just received my RA members magazine and am looking forward to the Summer Exhibition (which includes artists’ books, so perhaps I should have left this comment on the post below)

    but soming here is just as good!



  13. I sooo don’t have to rummage around in the attic for a hula hoop! Bought one for my girls a year or two ago!! And all that with no commercials as I would never get any calligraphy practice done at all if I even thought about watching TV!!


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