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It’s been a week of late suppers Chez Dinahmow as The Man rehearsed, with 3 other Mustangs, for the  Arts Festival opening night show.

With a final dress rehearsal at 3.30pm, I whistled the cats in early (“Early? It was in the just-after-lunch-time,woman! What are you playing at?” ) and we headed down to the showground. Well, The Man let me out at a friend’s house and she and I discussed art and important stuff. Only a 5 minutes walk away, we strolled down at 6pm.

There was some sort of hitch at the ticket box and it was late starting, so these two…um, lollipops?? wandered through the crowd, dispensing…the promotional flyers from last week . I think the kiddies were hoping for sweets!

The BIG draw cards were the Bobcat Ballet and some gizmo called a pyrophone. For some  reason*, the drive-by of hot-rods,vintage cars and Harley Davidsons had whittled  to four Mustangs. Here’s ours!

The bobcats and excavators had it over the pyrophone thing. In spades.

By the time the excavators rocked the  crowd with their sexy slow-dancing, my bloody card was full! (note to self: buy a bigger card!)

Sexy? Excavators? Oohhh, yeah! Forget that cheesy, frenetic Cliff Richard number . Play “Do You Wanna Dance?” with the tempo ‘way down and give those two the spotlight.

So far, I’ve not found any footage up there in etherland, but youtube does have this

What else did we see?

These men performed several dances, but their hit was a fire-making demonstration. Not so much the friction-sticks, but the way the fellow tossed his bundle of smoking grass in the air, danced around, caught the grass, blew on it and tossed it again, showering sparks, dancing…

And then, like the sparklers, it was all over. Just churned-up ground, rubbish all over the place and a light drizzle beginning.

Driving out, we passed the bobcats, parked in a row along the fence. “Can I pat them?” I asked.

* Apathy? I don’t know, but in a small town one or two no-shows can bring down the whole pack of cards.


I’ll leave you with what will probably be the last photo of my Acacia podalyriifolia . It’s been threatened with removal several times, but always granted a reprieve because I love it so much.

But this time…it has to go. Rather like the broken-winded old nag that can no longer stand straight. It will be a kindness to the tree to take it out. The trunk’s full of borer and it’s at an alarmingly low angle since Cyclone Ului twisted it.

But, by gum! It’s gorgeous!

Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. That car… he did such a great job on it.


  2. Yes, he did. And thankyou.


  3. bobcat ballet? geeez don’t let my boyo see the video or I’ll this will be all he’ll ask for christmas (he’s already eyeing off my brother’s bobcat and digger and truck and 4 wheeler collection – sure that he was born into the wrong family…. this will be the final straw!)


  4. Loved the videos. So sorry to hear the wattle is about to bite the dust. It really is fabulous. I’m trying to decide whether to get one (just like yours) but they get borers so easily and they fall down. Very tempting though and so far this season we’ve had some great displays here in the local bush. I’ll probably succumb to the temptation.


    • carol…don’t be put off by borer! Most wattles (acacias/mimosas to you northern people.) are short-lived. Just don’t plant it beside the drive if the drive is narrow! I’m certainly going to replace my sad one. Just not where I have to reverse the car!


      • hang on… wattle and mimosa are the same thing? there was an enormous pink mimosa tree outside our apartment on Lesbos, the perfume was amazing. Would that be the same genus as the yellow wattle in your photo?


  5. This festival would have been a load of fun after smoking a big fatty. Which I don’t do anymore, by the way. I’m just saying.


  6. If I was a lollipop then I’d give out sweets.


  7. Amazing! The mechan-canical digger ballet may be just the thing Vicus is looking for for his forthcoming back garden vaudeville.


  8. scarlet….Perhaps Ferrero Rocher?


  9. Christopher…an excellent idea! Will you tell him?


  10. Nurse Myra…welcome.
    See, that’s the trouble with common names…what they call “mimosa” in Greece* is* mimosa.But the poor tree has collected more than 3,000 names in its time…and what we call “wattle” in Australia all belong in the Acacia group. So…different genus, but heavenly scent in both cases.
    And I must say I’m a bit surprised you gals even noticed flowers, what with all the chocolate, lace undies, tanned flesh… 😉


    • ah well it was impossible to miss – about 18 foot tall, laden with flowers and home to bees, squirrels and birds that woke at 5:30 am every morning.

      we were given the choice of two apartments and we chose that one solely because of the perfume coming from the tree. glorious.


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