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If the neighbourhood dogs aren’t yapping their doggy heads off (I wish!), there is usually a motor of some sort revving its heart out ( again, I wish!)

The joys of suburbia. Somehow, noise didn’t seem so bloody invasive  out in the sticks…

Great drama here yesterday…Geiger and Sporran , mainly Geiger, I think, had a snake. They’d brought it indoors and I only knew when I went out to the kitchen with my empty coffee mug!
I put it in a jar and paged through my snake books. I think it was a brown tree snake…except that they are nocturnal and have smaller eyes. So it might have been a yellow faced whip snake (my best guess)…except that it didn’t have the typical “comma” at the corner of the eye. It might have been a black whip snake…except that it wasn’t  black. It might have been a young Eastern Brown…except that it looked too long and slender.

What I can tell you is that it was  damn’ hard to photograph inside a glass jar!

For those of you who may not know – identification is by a sub-caudal scale count. This is all very well if it’s a cute lil grass snake, or one of the least harmful  ones. But I am not going to count the number of scales on the arse-end of  any snake. Are we clear on this? Good!

And why was this such a drama? Because I was “home alone” as The Man had gone a-Mustanging. If I’d been bitten there was no one to apply a pressure bandage, ring the ambulance and hold my head over a bucket.

What happened to this snake? It was released, later in the afternoon, down at the end of the street, in some weedy scrub by a drain.

On to less scary topics…let’s see…nope! I got nuttin.’

I do have a glass of sparkling  Chardonnay from South Australia. Some fetta and tomatoes, with snipped fresh herbs. Shall I get  another glass out…?


Author: dinahmow

A New Zealander, currently living in tropical Queensland,Australia (with 2 cats and one Main Man).Old enough to remember George VI, white tennis balls and life-before-television.You want more? Read the blog!


  1. I think the photo is cool – can’t tell what it is but looks exotic! I like snakes but doubt I’d have the nouse to put an unidentified Oz one, where 99% are deadly, in a jar – think I’d have adjourned to the pub!


  2. zigs…blimey! You were quick off the mark!
    You can come and be my snake wallah.
    I respect them, appreciate that they have a place in life, but living in this area …Taipan country, y’know! (Yesterday’s little visitor had a swipe at me, but I think he’d emptied his venom duct on my slipper!) So much for my snake rule, eh!


  3. Oooh yes, I have been in the same situation! Hubby away, daughter treads on snake in the middle of the night (while visiting me in bed), mad panic ensues especially since it appears to be an Eastern Brown snake – only to be dispelled later when lovely man from WIRES looks at the aforementioned arse-end of snake and pronounces that it’s a brown tree snake after all! Bring on the Chardonnay, say I. Cheers! Sara x


  4. Snakes. Why does it have to be snakes? When I lived in the city for all those years it was an occasional cockroach. Now, my yard is overrun with rabbits. But no snakes, thank heavens.


  5. Well done on getting the snake into a jar! Esp. if he was taking swipes at you. Did you discuss this with Geiger & Sporran at all? You really deserved your SA Chardonnay. (And so did Sara, she hasn’t had as long as you to get used to snakes in the house.)


    • Carol…I’m afraid I further damaged the poor thing when I stepped on it in order to get it into the jar. I’ve gained some weight lately! 😉
      And, yes, we had a lengthy “discussion” on the house rules regarding playthings.


  6. Ack!
    While I am working on my abject terror of snakes, IN MY HOUSE is just NOT acceptable. *shudder*


  7. Ryan…I almost emailed you with a “spoiler” as I know how you feel! 😉


  8. I’m not a snake lover


    not a snake lover

    so you can keep ’em all up your way di – jar or no jar….


    • Ronnie…understood.Actually, I was, for the first time, decidedly uncomfortable with Sunday’s episode. And surprised that my “self” had decided to not like them. I always thought I coped quite well, coming from a snake-free country.


  9. Oh, bad kitties! Very glad it didn’t connect on that strike. And I’m thoroughly impressed by your wrangling skills. Though I’m sure I would find it fascinating in the jar, I would not like to be the one to get it in there. Suffice to say I’m very glad to be in little ol’ enzed with NO snakes…. 🙂


    • denise…hello! nice to see you out and about again.
      I’m thinking that the occasional katipo is easier to take! 😉
      (Yeah, had one of those once!)


      • oh! shudder… I’ve not had to deal with a katipo yet. Spiders were a big phobia for me, and though I can now cope with wrangling the occassional large interlopers and white tails, not sure I wouldn’t revert to freaking out over a katipo….


  10. For those who may not know. Don’t you just love me! 😉


  11. denise…knowing my horror of spiders, no one believed me at the time. Turns out a katipo had come home from the beach with someone. To this day, I can “see” it crawling up the bodice of my dress!


  12. Hi Dinah
    Just dropping by to say a return Hi. No doubt I’ll be seeing more of you as the BookArtObject progresses…


    • louise…welcome! And, yes, once we get started there are sure to be comments and queries. You’d better have a cup cake to keep up your strength! 😉


  13. Did you touch it? If there was a snake in my house I’d have to move. There was one in my garage once. I was jumping up and down on the stairs trying to scare it off and it just stared at me. I hate snakes more than ANYTHING!!!!!!!!


  14. hereinfranklin.. welcome! .erm, yes, I had to pick it up, first to get it away from the cats.Then I had to hang on to it while I grabbed a jar. (I think I’ve perfected the knee-grip-one-hand-technique of jar-opening!)

    But I was pretty certain I was dealing with a moderately venomous fellow.


  15. This one didn’t try and tempt you with an apple, did it?


  16. kyknoord…too late – I was tempted long ago 😉


  17. I think a glass of chardonnay is a good replacement for The Man, but that’s just me.


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