Remember, a few weeks back, I was the lucky winner of Sherrie York’s blogiversary giveaway?

Well, on Thursday I heard the postman’s scooter squeak to a halt at our mailbox. “More election bumf!” I thought and didn’t bother going down to collect it til later. I mean, just how many “vote-for-me!” bits of paper do we need?

So it was a great thrill to find, not bumf, but art in the box. Now, I knew what the prize was and I’d admired the work on Sherrie’s site.

But, people, no photograph does it justice! After framing it yesterday and hanging it, the sky had darkened and we needed lights on. “Tomorrow,” thought I…

But today has proved no better! In the end, after trying  just about every wall in the house (yes, even the bathroom!), I took the print out to the front verandah. And it’s still a pretty rough picture…

But this is it! I chose a mat that picks up the deep, pine-y green at the top of the print and you’ll just have to trust me when I say it looks brilliant!

Thankyou, Sherrie.


I haven’t managed to see all of the knitting that’s decorating various trees, park benches and shop fronts in celebration of the Arts Festival, but I did manage to catch this picture…Look! A cane train!

Alison and I had driven up to Gargett Gallery to see the exhibition and the train rattled by while we were having coffee. I missed my chance , but Lesley said,”It’ll come back in  about ten minutes.” Sure enough…and this time I was waiting. Highlight? The driver waved! Yay! Oh, that made my day as I thought train drivers  didn’t wave anymore!


The rain, while very welcome, has made the palm trash too soggy to load into my car. So I’m off to cut down as much as I can for mulch and the rest will just have to wait.

But I’ll leave you with this:

Australia’s  top three positions are held by women.

Yes, the ladies have a trifecta! One of my book making* buddies is celebrating here and I thought I’d go out with this…That’s a woman switching the points. (True, a man was driving, but maybe driving is  not as much fun as switching!)

And the cats have an amusing post today

* Oops! Not the sort of book making that involves trifectas.


    • UB…as a woman who always had more male than female friends…I think quite a few men are coming around to the same view.(But I wouldn’t want to say that in some company! 😉 )


  1. Oh yes, lets hear it for the women in power!

    I do think Sherrie’s print is quite beautiful and you’ve done a great job on the framing. What a lovely item to win.

    Luther has already visited the cats today but is now ensconced alongside the heater.


    • Carol…thanks. The frame is one I bought at Warehouse ages ago.I lurv bargains!

      Women in top jobs? You bet! I have no patience with the chained -to-the-sink nonsense!


  2. Hi Di! Thanks for showing off “Deep”… it’s quite fun to see it here and realize that it’s very far away! I hadn’t thought of the green mat, but it looks quite nice. Go, girls!


  3. The truth must be told. If I were an Australian woman train driver I would be sacked for immoderate waving. This would be the start of a big international rights stushie, as a result of which I would take on the mantle of a sort of Joan of Arc/Mother Teresa.

    I can’t wait!


    • Christopher…NO!!! Not a Jeanne d’Arc – the English burned her at the stake!
      Look, you just wear a Casey Jones cap and wave joyfully. I promise, I’ll be trackside, waving back.

      ( I really do wave to all train drivers;always have.)


  4. D – Lucky you to get a hand pulled print from SY. I’ve admired her lovely work for a long time – she has extraordinary patience and talent. And your framing looks wonderful. And I must look into these sweater/knit wrapped things in public places. I’m clearly behind the times. Thanks so much for your post this week on my blog. 🙂


    • Robyn…when I say “I framed it” what I really mean is that I chose a mat and put it into a frame I’d bought from the el cheapo Warehouse! And, a lucky choice, this, as it’s non-reflective glass.
      Italy is a difficult place for art supplies, isn’t it?


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